Doctor certify Lutepo ‘not fit’ to stand Malawi cashgate trial

Businessperson and cashgate suspect Osward Lutepo has been certified medically not fit for trial in the various charges related to cashagte,   his lawyer Osward Mtupila, said  Dr Jonathan Ngoma of Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in Lilongwe  has certified him  not fit.

Lutepo: Not fit and well

Lutepo: Not fit and well

According to Mtupila, Ngoma examined Lutepo on Februaty 4 2015 but he is yet to officially issue a report to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the court as earlier ordered.

“The doctor says the physiological problems are emanating from panic and anxiety disorders. This is affecting how his (Lutepo’s) body functions as such he can not walk,talk and has lost control of bodily functions. The doctor recommended counselling and a psychiatric assessment,”  said Mtupila as quoted by the press.

Lutepo is regarded as chief suspect in cashgate cases  and charged in a K5.7 billion (about $11.4m) theft and money laundering case alongside former Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ralph Kasambara, Pika Manondo and private-practice lawyer Wapona Kita, which is pending hearing in Lilongwe.

He is also is answering similar charges on an amount totalling K3.1 billion (about $6.2m)in the High Court’s Zomba registry.

Lutepo is facing another charge of conspiracy to commit murder charges alongside Kasambara, Manondo and Dauka Manondo in relation to the shooting of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

He was also slapped with another charge of perjury for  admitting that he lied  under oath in court.

His health scare started after his arrest on fresh charges of tax evasion.

Lutepo  had a problem with his nervous system and has a paralysis of his legs. He has been on wheel chair.

He relation Edward Lutepo said the cashgate suspsect is “not fit and indeed not well.”

Lutepo has accepted wrong doing in the plunder of public resources and apologised to the nation through the media, saying his companies were simply used as conduits.

He implicated former president Banda for benefitting part of his stolen money .Banda shot down the claims, saying they are “malicious” and calculated to drag her in the mud of cashgate as part of the political vendetta by the government.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale recently pointed out she will not trade confessors of Cashgate with non-custodial sentences

She said it was a mockery to the suffering Malawians have endured as a consequence of the accused persons’ role to plunder public money if her office was to accept defence proposal to trade confessions with non-custodial sentences.

Kachali said for this reason, there was no legal framework within which any plea bargaining arrangement can be made.

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This Guy is not mentally incapacitated. He is only anxious. Anxiety Disorder is not a good reason to EXEMPT a suspect from Trial. Prescription Ativan or Xanax can easily take care of that problem.

Sing'anga wa amai

Ndie mwati Amai anamupepetula? Christmas anadyera kunja, valentine Kunja aaaaa chitani manyazi mai Easter anthu akuoneni. Kodi kalata ya ku tchalitchi munatenga kuti mwasamuka? Joyce dziko waliziwa kkkkkkk umayesa chani mbuzi ikakondwa amalondadi amakhala ali pafupi

Novirhikana Kovahiwa



In situations like this, you don’t just use one doctor to assess the patient. It has to be a team of at least three doctors. I am smelling a rat here. Moreover, doctor yo akuoneka ngati ndi mbwenumbwenu just like Lutepo!


Anayamba kuba ndala mu boma ndi Daniel Phiri late kahuna webster bingu wamthanyula mthalika kodi amenewa ndie aimbidwa liti milandu, dpp inayambisa kuba umboni wambiri wambiri, kugula manyumba pa mtengo wa nkhuku, stealing hard cash from gaffafent account, ndalama zimapezeka ku state house zija, koma a malawi timakonda akuba omwewo ndie lutepo, kasambala, wapona, manondo, mphwiyo, the muthalika brothers, josepy mwanvelani, you name them all ndi akuba amangidwa liti. GOD will punish you all.

Bololo Wachitumbuka

Olo ine ndikafuna kutenga holiday ndimapita kwa doctor kukamuuza kut andilembele chikalata chosonye kudwala sindinga kwanise kugwira ntchito pamtengo wa k2000,nanga kulili Lutepo siwapele mwina ka k100000? Iwe Lutepo olo utafa lero mtembo wako uzaimbidwabe mlandu umenewu, kwamunthu amene amaikila kumbuyo anthu akubawa ndiye kut anadya nawo kapena simumaziwa mmene amasangalira anthu amenewa lero asatimvese chison, kuli amzathu anaba mbuzi worth12000 akudwalira ku ndende komweko, apite nayeso akalowe


Salvation and punishments are both heavinly and earthly am sure this is taking of it. Even Lutepo is not fit for our earthly trial before God he is able to answer charges of cashgate. Lutepo get well soon for whoever benefit.


Being anxious is normal in his situation! Its not a sickness. Try him, he can wear medical diapers during the trial if he is incontinent.


This Dr is messing up the noble MA, CT or CO & Dr proffesional’s reputation by doing things like a ‘STRIT VENDA’ that even HSAs themselves can not try to prevent/stop the charges agains the obviously well known CASHGATOR that even people from a remote village in Likoma Island and even far ‘KAMBODIA or CHINA’ knows well of in connection to Malawi’s Public Money steeling, not yet includ UK or USA that that thinks the World is their’s.

Kumbuyo Kucheta


This is a fake Doctor gate, we have a lot of fake Doctors in our government hospitals.
May I humbly request Min of Health and the board of Medical Doctors in Malawi to certify if this man is a true Doctor.

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