DPP ‘Field Marshal’ Ben Phiri storms Mangochi, touts Mutharika’s development agenda

Director of Field Operations in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Ben Phiri continues to engage Malawians across the country in outlining achievements by President Arthur Peter Mutharika over the past four years and his new set of plans upon attaining a second term in 2019.

Ben Phiri and Samuel Tembenu at the Mangochi rally

Speaking at the rally addressed by Ben Phiri in Mangochi

His latest stop was the weekend in Mangochi North at Makanjira, Mangochi Central and Mangochi Masongola constituencies where the underlying message was APM’s development to Malawians and nothing else.

In all the constituencies, the rallies concurrently run with the DPP Pompopompo Sports Bonanza where winners went home with trophies, medals, cash and material prizes.

Phiri was accompanied at all meetings by Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu, DPP Regional Governor for Eastern Region Julius Paipi, Deputy Director of Youth Mussa Dyton among several others.

In all his rallies,  Phiri called upon all well-meaning and patriotic Malawians to support the State President in his quest of developing the country and transforming lives.

“We all know how the situation was in 2014 when APM took over power, let us not forget that. He came into power when donors had pulled out due to cashgate. He has been running government business using hard earned local resources, it is not easy at all. Let us give credit where its due,” Phiri told thousands of jubilant support at Makanjira.

He repeated similar rhetoric and the newly built Mangochi stadium where also thousands of party supporters had also gathered.

“When Professor came into power he found inflation hovering at over 30 percent, today it has come down to 7.8 percent. Inflation is very important as it helps to control prices of basic commodities, that is why at this time of the year you are able to buy a bag of maize at K5000. This has never happened before in the history of Malawi. All these achievements did not come from nowhere, its due to wise and selfless leadership of our dear president APM,” explained the field marshal, as he is fondly known in political circles.

He therefore urged the gatherings and all Malawians to vote for APM at the 2019 elections including DPP members of Parliament and ward councilors.

In Mangochi Masongola at Namwera, the Field Marshal welcomed into DPP former MP for the area Ali Mohammed Abdulla Mdala who says he has joined the ruling party because it is the only viable option to bring meaningful development to Malawians.

Mangochi is one district that has landmark projects under the DPP leadership. These include Mangochi Technical College, Mangochi Stadium, Liwonde- Mangochi Road and Mlambe One Stop Centre. Makanjira Road is set to start soon.

Since he started a wave of these rallies Ben Phiri has been to Lilongwe rural, Thyolo, Salima, Dedza and Mangochi. He is expected to visit all the 28 districts over the coming months in a bid ratchet up support for DPP’s 2019 torch-bearer Prof. Mutharika.

From the nationwide rallies, one can easily deduce that APM remains a popular brand due to the many projects his government has undertaken in all areas in the country.

Key among these projects are local, city and multi-district roads, bridges, community colleges, university hostels, tourism infrastructure such as hotels, office complexes, subsidized decent housing among the many initiatives.

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@kotakota mtalamo
Akulu imwe ndimwe atalamu pa ujinga. Musamabwere pa forum iyi ngati mulibe fundo. Nanga zomwe mwanena apa zokhudza Beni Phiri zingapangitse munthu kuti avotere MCP? Tamuthandizani Chakwera please.

Whatever comments you can post here but the truth remains that MCP has no chance in 2019 as it has been in all the previous elections. The reason remains the same that MCP has no numbers. In 2014 southern region was divided in 3 major parties and each had a huge following, PP, UDF and DPP. MCP was the only party in the center and had the chance to scoop the central region votes and add just a few in the south to win the presidency. MCP was flatted down by a party in the south (DPP) whose votes were… Read more »

‘@ Satanta
Which defections are you touting you? who doesn’t know that DPP has been using its own members to cheat people that they are defectors from other parties? Your party used the same gimmick in 2017 during the by elections and you know the results. Mpaka unasowa pano for a month. I suspect that you fainted with the results. So be ready for a big shock come 2019 General Elections. You are lost beyond redemption.


the people around apm will be finish next year and they are trying to keep in power for own survival

kotakota mtalamo

Iwe Ben Phiri umazitenga ngati ndiwe shasha koma ndiwe kape plus mbamva umakakamila kuti palibenso Munthu ukumuona oposa prince of thieves yemwe angalamuliro dziko lino

Nox Nthambi

So Mr Tembenu you have become the chola boy for Ben Phiri hahahahahahaha Malawi @52. This is interesting . Following the events as they unfold

Concerned Citizen

Ben a point of correction. The donors went away during the reign of Bingu. Should I say you don’t know?. . Why are you twisting facts. Four years down the line What have you done so far to win the donors back and make them stop off budget support . Palibe Chilichonse chimene ukudziwa mmene chuma chimayendera and he is busy talking about the economy . Koma anthu akumudzi mukuwapezerera kwabasi . A doctor of Cyprus university amenewo. Vuto lopita Ma school opanda maina ndi amenewo


Muthalika? second term? my foot.. which development is Ben Phiri talking about? Roads that develop potholes within months? Bridges that are washed away within a year? (eg Lake shore road) Mombera university? Chaponda? Malata/Cement subsidy?…………… electricity? drugs in hospitals? quarter system? 4bn? …… security? oh NO!!!!!!!!! inept president, slow to act……nkhalamba


“APM remains popular”


Filudi Masho Jetu kukonza kapansi kuti kammwamba katere bho ukuiwelenga mshana kuba basi akakuikani pa running mate muzizabanso heavy komatu nkhanga zaona Mulungu simunthu

angoni apaphata

Ine sindinaguleko thumba la chimanga 5000. Ndinagula liri 900 kwacha. Za 5000 izo ndiye zokanikazo

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