DPP govt takes Malawians for granted, country is down on its knees – Malawi News columnist

The fact that the President Peter Mutharika and DPP government are a waste of time is beyond argument.

One carrying placard during the pro- federal system march in north Malawi
One carrying placard during the pro- federal system march in north Malawi

The fact that they have no clue on how to govern and make Malawi better for everyone, not just a chosen cabal of elites, is not a matter of debate.

A president who does not show passion and determination to do anything to get this country roaring is not worthy of our time.

This country is down on its knees. The economy has been in doldrums for ages and we have a government in the DPP which only believes in saddling citizens with taxes—as we woke up to this week—to plug a large hole in its budget.

To the DPP and its Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe, it does not matter whether the citizens are reeling under the yoke of heavy taxes. As long as the budget does not balance, to them the solution lies in making Malawi Revenue Authority to harass taxpayers with all sorts of threats until the pay up.

To DDP and Gondwe, there is no need to fix the economy so that companies’ productivity goes up and citizens have money in their pockets which they can spend in a thriving economy thereby paying more in taxes to government.

To this President and his DPP, people’s cries on electricity blackouts do not matter. After all, the State House is the only household in the country that does not experience a blackout. Why should Mutharika worry?

That is why he was not in any hurry to come back from the United States after attending the United Nations General Assembly when all other presidents were back in the countries attending to problems affecting their people.

Some are launching new planes as is the case of Rwanda while others are selling presidential fleets just to cut costs.

With us it pleased our President to hang on in the United States as we, citizens continue to wallow in problems back home with none in the DPP government showing any concern.

Never mind that people are dying in hospitals due to power outages as is the case in Mangochi and Machinga.

Do not worry that small hard working business Malawians such as barbers, saloons owners, garage owners, face ruin as a result of power outages.

A caring President could have turned his attention on Escom. He could have probed its management on what the real problem is. He could have instituted a commission of inquiry on why Escom is not efficient and how it is run and who what does to it.

He could have had sessions with Escom board. He could have visited its power generation plants to appreciate the problem.

It is called getting dirty to go into the mud to solve problems that confront one’s nation.

But that is expecting a lot from this President. He does not care a hoot.

Sadly, the opposition has also slept on duty. This is the time that shadow ministers of energy for MCP, PP and , assuming they have them, could have jammed the radio and TV airwaves as well as newspaper space to first of all condemn this senseless torture of Malawians at the hand of DPP and its Escom.

Then it would have been time for them to look at 2019 and outline what plans they have in store to revamp Escom in particular and energy sector in general.

But there is nothing and this is what happens when citizens are taken for granted.

DPP does not seem to care for Malawians. It thinks it will still ride on a wave of regionalism and tribalism come 2019 to win another round of disputed elections and get back to State House.

But things change. The 2009 elections which the late Bingu wa Mutharika won resoundingly taught us that it is possible to have a party that wins nationally as long as it shows Malawians it has a plan and good will to take this country forward.

The present DPP government takes Malawians for granted and then this is made easy by an opposition that is sleeping on duty.

  • The article  first appeared in Malawi News under the ‘Hitting the nail’ column by George Kasakula

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be humane
be humane
5 years ago

Zoona komano ndikayang’ana mbali ya opposition sakuoneka wanzeru kuti angathandize mavuto athu pa Malawi pano. Palibe akunena zomveka kuti Malawi angatani chifukwa ngati akuganiza kuti azaganiza zochita akadzalowa m’boma we should be ready for another useless leadershio after pitala. Zachison ndithu

5 years ago

Useless government. I do agree particularly to the side of opposition. But remember, this is politics where a failure of govt is a winning formula of opposition parties. However, what I agree with you is that opposition should break record by coming up with a strategy on how to overcome the situation. We don’t want excuses when in for action. I know for sure whether dpp want it or not whether regional or not dpp will never return the seat as it clearly indicating that these people just wanted to be in govt but without any crue shame.

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