DPP incompetence so telling,  says Kasakula: ‘Malawi needs a leader like Tanzania’s Magufuli’

The incompetence of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-led government is so telling that it can be felt, Times Group Editor-In-Chief  George Kasakula has declared on the popular ‘Hot Current programme on Times Television and Times Radio.

Kasakula: DPP incompetence is staggering

Brian Banda and George Kasakura: Hot Current presenters on Times TV

In a programme monitored by Nyasa Times on Friday through Times Radio online streaming, Kasakula,  who is one of DPP-led government’s  most acerbic critics,  heaped blame on the  Peter Mutharika administration for the socio-economic woes facing the country.

“The incompetence of the DPP government is so telling , it can be felt. It can be touched. Actually it can be cut with a knife,” said Kasakula.

“There is nothing good  [President] Mutharika is doing. What is it that has changed in this country. It’s business as usual,” the media guru added.

He went on to say Malawi need a person of action in power like Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli.

“We need the kind of leadership like Magufuli. We needs a leader that sees things and get worried,” he said.

He accused  Mutharika of inaction when the country lost about 18 people in aroad carnage last week,

But when program host, marverick Brian Banda put to Kasakula that the Head of State issued a statement of condolences, the Editor-In-Chief said the Malawi leader should have been on the ground to visist the victims and console the bereaved families.

Kasakula also rapped tax-funded  Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), saying it is on the dangerous path.

“MBC does not practice journalism, what they are  doing  is propaganda,” pointed out Kasakula, a Masters Degree graduate in International Journalism from University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

He said MBC workers  are  “propping up a regime that has let down Malawians.”

Commenting on  the apology offered by Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu to Archbishop Thomas Msusa of the  Catholic Church’s Archdiocese of Blantyre following his complaint MBC was using his quotations out of context, Kasakula said  it is not too let  to apoligise to the nation.

“They apologized to the bishop but they should apologize to all Malawians,” said Kasakula.

His Grace Msusa’s quotation is carried in a promo which MBC runs on its television station about PresidentMutharika’s appeal to partners on developmental projects.

Msusa said MBC was misrepresenting his statement to portray that he was in support of everything that the President and his administration were doing.

Kasakula said the Bishop was right to be angry.

Put to him by Brian Banda that Justice Minister Tembenu told the programme last week that Times were also attacking the regime.

But Kasakula said they were giving  balanced views including inviting Tembenu himself to the programme and government spokesman Nicholous Dausi to give his verbose.

In his sweeping statement, Kasakula said: “DPP incompetence is staggering . This is very, very incompetent government. They can’t do simple things like paying teachers salaries and leave grants.”

He continued: “We have a government that is incompetent, we have a President who is incompetent. We Malawians must get worried our affairs are not in safe hands.”

Hot Current program is showing brave and substantive journalistic endeavours (often at great personal risk) and discussing matters of current which are hitting headlines, taking government into task on accountability and corruption.

Kasakula is also attracting wrath of those wielding power recklessly, even criminally, with complete impunity and unaccountability as he is putting them on spot with his no holds barred critique.

The  program is also shared on YouTube.

Kasakura , who is also columnist in Malawi News,  argued that nepotism looks like the government norm.

He urged Malawians not to let mediocrity take charge.

Malawi government spokesman Nicholous Dausi is on record saying the  discussions on ‘Hot Current’ Times TV program are “unnecessary irritation”.

He said Kasakura seemed almost emotional in his contributions.

But Times are proving that they aren’t the kind of journalists that go around repeating what the government has said, they are demonstrating the media practitioners  that believe the way you hold power accountable is by reporting what the truth actually is.

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Mutharika to be on the ground to offer condolences???? Really? What work then dos his Minister do? Iye Kasakula yo I thought his job is in the newsroom anapezekako mumisewu tsiku lina akusaka news kapena he sends his reporters and assistants to pick the news for him. This guy (Kasakula) is an MCP activist masked as a Journalist. He is doing the bidding for MCP and not try to hold government to account as he claims. He should do the needful – resign from Daily Times and join politics. Timulandila ndimanja awili and we will give the very dose if… Read more »
Cheyo Muyata

The constitutions of Malawi & Tanzania are very different. actually Malawian’s is focused on reducing Presidential powers. So how should someone expect a Malawian President to act in an authoritarian manner? Honestly, the comparison is based on an opinion not facts. JUST CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION – GIVE THE PRESIDENT POWERS AND SEE WHAT A MALAWIAN PRESIDENT CAN DO.

HOT CURRENT kuti tchweeeee tyatu DPP yatyatuka kkkkkkk!!!!! Hot current is just too hot for DPP abibidwa atopa. Go swim in Lake Malawi you DPP imbeciles because HOT CURRENT is here to stay and we love it mcwaaaa. Pambeli Brian, pambeli Kasakula you guys rock. True journalists osati za propaganda za Mgeme Kalirani – journalist my foot!!!!! What kind of journalist who is now busy with a diploma at pentecostal yet akuti ndi press officer hahahaha DPP you are so shameless! Gerald Viola nkukhala Journalist? Brian Banda anamuliza mpaka ntchito kutha kkkkkk and DPP is busy employing such mediocre self… Read more »
I didnt read the article, came straight to the comments. Brian Banda anakatamuka and was busy chewing nthawi ya JB, he was about to open his own radio and TV station with cashgate spinsorship when PP was pummeled out! George Kasakula was promised information ministership under MCP. So as you can see these are aggrieved people who only came together in defeat to fight a common enemy who derailed their plans. Of course DPP is making its blunders but the way these two losers are coming at it is evident that its about more than lesdership. The loss of PP… Read more »
winston msowoya
Kasaula,well thought narration!!!! Since independence in Tanzania some 56 ears ago,Tanzanias have been led by leaders from the minority tribes hitherto.Their elections have been peacefully organised and there have been no irregularities or spilling of blood.The President late Kambarage Nyerere,came from the very tiny minority,the Zanakis in North Tanzania.The last President,Mr.Kikwete,also came from the very small minority tribe,the Zalamus from Dar es salaam-Bagamoyo Regions.No one has been elected from big majority tribes like,Chaga,Haya,Nyakyusa,Nyamwezi,Zigua the list goes on.It is therefore melonchally to see that Malawi a very small country with 3 regions and 16million people equivalent to Tanga region.has been engaged… Read more »
Zander mutiuze

Things were wrong from independent Day. First came muchona Kamuzu Banda to rule Malawi. Banda did not fight for freedom. Actually it was Chipembere and others. Banda together with Jomo Kenyatta was sent by british to come to Africa to rule. Malawi has been ruled by michonas NO idea of how the people of Malawi think. I dont see anyone or any political party good enough to take Malawi forward. At least things Are moving forward in TZ under new president.


A coin has two sides; as such, chilungamo chimakoma kwa ena ndipo chimawawa kwa matsotsi kkkkkk


Mungosamuka mukakhale kwamagufuliko peter ndi peter bax


Bring magufuli like and shut off people like you. Shut off opposition until next elections. No injunctions in 5 years. Are you ready?

Nkhwiri inokwa

If Malawi is to develop we need men like these,, keep it up guys ajijo and brian, only strong men can give real checks and balances,,, but awa akwiya nanuwa musawadabwe ndi a DPP amenewa amadyela limodzi misonkho yathu amenenewa msonkho mpakana pa mpani wa mbewa abale DPP shaa

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