Don’t give up your spiritual inheritance

One of the exciting things that took place at the cross and when Jesus Christ rose from the dead is that we became joint heirs with Him and it is the greatest victory ever in history. It is sad to notice that people have given up on their inheritance which was given freely through what Jesus has accomplished on the Cross. Some lose it knowingly, while others lose it because they just don’t know who they are in the eyes of God.jesus bible

The bible has a story of how Naboth refused to sell his vineyard to Ahab (1Kings 21:1-16). I have personally related Naboth’s vineyard as a type of spiritual inheritance that we all have as children of God. The pressures or powers of the darkness are being applied to children of God to compromise our convictions in the same way that Ahab applied the pressure to Naboth to give up his Vineyard for the worth of worldly treasures.

All the worth that the world can give is just temporal as compared to what we gain through our inheritance. This is why the enemy pushes children of God to all these temporary pleasures of this world, that will not last long and the end is destruction and death.

The story of Esau and Jacob is not only about Jacob stealing his brother’s blessings (Genesis 25: 27-34). It is about how the natural heart places no value on the things of God as is evidenced by the choices that were made by Esau that made him lose His inheritance. Esau was looking for an immediate solution which was to satisfy his hunger at that moment but little did he knew what long time effects this would bring on His life. Yes, he got food but lost the most important thing of his life. The things of God sounds vague, powerless, valueless to many as they cannot see therefore chose things that they are able to see with their eyes and satisfy their immediate needs.

It is our duty as children of God to be able to know the different ways that the enemy steals from us because the ways that the devil uses look like opportunities with our physical eye, yet they are not opportunities but will eventually bring death and destruction. Satan should be refused control on anything that God has given us as our inheritance in the same way Naboth stood up to protect his vineyard and told Ahab that “The Lord forbid it me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers unto you” (Kings 21:3).

As Naboth’s vineyard was given unto him by the Lord, likewise our Vineyard of salvation is given to us by the Lord of Glory therefore we should stand in the same manner to anything that will try to push us away from Him.

Let us be people who will not allow the enemy to steal the gift of inheritance that has been given to us freely, but we should hold on to it and make a lot of sacrifices for what is eternal and valuable.

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so powerful teaching…I dint know but now I know. To God be glory.





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