DPP ask Chakwera to resign as leader of opposition for being critical to Mutharika: MCP leader says Malawians are better judges

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has gone flat out to attack  leader of opposition, who is also the president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Lazarus Chakwera for  accusing President Peter Mutharika of being a failed leader, saying they will hit hard on Chakwera.

Mphepo: Dresses down Chakwera

Chakwera has accused Mutharika  that he has failed Malawians because he is failing to live a modest lifestyle to make Malawi a secure place for investment.

His accusations were  made at a news conference he held at his office at Parliament Building in Lilongwe and suggested a five-step solution which he  insisted are the only way to help turn around the country’s fortunes.

DPP held a news conference on Monday to counter the remarks of Chakwera.

Mphepo was flanked at the news conference by DPP Spokesperson Francis KasaiLa, presidential chief political advisor Heatherwick Ntaba and legal advisor Charles Mhango.

The DPP officials  called Chakwera’s sentiments as unfortunate and misleading.

“We thought of holding this meeting to respomd to the press statement that Honourable Lazarus Chakwera made. We feel that the statement can be challenged because it containts a lot of allegations against our  State President Professor Peter Mutharika and it contains a lot of lies and it cannot go without a response,” DPP acting secretary generak Franci Mphepo said in opening remarks at the presser.

Mphepo described MCP leader’s remarks as hopelessly obsessed with his delusions of political self-righteousness.

“As a former man of God,he should know how sometimes God allows his people to go through some such sufferings,” Mphepo said.

He also  allegedly said the leader of opposition is struggling with electoral defeat he suffered in 2014.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said the party will demand Chakwera to resign as Leader of Opposiiton in parliament for failing to play a true leadership role.

“It is irresponsible for a leader of opposition to continue parroting issues that are baseless. But we understand his desperation and political motive for dragging useless matters.

Leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera : Malawians afre better judges

“Hon. Chakwera’s continuing ranting that President Peter Mutharika is living in fantasy are frustrations of immaturity and gross inexperience. He has been calling the state president as failed leader for 57 times. Is this call in a good faith or for him to always say so?

“We will take him to task to justify all the accusations. Chakwera must resign from leader of opposition for failing to lead by example. Even his own party has been calling for early convention which he has always challenged. What is he afraid of”, challenged Kasaila.

But Chakwera said what he  offered was “in best interest of Malawians which the DPP has considered it a negative manner. It’s therefore up to them to work on the advice we offered.”

In his address Chakwera suggested that separating the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) from the Executive arm of government could give power and independence for the ACB to investigate corruption by members of the Executive branch.

He also suggested that government should create a special court in the Judiciary that will focus exclusively on corruption and fraud by public servants so that cases of stealing taxpayers’ funds are given priority and speedy conclusion.

Chakwera further advised Mutharika to suspend all top government officials who were at the helm of government ministries during the time money was siphoned from State coffers in what has come to be known as Cashgate until an independent investigation clears them of collusion in the corruption that resulted.

Chancellor College political scientist Ernest Thindwahas described the political confrontations between the governing DPP and opposition MCP as unhealthy for the country’s political growth.

Thindwa observed that the current political bickering is going to affect poor Malawians negatively who currently need provision of quality social services for their lives.


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Living in fear is now a centre of controvency,for instance if i do not lie i won’t be given a good position,or i won’t be known publishly,my boss won’t recognise me either. Other people should emulate from those telling the truth,eg. Rev. Ndau,who told the truth,he was let down.
Dr Chakwera is really telling the truth,and they want to let him down as well. SHAMEFULL. We are just keeping a dignity of our head of state yet the truth is on the ground you,myself and every Malawians knows very well. very sad!


Living in fear is now a centre of controvency,for instance if i do not lie i won’t be given a good position,or i won’t be known publishly,my boss won’t recognise me. Other people should emulate from those telling the truth,eg. Mr Ndau,who told the truth,he was let down.
Chakwera is really telling the truth,and they want let him down as well. SHAMEFULL. We are just keeping a dignity of our head of state yet the truth is on the ground you,myself and every Malawians knows very well. very sad!

konda nzako

ziliko mkulinga utatosa, Chakwera woyeeeeeeee, woyeeeeee , Malawi asanthe ngati makatani, we love you


DPP aaaaaaaaa!!!!! who deserve to resign chakwala or Peter uyu mtchona who is Malawi president who failed Malawi, not next president but current president deserve to resign


Dr Chakwera, let them keep panting like puppies. …We are behind you full time.

There is nothing to apologise for and no need to ask someone to resign.

All you said was speaking for us poor people…….busy waiting from this nonsense of a government.

DPP ya on Ongar dziko likutha. ….avomereze kulephera kwao.

Don’t panic Laz we have already judged and you haven’t done anything wrong…

Dr Chakwera has absolutely nothing to apologize for or a as a reason for him to resign. The problem with stooges and hand clappers like Ntaba, Kasaila and Muhango is that they continue to mislead this president. Dr Chakwera reverberated the very same sentiments which are being felt by many Malawians. Dr Chakwera has become the voice of the voiceless. What I find interesting and encouraging rather is the way he offered solutions to combat what he termed as causes for the leadership failure. It does not matter how many times he called the president a failure but the fact… Read more »

APM, don’t be mislead by recycled politicians who have achieved nothing except supporting failed government policies,,,,, instead listen carefully to wise ideas like ones from leader of opposition,,,, regardless of differing political parties,, we are all Malawians , a bad person can not show you a better way to follow,

What’s wrong with these DPP guys? Are they living in a different country to the one we are living in? Zinthu sizili bwino and someone thinks these problems are not a consequence of inept leadership from Mutharika and his cronies? These guys need to get a grip fast before people get impatient and resort to violence. Malawians may be docile but managed to get rid of Dr Banda who was life president and had a state machinery to suppress dissenting views. These DPP guys are just a bunch of thieves with no real power basis and these atidye nawo will… Read more »
oChakwera is correct when he says Malawians can judge for themselves as to whether his performance passes the muster, alright. They already did! In 2014, just two years ago. In case he needs to be reminded of the results:- APM……………. 1.9 million oChak………… 1.4 million JB…………………. 1.0 million Turnout was 70%. That is a turnout envied by many western democracies. oChakwera, no doubt, has these numbers somewhere in his pocket or on the wall of his office. An eye sore. The trajectory of MCP and their leader has been steady, at best, since the elections. This is being gratuitous, as… Read more »

Dothi lina ndi ili, akulu tinasiya kale kukamba za ma Elections ife, we are focusing mmene dziko likuyendela. D.P.P kupambana, M.C.P kuluza ife zimenezi sitimayendamo ayi mwanva? tsoka ilo wakhalaso wekha mkagulu ka anthu ochepa omwe akukamba za ma Elections buddy. sorry!!!


I tried to gather something from DPP press conference.as a response to Dr Chakwera’s brilliant statement but nothing real I gathered from all DPP officials who spoke.It is all about 2019,MCP convention, DPP better than MCP, and many petty issues captalising most Malawian ignorance of what Government is all about. With this ,its easy to predict Malawi to remain where it is now.

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