DPP infighting: Nankhumwa whipping up hatred against Chaponda

Malawi’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members are accusing  its powerful director of elections and Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa, of sowing division in the party in his  bid to oust former minister George Chaponda from his position of DPP vice-president (Southern Region).

Mutharika’s s blue-eyed boy Nankhumwa talks to the President

There has been calls in DPP for President Peter Mutharika to drop Chaponda, former Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, as the party’s second-in command because he is answering three corruption-related charges linked to the controversial procurement of maize from Zambia.

But according to DPP sources, Nankhumwa is the one fanning such calls and wipping hatred against Chaponda within the rank and file of the DPP.

While Nankhumwa denies that, Chaponda believes “there is no smoke without fire.”

Nnakhumwa accuses Chaponda of being on a “mudslinging offensive”, to create false stories aimed at deliberately putting hi on a collision course with Mutharika to crowd the President’s mind with serious falsehood so that he starts looking at him in negative light.

He argues that Mutharika’s focus is to uplift the social status of Malawians through the provision of transformational leadership and the last thing that he needs is to be distracted from that “noble quest “ by “senseless in-fighting! within the DPP based on misplaced ambitions.

An epic leadership battle promises to ensue within DPP in 2018, with individuals strategically positioning themselves in readiness for the party’s national convention.

All national governing council (NGC) positions will be up for grabs, including that of party president, although it is a foregone conclusion- President Mutharika is likely to stay at the helm of the party, automatically winning the DPP presidential ticket when general elections are due in 2019.

Other positions, which are likely to be less scrambled for are those of ‘regional’ vice presidents, which sources say occupants are largely determined by President Mutharika. They reveal that Nankhumwa, who took over as Leader of Government in Parliament from Chaponda,  is  repositioning himself  to replace Chaponda as DPP vice president for the South.

Chaponda is answering money laundering charges, among other counts, for his alleged involvement in the alleged fraudulent acquisition of state maize. He was also fired as Minister of Agriculture when it became apparent law-enforcing agencies were closing in on him.

Nankhumwa and Chaponda both are lawmakers from Mulanje but there has been cold political war amongst the two.

The Leader of the House strongly believes  it is awkward for President Mutharika to have someone suspected of corruption deputising him

But Chaponda said his court cases on corruption-related charges remain a private matter to him and cannot be discussed.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila also said Chaponda need “presumption of innocence” and will be allowed to hold his position as second-in command in the ruling party.

However, commentators argue that  though Chaponda remains innocent until proven guilty, in the court of public opinion, he may be looked at as the poster child of everything that is wrong with the ruling DPP

DPP secretary general Jeffrey wa Jeffrey refused to be drawn into “petty politics”, claiming she is too busy growing the DPP’s membership “to engage in useless political battles”.

Mzuzu-based political analyst Charles Kajoloweka, who has been one of the vocal citizens against Chaponda in the Zambia maize imports saga, said politically the corruption case against Chaponda “becomes an indelible stamp of corruption on the DPP as a party”.

The former minister, who is Mulanje South West member of Parliament (MP), denies any wrong doing.

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Olo munyoze oro mutukwane atumbuka ndi inu ochedwa ochewa mwanyanayo basi , ngati mwanya ndi 50+1 muona
amane akukutumaniyo wanya nayo kale mumati mutenga boma ndi timademo tanu mwayerara

Raymond Chikoko SC

akanakhala kuti he is doing it good faith, he would have taken his suggestion to the president or Chaponda himself.koma chokha chongopita ku media shows that he wants the position and he knows kuti anthu atukwana chaponda.. Achoke ndi iyeyu Nankhumwa nkhope ngati Bilisi

Tiya Mulli wa ku Mimosa
Tiya Mulli wa ku Mimosa

Asakane ufiti ndiwache many of us knows that he is the one behind many Gurus downfall he has his own devilsh scheme tool ambitious this Chisitu Guy they underestimated him but alas a crocodile

Faka Mpweya

Tikufunadi achinyamata koma osati mbuli yachuma, yakaduka komanso yatsankho ngati ichi mukuti Nankhumwachi

Charles Mapanje

Chaponda sangaime pa Nankhumwa. Even in his constituency, he is so loved by Many


Chaponda leave our dear Nankhumwa alone, he has done god as the Leader of the House. Congrats for all the suc
cess during the recent parliamentary deliberations

EDITORIAL……. CHAPONDA SHOULD STOP BLAMING OTHERS FOR HIS OWN MESS: LET HIM PAY THE PRICE FOR HIS ARROGANCE, GREEDY. QUICK FACTS • George Chaponda was chased in his own constituency by angry constituents • George Chaponda is one arrogant DPP officials who is not liked by many • George Chaponda was found in the wrong side by parliamentary inquiry committee • George Chaponda was arrested by ACB for his own wrong doings • George Chaponda is going under trial by the courts in Malawi George Chaponda should stop blaming some officials in the ruling DPP and others for his own… Read more »
Stairway Msiska

Ukulemba ngati Nankhumwa amene!

Concerned Citizen

Ukamva kuti DPP ndi ya dzigawenga anyamata ake ndi amenewa.Olo mtolankhani Chimakupa chokha makofi.Kondwani Nankhumwa the Mafia.

DR Laz

Zamanyazi a kondwani! tinkaona ngati poti ndinu onyasa ndiye kuti muli ndi nzelu koma ayi ndithu.Munanyasa ndi mmutu momwe.Osangothokoza kuti munalawira unduna uchifwamba

DR Laz

zamanyazi a kondwani! tinkaona ngati poti ndinu onyasa ndiye kuti muli ndi nzelu koma ayi ndithu.Munanyasa ndi mmutu momwe.

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