Sidik Mia makes political comeback: I’m joining MCP, hints on being Malawi VP  in 2019

Former cabinet minister and lower shire political giant, Mohammed Sidik Mia has confirmed to Nyasa Times that he will be bouncing back in politics by joining the main opposition Malawi Congress Party  (MCP).

Mia: Returns to frontline politics

Mia  also announced he a is eying for the position of the country’s Vice President in 2019  and expected MCP president Lazarous Chakwera to pick him as his running mate.

Mia, a Muslim faithful, resigned from his ministerial post during the Joyce Banda reign in 2013 and announced that he had left politics altogether.

Speaking to fellow Muslims at Kanjedza Mosque in Blantyre on Thursday, Mia said he supported fellow Muslim presidential candidate Atupele Muluzi under the banner of United Democratic Front (UDF) during the 2014 elections but unfortunately things did not work out for him.

“I appeal to Moslems to help me in 2019 because I am vying for the post of Vice President of this country whether one likes it or not,” said Mia in a video clip that has gone viral on social media.

“We want us Moslems to have their own leader to represent your interests at the highest level,” said Mia.

“God willing if I get this post, in five years, show me where there is no Mosque, I will build it on my own. I will also build health facilities across the country and after five years if I don’t do these things, come to me and hold me responsible,” said Mia.

“If we want to build the future of Moslems in this country, then you have to support my cause. After Ramadan, I will be making a decision,” added Mia.

He said the social services infrastructure that he will construct will help people of all faith.

Mia has maintained his message to Muslims during meetings at Blantyre Lodge and other venues including his residence.

When contracted Mia confirmed  to Nyasa Times that indeed he is  now having  close relationship with MCP.

Mia acknowledged he ‘agrees with a lot’ of what Chakwera says about the direction this country should take beyond 2019.

“My political allegiance is now with MCP,”said Mia , adding “It’s time to make a move, Kwacha!

“When I look at the Malawi political scene at the moment, I actually almost feel motivated to go right back into it. And Chakwera with MCP is attractive,” Mia told Nyasa Times.

He said MCP under Chakwera  wants opportunity “for the many, not the few.”

Mia also recognised the leadership role of party vice president Richard Msowoya (Speaker of Malawi Parliament) and MacDonald  Lombola, saying they are part of the leadership team he want to work with.

He said : “I want to be party to a new tone for genuine  development of  Malawi.”

Mia added: “Malawi certainly can thrive and prosper under new MCP.”

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winston msowoya

I would like to correct my error on Chakwela which I indicated MK600 instead of MK600million.I regret for my mistake.

winston msowoya
My brothers and sisters of Malawi,we need not to be rocket scientists to know who is Sidik.Iam living in first world where digging information,is not hectic.It is 20 years now that Muslim World,has been working day and night to establish its presence in Southern Africa.Here they are.Malawi is the first country in Southern Africa to hob-nob Islamic faiths.BRAVO SIDIK!!!!!! At least,one of the World’s Islamic Brotherhood target is halfway accomplished, in the sense that,World Muslims,have a platform to launch its first Islamic offensive to dominate the planet.You can see what is happening in Europe to day and Malawians wake from… Read more »

if he is a giant why didn’t he help atupele win the previous election. Achipeta ena ndi ofila.
usawi etii


My honest and sincere advice to Honorable Chakwera is that he should partner with Honorable Richard Msowoya and not
Sadik Mia. Sadik Mia has selfish motives. Please ask for God’s guidance on this.


stop funny guessing my foot the population of muslims is 12%, GO TO THE TOILETBEFORE YOU MESS YOUR BULUKU, MUSLIMS SIT ABOVE 35%

Nzeru Nkupangwa

Bravo MCP for choosing to be in opposition again come 2019. I love you because you will continue to offer constructive criticism then

davie kasim

What people should know is that being a running mate is not a permanent thing.its a right of a presidential candidate to choose a running mate of his 2014 Chakwera chose msowoya as running mate but that’s not an automatic thing that he will choose msowoya again if Chakwera wins on convention .He will choose the man of his choice and a man who will help him to win the tripartite elections in 2019.

MCP failed to win elections through Chakwamba who was then a powerful politician in the lower shire as well as the north when he took Chihana on board. MCP’s votes were from the whole centre as the stronghold of the party. The whole north as people followed their man Chihana who was the second in command in that alliance The lower shire as the stronghold of Mbuya. But MCP failed. What more with this amateur in politics? Mia cannot command the whole lower shire as Chakwamba did. The dumping of Msowoya means some votes in the north will not go… Read more »

At a time when various countries are talking about serious development, someone in Malawi is campaigning on the religion ticket. Very sorry indeed! With this kind of thinking, Malawi will always remain the poorest country on Mother Earth


Mia is a good catch but why he didn’t join during 2014? Do u know that the constitution of Mcp only allows the vice President chosen by the convention to be running mate

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