DPP gurus threaten Rev Maurice Munthali for joining MCP: Answer prayer which he offered at Phwezi

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has threatened to deal with  one of the country’s renowned clerics, the Reverend Maurice Munthali  who retired from  the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Livingstonia Synod, to join active politics with membership in main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Rev Munthali:Because of this accident, we have a driver of a country who doesn’t know that the country has been involved in an accident

Speaking at a political rally at Mkombezi near Phwezi in Rumphi, DPP vice-president for the North, Goodall Gondwe and the governor for the North, Kenneth Sanga, took turn to blast Rev Munthali.

Gondwe, who is also Minister of Finance, Economic Planning  and Development, said he was not pleased that Munthali has decided to join MCP.

He said Munthali was at some point “extremely close” to DPP but his move to MCP is worrying.

Gondwe said he felt “sorry” that Munthali has decided to join MCP instead of DPP.

On his part, Sanga attacked Munthali for rge prayer he offered at Phwezi on December 29 2017 when MCP president Lazarus Chakwera addressed a rally to welcome him into the party’s fold.

Munthali’s prayer, he said the country “was in an accident” cause by its own citizens  by putting in power wrong people.

“Because of this accident, we have never ending blackouts, now have legislatirs voting wrongly on the Electoral Reforms Bills, because of this accident, we have never ending poverty and corruption,” Munthali prayed.

He continued: “ Because of this accident, we have a driver of a country who doesn’t know that the country has been involved in an accident, he doesn’t know where he is heading to with the country, and doesn’t know how to get the country out of that accident.”

But Sanga said the prayer was “insulting” President Peter Mutharika and threatened to  expose “secrets” of Munthali if he continues to attack the President.

“I know the secrets that the church us hiding for him,” said Sanga.

But Munthali said when prayer has been offered, the responses can only come from God Himself and not fellow human being.

“Every prayer is directed to God by way of thanks, praise, petition or intercession, What one brings before God in prayer is supposed to be real and representation of the feelings, needs and challenges we  face daily,” he said.

He said threats made by DPP will make him stronger.

Munthali is said to be aspiring to contest for Rumphi West parliamentary seat o.

For the past 12 years, this man of God has never made it easy for government. This man of God He has used every opportunity—be it through the Public Affairs Committee (PAC), the pulpit, or even through prayer—to critique government on various socioeconomic challenges affecting the country.

Actually, during the July 6 2017 commemorations in Mzuzu, Minister of Civic Education Grace Chiumia ‘responded’ to his prayer in which he lamented the lack of a sustainable development plan for the country’s successive leaders.

Assuming Munthali stands in 2019, he us likely to face DPP councillor for Masasa Ward in Mzuzu, Yona Mkandawire, who is also eyeing the same seat. The Rumphi West seat is currently occupied by Jacqueline Kouwenhoven.

Born on July 25 1956 at Chimbata Village, Mwazizi under Chikulamayembe in Rumphi, Munthali is married to Thandie Luhanga and they have three children, and three grandchildren.

Having obtained a certificate in Theology at Livingstonia Theological College, Munthali obtained a Diploma in the same field in 1994 from Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation in Zambia. He was offered an honorary Masters degree in Theology in 2015 by the University of Jerusalem.

He has worked in eight parishes of the Synod. He opened his clerical work at Lupaso in Mzimba (1985-1987), then Mpherembe (1987-88), Ekwendeni (1988-1990), Dwangwa (1990-1994).

He then served as the Synod’s literacy secretary between 1995 and 2004. At the same time, between 2000 and 2003, he ministered at Chibavi, and later became General Secretary for the Synod between 2004 and 2012.

In 2012, he served the Lilongwe church up to 2016, when he was transferred to Katawa in Mzuzu where he has served until his retirement.

Besides, Munthali has been moderator for the Synod, and has also served as board chairperson for the Christian Literature Association of Malawi (Claim) and Zomba Theological College. He has also served as a member of the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) for 12 years.

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Tchaya Bestone Moses Mlauzi Junior
Tchaya Bestone Moses Mlauzi Junior
To be punished for (pemphero losweka mtima)? Munthali was praying to God for good of all poor Malawians unlike DPP members who spend sleepless nights and restless days praising their political leaders. God is watching you wasting malawi’s tax payers money at the expence of the poor MALAWIANS. What a shameful govt giving a deaf ear to the general outcry of its citizens whose fields have been severely attacked by army worms? You are doing it deliberately so that next year during campaign mzizagawa chimanga. I don’t see a reason to acuse someone just becoz he/she has offered a Prayer.… Read more »

Rev M. Munthali has made the right decision by joining MCP. Santana, you are cheating yourself. Have you forgotten how your Party was beaten on October 17, 2017. You spent days without commenting and now you think your party is now stronger than it was on 17th October,2017. Anthu mmadzinamiza kkkkkkk


Dpp mukunama mwamva! Dziko litha kubwezera zomwe mukukonza za upandu zanu. Pano musawone ngati anthu angalolenso kumapanga zopusa kuti muli mboma. Mupange kawiri ma plans opusawo samalani koma anthu abweza ulendo uno musatipusiyse pali chaninso apaa. Mukamuuze chochita munthu ngati ndinu Mulungu ufulu wamunthu ndiwanu basi


Even in PAC he was very unknown to Malawians. And the whole MCP feels happy with the unknown citizen. Chipani chathadi ichi.


Then u are as ignorant as your stupid president santana. Mind your comments muzitukwanitsa nazo president wa ngozi yu kkkkkkkkkkk galimoto ya Malawi yachita ngozi. Driver sakudziwa kuti yachita ngozi, kuichotsa sakudziwanso…inexperienced driver and stupid as well. Ntchetche yeniyeni.


Great man of God with a clear vision.


Mr Maunits, what is it that Munthali can change in the north by being VP of MCP? Anthu inu ndinu wopepera kwambiri. Munthali? And you are talking of a party in the opposition which has no chance of being in govt again? Yet you say the north will change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Accept my sympathy.

Its good he has now come out of the shell. He was doing politics while in the spiritual gown. This time he can be hammered as a politician. So those who suspected this guy as partisan in those days are now vindicated. His voice when he was in PAC was very arrogant. I wonder why Gondwe want this useless man in DPP. What can DPP have from him? What can he point as his achievements while in PAC apart from foul language. Did God accept his silly prayers against DPP? Is he not ashamed that his party’s 50+1 plot has… Read more »

Threats will take you no where this is a democratic government where people have the right to choose what belongs to them so keep on so long you do not dig your political grave come 2019.


If people trust church leaders then wishing you good luck. Please demonstrate that you are honest and fight for those who are being pushed into dire poverty and deprivation.

Once again good luck balishya

Tchaya Bestone Moses Mlauzi Junior
Tchaya Bestone Moses Mlauzi Junior

If they feel kut iwowo A (DPP) ndi timilungu akunama. They should not teach us how to pray. Everybody has his/her style of Offering a prayer to the almighty God. Plz don’t be offended. Moreover there is freedom of worship


Mr Satana if Mr Munthali was unknown while in PAC why is it that your sekulu Gondwe is looking for Munthali?

mulungu simuthu

very good prayer it touchers me
those dpp people are killers

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