Sidik Mia makes political comeback: I’m joining MCP, hints on being Malawi VP  in 2019

Former cabinet minister and lower shire political giant, Mohammed Sidik Mia has confirmed to Nyasa Times that he will be bouncing back in politics by joining the main opposition Malawi Congress Party  (MCP).

Mia: Returns to frontline politics

Mia  also announced he a is eying for the position of the country’s Vice President in 2019  and expected MCP president Lazarous Chakwera to pick him as his running mate.

Mia, a Muslim faithful, resigned from his ministerial post during the Joyce Banda reign in 2013 and announced that he had left politics altogether.

Speaking to fellow Muslims at Kanjedza Mosque in Blantyre on Thursday, Mia said he supported fellow Muslim presidential candidate Atupele Muluzi under the banner of United Democratic Front (UDF) during the 2014 elections but unfortunately things did not work out for him.

“I appeal to Moslems to help me in 2019 because I am vying for the post of Vice President of this country whether one likes it or not,” said Mia in a video clip that has gone viral on social media.

“We want us Moslems to have their own leader to represent your interests at the highest level,” said Mia.

“God willing if I get this post, in five years, show me where there is no Mosque, I will build it on my own. I will also build health facilities across the country and after five years if I don’t do these things, come to me and hold me responsible,” said Mia.

“If we want to build the future of Moslems in this country, then you have to support my cause. After Ramadan, I will be making a decision,” added Mia.

He said the social services infrastructure that he will construct will help people of all faith.

Mia has maintained his message to Muslims during meetings at Blantyre Lodge and other venues including his residence.

When contracted Mia confirmed  to Nyasa Times that indeed he is  now having  close relationship with MCP.

Mia acknowledged he ‘agrees with a lot’ of what Chakwera says about the direction this country should take beyond 2019.

“My political allegiance is now with MCP,”said Mia , adding “It’s time to make a move, Kwacha!

“When I look at the Malawi political scene at the moment, I actually almost feel motivated to go right back into it. And Chakwera with MCP is attractive,” Mia told Nyasa Times.

He said MCP under Chakwera  wants opportunity “for the many, not the few.”

Mia also recognised the leadership role of party vice president Richard Msowoya (Speaker of Malawi Parliament) and MacDonald  Lombola, saying they are part of the leadership team he want to work with.

He said : “I want to be party to a new tone for genuine  development of  Malawi.”

Mia added: “Malawi certainly can thrive and prosper under new MCP.”

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103 thoughts on “Sidik Mia makes political comeback: I’m joining MCP, hints on being Malawi VP  in 2019”

  1. winston msowoya says:

    I would like to correct my error on Chakwela which I indicated MK600 instead of MK600million.I regret for my mistake.

  2. winston msowoya says:

    My brothers and sisters of Malawi,we need not to be rocket scientists to know who is Sidik.Iam living in first world where digging information,is not hectic.It is 20 years now that Muslim World,has been working day and night to establish its presence in Southern Africa.Here they are.Malawi is the first country in Southern Africa to hob-nob Islamic faiths.BRAVO SIDIK!!!!!! At least,one of the World’s Islamic Brotherhood target is halfway accomplished, in the sense that,World Muslims,have a platform to launch its first Islamic offensive to dominate the planet.You can see what is happening in Europe to day and Malawians wake from your slumber,tomorrow is you.These killers started in West,Central and Eastern Africa and there they are in Malawi as a launching pad and Sidik is its front-line warrior.As you might agree with me that Chakwera is not a politician but rather,a money-monger,where do you think he got that MK600 which he used to build his posch bungalow in Lilongwe in a short span in political adventures.Muslims have tried to overcome Southern Africa for many years but,to no avail.They found it inexpugnable to establish their roots in Angola,South Africa,Namibia,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Botswana,Lesotho and Swaziland and Mozambique.Now,regrettably,Malawi is fast becoming semi-headquarters of the Islamic onslaught against Christianity.As I said before,Europe is in terrible fix due to its soft policy on immigration especially on Muslims who in one year,millions of them have been welcomed without legal papers.So,Malawians,the ball is in our court and must be vigilant to defend our democracy and freedom and Chakwera must be warned to desist from this treachery trend.We do not need bloodshed in our Christian and peaceful Nation because of his desire for money.

  3. Elli says:

    if he is a giant why didn’t he help atupele win the previous election. Achipeta ena ndi ofila.
    usawi etii

  4. Bazooka says:

    My honest and sincere advice to Honorable Chakwera is that he should partner with Honorable Richard Msowoya and not
    Sadik Mia. Sadik Mia has selfish motives. Please ask for God’s guidance on this.

  5. nYoLoNyO says:

    stop funny guessing my foot the population of muslims is 12%, GO TO THE TOILETBEFORE YOU MESS YOUR BULUKU, MUSLIMS SIT ABOVE 35%

  6. Bravo MCP for choosing to be in opposition again come 2019. I love you because you will continue to offer constructive criticism then

  7. davie kasim says:

    What people should know is that being a running mate is not a permanent thing.its a right of a presidential candidate to choose a running mate of his 2014 Chakwera chose msowoya as running mate but that’s not an automatic thing that he will choose msowoya again if Chakwera wins on convention .He will choose the man of his choice and a man who will help him to win the tripartite elections in 2019.

  8. santana says:

    MCP failed to win elections through Chakwamba who was then a powerful politician in the lower shire as well as the north when he took Chihana on board. MCP’s votes were from the whole centre as the stronghold of the party. The whole north as people followed their man Chihana who was the second in command in that alliance The lower shire as the stronghold of Mbuya. But MCP failed. What more with this amateur in politics? Mia cannot command the whole lower shire as Chakwamba did. The dumping of Msowoya means some votes in the north will not go for MCP. More worse is the assessment that the Centre is no longer the stronghold of MCP as it used to be. Therefore MCP will gain nothing by opting for Mia. He is just nothing in the politics of Malawi. MCP ikungophupha basi, yasowa pogwira.

  9. Kanonono says:

    At a time when various countries are talking about serious development, someone in Malawi is campaigning on the religion ticket. Very sorry indeed! With this kind of thinking, Malawi will always remain the poorest country on Mother Earth

  10. Aphiri says:

    Mia is a good catch but why he didn’t join during 2014? Do u know that the constitution of Mcp only allows the vice President chosen by the convention to be running mate

  11. Love my country says:

    Mmafuna akanalowa kwanuko?? To me, I will enjoy anything that have the capacity to dislodge Malawi’s enemy number 1. Ndikuyendela ya mu 1993 and 1994. Ali ndi maso aone ndipo ali ndi makutu amve.

  12. Paul Mbengo says:

    Come 2019. We will be the main opposition party again. Ask

  13. Muhamad says:

    Atupele to support Mia. He supported u in 2014 now this is the time to help the Shelk Muhamad Mia kwachaaaaaaaaaa! uwauzenso atatawako a bakili kuti mia waponda mwala

  14. Namanyaru says:

    I think Chakwera is fake indeed. How can he a christian go to bed with a man who is openly advancing the islamic agenga?

    Amangwetu let us just vote for DPP for the sake of keeping ISIS out of Malawi.

  15. mwana wa mchewa says:

    welcome sidik to the mighty MCP

  16. Patrick Phiri says:

    Malawians let’s be careful with this Mia. From the story, his main agenda for returning to front-line politics is not to serve, but to promote Islam. We should never support sectarianism. Let’s reject this evil. From the story, he says when he becomes VP, mosques will be mushrooming throughout the country. The questions to consider are: Why is he not doing it now? Why is he waiting to become VP to do that? Is it because he is going to use state resources? Chakwera should not drive our country in sectarian direction just to get votes. I believe I have played my role by sounding this warning.

    Our Christian leaders should also warn their followers about Mia’s intentions. We should stop this madness at all cost.

  17. Inacio GIMO says:

    QUOTE: “….I will build it on my own. I will also build health facilities across the country and after five years if I don’t do these things, come to me and hold me responsible,” said Mia…”


  18. CHIM says:

    dear chakwera
    dont make the same mistake
    joyce made by dropping khumbo for
    gwengwe yoh wili regret

  19. Ndango Dusamo says:

    Right Honorable Chakwera, where ever you are feel sweet-kukoma. With the move by Mia, the country is in your hands from now and beyond 2019. The synergy of Christians and Muslims praying together Amen is beyond common reasoning and only the intellect can appreciate the future Malawi under Chakwera.

    We don’t need Kabwira
    We don’t need Jumbe
    We don’t need Njovuyalema
    We don’t need Kaunda
    We don’t need Kaliwo
    We don’t need Msowoya

    What the people want is Mohammed Sidik Mia s your VP

    1. Central says:

      Ohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Why harbor offense!!

  20. Voting for Atupele because he was a fellow Muslim, this is enough reason why all Christians should not vote for a non fellow Christian, why vote for a Muslim when they themselves are voting for fellow Muslim.

  21. Voting for Atupele because he was a fellow Muslim; why then should Christians be voting for a non fellow CHRISTIAN VP?

  22. Joining MCP to represent Muslims? Is building Mosques everywhere Malwi’s priority right now? I dont know.

  23. chilungamo chimawawa says:

    This is excellent news for MCP. Just join hands with PP and aford thats all DPP/UDF will surely fall

    1. Chigwere says:

      shut up!! ma rubbish; Aford will not join any Alliance.

  24. Pwagu says:

    Beware the Islamic fundamentalist! Who said Malawi is in need of Mosques? Malawi is in need of economic revolution, food security, industrialisation, energy security, quality education, and good governance, to develop. And all that this airhead can think of is building Mosques! How are Mosques going to develop Malawi? The same old stupid politics! I pity this God-damned nation!

  25. Holmes Gande says:

    woooow!!! Mumatiyimilira bwana Malonda ali m’maso. Ulemu wanu!

  26. Chide says:

    Islam stinks. Everyday claiming ‘religion of peace’
    yet you are the people who are making the world scary coz of your doctrine which teaches violence n killings. This your Ramadan month you kill even more; vampires

    Me I would be ashamed to be called a moslem

  27. Tafwauli Chipalamandule says:

    Welcome back ‘The political Giant of Lower Shire!’

  28. chekatela says:

    we should wait for more calsuaties in 2019

  29. Saza says:

    Joining a party chifukwa champando? What if Chakwera doesnt pick him as Runningmate? I thought one is supposed to join a party coz it stands for what you also stand for? Osati mpando…Akamati dyera nde limenelo.

  30. che malume says:

    Dpp kwathaaaaaaaaaa

  31. ken says:

    Chilipo chaona Mia

  32. Pida says:

    Amenewo ndiwo akatakwe a ndale kuno ku Malawi osati mphwepwa zinazi.He is a matured person.

  33. opportunist says:

    What interest at higher level are you looking for? .

  34. benjones says:

    To me personally I think this is a very bad move. I will surely not vote for MCP.

  35. Ha zina ukaona! says:

    My take is that hough a lot of people are celebrating, Mia joining MCP does not mean any minus from DPP. It has done more harm to MCP than DPP. Chakwera like JZU and Kamuzu has given a vote of no confidence to all northerners. Don’t think this doesn’t pain them. Now, let me ask, between Mia and Atcheya, who is a political engineer? I doubt if Mia will bring necesaary votes from the Lower Shire and the Muslim World as Atcheya and Atupele can do to the Muslim World in the Eastern Region. This euphoria will die soon. How many alliances has the opposition done in the past in an attempt to dislodge DPP? How many worked? Apatu ndiye DPP mwaipatsa mangolomera zedi. Unfortunately Chakwera think the whole cenral is for him. Enafe tili konkuno amene tikudziwa mmene tingamtibulire mmimba. Come 2018, you will see. Apatu zili bwino wina asadzanene kuti DPP yabera.

  36. Gwape says:

    Will wait and see, however by the look of things, the aim of Mia is advancement of Islam not national development and further is about being VP not MCP agenda, be careful Chakwela and MCP, you may be heading for a DISASTER.

  37. Thandie wa Shadreck says:

    Kkkk so it’s about Moslems? Koma ukamakula umabweleradi ku umwana eti? Ndikaona ngatitu there is going to be a good hope for all in you Mr Mia, now I have seen your ISIS motives, but it’s good that you’ve opened up so that the choice should be ours.
    But as for me, am so skeptical about your motives towards our motherland.

  38. alungwana says:

    I just like Mia. He has the presidential quality.

  39. Chebaisi says:

    Protecting Indian Muslims not black Muslims. Ena ndi awo a chair a MAM Achabulika alemphera kuyendetsa Islamic institutions. Mmasukulu like Mangochi islamic centre nsabwe zokha-zokha

  40. Tiyanjane says:

    Anganya, tighaneghane mwakufwasa makani agha. Banyithu bakuti better kusankha musilamu nakuti basole Msowoya. Nagongowa. Tiyeni tikolelane na Mwenefumbo. Tiwelere kukaya Ku Aford pakusola ma MP. Nkhongono zithu ziwe mu Parliament. Icho tikukhumba nchi tikukuko kuno kwithu. Not u president.

  41. Atupele Mia says:

    Koma anthu a MCP muli desparate. Sidik Mia wasanduka political heavyweight liti? Sangawine olo u MP weniweniwu ndiye akuzakhala VP womanga mizikiti? Amalawi sitinaiwale bakili analowesa chisilamu. Msilamu kuzakhala president pa Malawi or VP ndakaika.

  42. BIMA says:

    mia should not come to
    mcp to boost islam

    srcondly he should not
    join becausr of positions rather than serving pple

  43. Phatabasa says:

    kaladi sanakhalepo mfumu ndiye mukuti akhale vp eeee akaladi ndi wokuba kwambiri. and u people who are happy with Mia dont be cheated kut he is a political giant of lower shire no no no akaladi kuba. Ng’ombe ku farm zatha ndipo pano akulephera kulipira anthu ndalama zawo amene anawatengera Ng’ombe from last year. Alibe chuma ameneyi musanamizidwe he is a greedy person y he choose a vp post to the party while sanakhalepo member even a year. ndale sapangira mu mzikiti and we people from lower shire we hate coloured. The Mias they never supported Gwanda Chakuamba when he was fighting with UDF. MCP go for Nsowoya uyu muchedwa naye mbava iyi ngati akufuna ayambe chipani chake adzayime u President ngati angphule kanthu y he always want to be a Vice President not President

  44. MANYI says:




  45. Game changer says:

    DPP nsete zokha zokha, we have not forgotten that we gave the DPP a sympathy vote because of the passing of Bingu.
    Saulosi Klaus Chilima by virtue of being youthful carted all votes cast by the youth to the DPP.
    Klaus Chilima by virtue of being catholic lured alot of catholics to vote for DPP

    Now that DPP is sidelining Chilima, game over for DPP
    Now that Mia has joined MCP, its all over for DPP, mwanyanya kuthana ndi anthu. Mwanyanya kupha. Mwanyanya

    Dyerantuni, chindiranitu pasanafike 2019

  46. jacoo says:

    Pliz bwana take out issues of religion mundale za mother..chonde revisit ur motive & campaign strategy…

  47. john says:

    Good news. In 2019 we want strong opposition parties to challenge DPP and Mia has just done that.

  48. Semani says:

    In southern region people vote DPP in central region people vote MCP no one is bigger than these party even if DPP have a duck on the ballot paper they can make it Mia is nothing he failed in UDF in 2014 .

  49. Zembo says:

    What we are loooking for is someone who can assist to bring change to the nation for the betterment of all we Malawian. It does not matter whether he or she is from North /south or centre.So rule out that feeling that northerners won’t vote for anyone who is not from the north.

  50. Is this guy lettered?he seems to be power hungry.leave him

  51. winston msowoya says:

    Now I can see the end of the World.A Muslim Arab to become the President of an African country? Who can believe that? Even Hastings Banda where ever he is,will curse his MCP.And of course,the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa,will be flabagasted to hear this unbelievable and treacherous trend.If this was an African seeking a position in a political Party in one of the Middle East Islamic States,he could not last even for a minute,his head could be rolling under the scorch sun.These are the people who came to Africa to enslave and take us to their countries and,you will be astonished to learn that hitherto,Africans in the Middle East are still used as slaves,Malawians,you know very well,then why?Peloma Pepe,are you stable upstairs? Muslims have not reached at 12% in population,they are far behind at 1% and most of them dwell in the South.I have every confidence that our Malawian people from the rest of the country,would not tolerate this betrayal and shameful stance.After Muluzi had failed to handle Gadaffi politically and economically,he let him go,BRAVO BAKILI!!! and,for your information Malawians,this guy is not a coloured,he is pure a muslim Arab.As soon as news appeared in the nyasatime,I did not sleep last night for friends from other countries,wanted to know what kind of people are Malawians to propup Arabic brutes who are enslaving Blacks in their countries.Northerners,I have gargantuan confidence in you that you cannot take this clap.The moment this bloody Arab is elected into power,the following morning Issis,Alshaabab,Boko Haram,Al Nusla the list is long,will be at your door-step.We invited Banda and we,had seen what he deed to us,he had no respect for us atall,I remember this moron used to say that he found us walking naked and to the astonishment,his audience,were happy to hear that,so,with this Arab monster,he is just happy.Malawi is not for SALE!!!!!

  52. Clive Jedidia says:

    Minus the Muslim message he is a game changer. MCP should leave not stone unturned but get all the patriotic Malawians on board and drive for change. However, Chakwera must be wary and must strategize very well. God’s wisdom may guide. All I am saying is that it is high time MCP must accommodate all regions in these trying times. Good luck

    1. John says:

      Wise Comment!

  53. victor says:

    But to talk of muslims its a shame, they are bussy killing christians in Egypt,syria, Eraq,uk America.We dont need muslim brotherhood in Malawi

    1. He is a fortune muslim business man Who want to get money from Arab countries. Just hear he want to build more mosques in Malawi. Dont we have enough of them? Some are built in remote areas. Chooonde a Malawi Dont bring Arab ISIS to a peace small nation. If.Chakwela has no money to campaign then he is a shame to MCP. We Dont want a muslim leader. Malawi is a Christian country. Muslim are minoty and we respect them.
      Chakwela is becoming rubish and useless. He is not good for MCP. I have supported Chakwela but no more.

  54. self centred says:

    Amene mukunva kuwawa zanu mia nd dilu, inu mungakhare vp a mac, and Mia is not an opportunistic, and is not poor as you think, pano DPP yadwara coz of mia

    1. Mufuna muslim war?

  55. Mia waona kanthu ku MCP komwe Kaliwo, Kabwira ndi Felix Jumbe sanaone. Maina ndatchulawa ndi list ya zitsiru zomwe zagwiritsidwa ntchito ndi Moya Mr Ibu Mutharika kuononga chipani cha MCP. Mutharika ndi Chaponda wake atsegula m’mimba tsopano. Nthawi yotitengera ku mtengo ngati njoka yatha. Tulukanimo M’bomamo palibe mukuchita alomwe inu. Chancellor College munatseka kalekale, ma primary school ndi awanso matsekansowa. Kodi a moya mukuti maphunziro anu munachitira kuti??? America yake yomweyi?? Mukulephera zinthu zochepa kwambiri a moya ndiye ife alomwe tikudabwa nanu sopano. Achievement ya three years nkukhala kukweza a mfumu ambuye ngolongoniwawa basi??? Muwapatse moni ambuyeee a chaponda.

  56. cheyusufu says:

    Lyolyolyo bravo M S Mia.

  57. Rift Valley says:

    The only thing I hate about this man is too much emphasis on Moslem issues. I only hope he is not an ISIS disciple on a mission to eventually exterminate Christians.

    I hope he changes his tone as we move on and dwell more on development and not religion exclusively. Otherwise tidzayamba kudabwa.

    The foregoing notwithstanding, unwelcome to MCP mate

    1. general Dioyayo Afeniyodini says:

      You are very true. If MCP accepts Mia to be VP, then DPP is the best option. Mia will bring ISIS and Bokoharam which manifested in Mangochi in 2012 to 2013. This is just a tip I am giving Malawians as CIA member

  58. santana says:

    He jumped from PP because Joyce Banda did not pick him for runningmate. Now he is joining MCP because Chakwera has accepted to dump Msowoya and pick him for runningmate. May be Chakwera has joined the bandwagon of sidelining the Tumbukas seeing they are not a people to trust. While DPP is fighting hard to bring Tumbukas into its cabinet to help developing this country, Chakwera thinks this tribe though in the high post cannot help anything in the politics of MCP. Chakwera should weigh his chances of winning the Lower Shire very carefully. The first mistake his so called giant has made is going into politics with the aim of uplifting Islam when he is VP as if Islam is having hurdles in this country just because there is no muslim on top. Is he forgetting that this seat was once occupied by Dr. Cassim Chilumpha, a muslim? MCP should not compare Mia and the late Chakuamba who really controlled the Lower states when he was MCP President. When the leadership slipped from him he begun to lose power even to a new party in the name of DPP under Bingu. Later he joined the DPP and dumped it but the people still were left behind the DPP. Then he re-joined the DPP soon before his passing. So you can see that the DPP was still strong in the lower states even when Chakwamba was not supporting it, what more with Mia? The Lower Shire supported MCP in those days because their son Chakwamba was on the top seat. MCP inamuzunza Chakwamba to the extent of leaving it. People from the lower states will never forget how jealousy was JZU when Chakwamba was leading the MCP as well as Leader of the Opposition. How will Mia convince the senas that MCP is a very nice party when memories are still flesh on how their son was politically tortured by the same MCP? Chakwera better maintain Msowoya otherwise he will be shocked with the votes Mia will give him from the lower states. It only shows that Chakwera is not a national figure. He wants to use other people to penetrate other regions. He is a failure and he will fail. I challenge MCP to follow the move of these two men and assess their move after 3 months and later tell me whether they are gaining support through Mia.

    1. U are right. Chakwela is useless. And I can see already he can not be a good leader. Malawi does not an Indian muslim Who want to bring religion confunsion like what is happening in Arab world. Chakwela became popular when he started because he said he will not take in people Who are circulating from one party to another. Malawians want fresh people. Sidik Mia is a disaster. His aim is to get money from Arab world. He was useless in UDF. He is power hungry. We are not going to be ruled by Indian muslims and michonas. Enough is Enough. If Chakwela has NO money and want Sidik Mias money its better he quits. Malawians bring mama JB please. These stupid men are useless and are not helping us. Lets support a woman. Iam sure she will do better this time. She has learnt the mistake she made. Or please Lets hope just come from nowhere like in France a young man. I know one but can not mention they might kill him. NO MIA, NO Jumbe. They are old UDF and thieves

    2. kaitano says:

      Zako izo!!!

    3. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda, Hurstone Makungwa, Francois Birungi and Tingo Nsemube says:

      Santana, the message is loud and clear and would add: The health facilities alluded to by Mia will be used exclusively by Muslims. If non Muslims dare go to these facilities to seek medical attention, they will be told in subtle voices to convert to Islam. I know of some places in Malawi where non Muslims are prevented from drawing water from a well drilled by Muslims with funds from some Islamic organizations. Even in their schools, they do not allow non Muslims to access education. It is haram. Yet non Muslims schools accommodate Muslims students or pupils.

      The Quran teaches every Muslim not to hanker for peace with the infidels. This is in passage 47:4 and they are taught to behead them when they catch them. That is because in passage 3:28 the Quran advises “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends” and that “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable (3:85)”. Therefore, non Muslims be very careful with yo’ Mia. Otherwise you will be putting figures in public offices who at a later stage will start “terrorizing and beheading those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an (8:12)”. Therefore, Chakwera & company as well as DPP & company, remember the proverbs “wamisala anaona nkhondo” and “wachera ku mwezi nkhanga zaona”.

  59. mbuya says:

    Northerners dumped again! Kkk Did we not tell you Richard Msowoya? Kkk

  60. Swift Banki says:

    Hahaha game over for Kabwira, Msowoya, Njovuyalema, Chakwantha, Jumbe, Kaliwo, Chijzanja and the rest of Nkhalakale of cogress. The real politician, the untouchable joining the MCP to control and strengthen Chakwera. With Mia by his right side, nobody will touch Chakwera.

    Search me, who torched Kabwira’s toyota malawi fortuner.

    Warning to TATUB OSMAN to stop writing against Chakwera, the president

  61. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    Mr. Chakwera, assuming you will be the torch bearer of MCP if those supporting your party pick you, make sure pick a running mate who will protect Christian values. Mia is not the right person. Have an audience with Christians. Some of us we fear Muslims because they rely heavily on the Quran for the day to day activities. Besides, Muslims do not separate religion from politics such that the two are intertwined. Please, Mr. Chakwera take heed. Their friendliness towards Christians is just cosmetic. Remember the Byzantine Empire. It was conquered and destroyed by the Ottomans.

  62. Mungoni Wapa Malawi says:

    You mean MCP will not take Msowoya as running mate or explain to us Mr E. Mkaka? Christians can you hear Mias’ campaign strategy? I can see Christians and Moslems issues arising again in Malawi

  63. ovaha mbwiyanga says:

    Congress yapita.. Forget about northern region cant even get 100 000 votes from south..DPP pick Atupele and have total control of Eastern Region and you will be home and dry..end of MCP is close and close indeed

  64. a stranger from DPP says:

    It doesn’t get better than this in MCP. Word of advice for Honorable ‘take religion out of politics’. MCP will unveil many heavy weight and the political landscape will change whether one like it or not.

  65. Big man says:

    Ndikumva mpweya mmimba……I think ndiphwitsa

  66. Real Patriot says:

    We hv enough mosques in Malawi.Campaigning on religious grounds its useless.We need people who have a heart for Malawi. Malawi needs real development not to be infested with mosques. We dont need anymore alshabaab like in Kenya.Malawi is a christian nation.

  67. yosefe mateyu says:

    Pastor Chakwera partners Moslem Mia…kikiki… Mia’s political sojourn – UDF, DPP, PP, UDF, MCP. Can Lunguzi, Kabwira, Jumbe, Msowoya etc also strategise…

  68. fwakafwaka says:

    MCP , MUSLIM mmmm koma ziliko. mwataya north as a region then you go for lower shire. masamu ofoila. kampeni imeneyi ndiyothandiza Mmalawi kapena asilamu. tionana 2019 by this day two years to come you will still be leader of opposition

  69. Good move Mr Mia..we have been waiting for you quite long..bola kumanena zoona..mwina kuzasintha zinthu mutsogolomu

  70. Miano says:

    Oooops! Maloto achumba

    Gwanda failed to convince the south when he was the president of MCP. Do you think this kaladi can do anything?

    Ife akumwera MCP tinathana nayo kale kaaaaaale. Musiyeni Mia yo asokoneze MCP bwino.

    DPP, 2019, Booooma. UDF, 2019, Booooooma . MCP chanu palibe.

  71. chatonda Mvula says:

    The game is now over for DPP. You will never have it again as the south is gone by pulling all the votes to centre. Remember, Mia is together with Yiannakis, Wina alira zoona. Its good for Mia to indicate straight away that he wants the vice presidency to avoid political bickering and speculations. Come straight and let people say what they feel about it. That is democracy and being open to people’s feelings.

    MCP will now sweep all MPs in Chikwawa and Nsanje plus Blantyre. Mangochi and Machinga are both districts gone with Yiannakis at the helm that side.
    Remember, there will be no rigging this time because of a good plan by MCP and other well wishing countries to MCP’s fold. No names here.

    1. mmc says:

      Kkkkkkkkkkkkl poor thinking and analysis…wait and see…hahahahaha…umaiziwa south iwe… we don’t talk or show off we act….we smart but mumatidelera…. we also know that u smart we respect that but u don’t know that we smart and u don’t respect us….kkkkkk just wait and see wait and see

  72. FREEMAN says:

    welcome to new MCP

  73. Galu iwe wa Dpp! Ukumva bwanji mthupimo? Moto buuuuu! Boma la Makwere kwere 2019 Pauleundo, Ndikutitu Nga! Nga! Nga! Pambuyo pa MCP!

  74. Thyolo Thava says:

    DPP muli mmadzi lower shire tatenga ….Akuvoteleni Ngolongoliwa yemweyo

  75. Maunits says:

    Most welcome in MIGHTY MCP Bwana Mia in the history of this country Lower shire supported MCP and you are the replacement of another giant late Gwanda Chakuamba. Please lets join hands with MCP to make this country go forward not backwards with these thieves. They are failing to open Chancellor college yet they call themselves professors of doom shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Abit says:

    Ukundekufuna kubetsa chipani. Uku nde kubweretsa nkholokolo mchipani.

  77. Mlomwe from Goliati says:

    Odi uko, a DPP mukumva bwanji muthupimo????? Lower Shire kuti gwedeee!!!!!

  78. ebuka says:

    Apa ndekuti game yasintha, DPP will pick Atupele as running mate, nanga Asilamu amakonda uti pa awiriwa? kkkk

  79. kaya says:

    He should change his campaign strategy of advancing his Muslim brotherhood thing too much.. agwa nazo ngati papaya lowola mumtengo

  80. Chigwere says:

    Greedy fucker!! nothing to offer to this country apart from his personal glory. He thinks he cant serve his people as an MP but rather as a Veep; these President vs Veep fights will not end if we keep bringing opportunist like this Cold Storage guy in.

  81. Joseph Mabedi says:

    Mmmmmm winanso chenji goal ndi ameneyu.palibe chipani chomwe sanalowe mmmm .lts difficult to understand mr Mia adathawanji ku pp?adaona chiyani?akazauona u vp mmmmm

  82. jervis nyaka says:

    ndale zopangira pa mzikiti eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekoma mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, 2019 kuli ntchito kudzayaka moto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. ndondwa says:

    Viva Sidik Mia viva MCP

  84. namandwa pa chikopa says:

    musamuiwale maluzi akamenya uyu ndi choncho nzake wa kamlepo uyu. bola asazimange yekha kkkkk

  85. Citizen says:

    Following with keen interest and waiting anxiously for day Mia will be unveiled as MCP member.

  86. Peloma Pepe says:

    Good for him to come back into frontline politics, but I think it’s not a good move to bank the comeback on a message of representing the Muslims. I doubt he can command substantial votes with this kind of message. Remember that the population of Muslims in the country is just about 12%, so my advice to Mia is to go beyond this ‘Muslim’ message.

  87. Ma coloured are complete crooks

    1. mac says:

      Mufuseni Bingu of this Sidik guy is. Afuseni anthu a ku Lower Shire of how he has become rich on their backs. If you are in, I am out of MCP. Yound blood timanenayo ndi imeneyi?

      1. Becks says:

        Who cares

    2. Njazi says:

      You are an idiot, how can you talk about mixed race( coloureds) people like that? Racism among Malawians can’t take you nowhere and that country can’t develop with this kind of Mentality period..

  88. wilford says:

    chweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mwanachweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee welcome Mr. Mia we are behind u mbuya

    1. Takondwa says:

      I wonder how can someone come in with a straight forward demand I take it that this is going overboard as the choice of a runningmate is the prerogative of the elected President so who is certain that the one who will be elected at the partys convention will pick him is so is there need for the party to hold a convention next year if the end results are already known my take is that this was initially supposed to be treated with top secrecy between the two thus the would be President and the Veep in waiting thy shall not test waters in this way as this may bring a political cost

      1. chekatela says:

        we should wait for more calsualties in 2019

Comments are closed.

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