DPP maintains ‘El Chapo’as second-in command: Chaponda political future hangs over financial crime charges

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is indecisive as on what action to take against its vice president for south George Chaponda currently being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) over his involvement in the procurement of maize from Zambia.

Kasaila: No decision has been made by DPP on Chaponda

Chaponda was on Wednesday relieved of his duties as minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development by President Peter Mutharika just a day after ACB investigators confiscated K124 million, $57 500, 2 720 Indian rupee, 518 Ethiopian birr, 610 Pula, 1 200 meticais, 1 250 Kenya shillings, 80 Hong Kong dollars, 1 010 Japanese yen, 22 370 South African rands, 55 euros, 29 Zambian kwacha and 100 Namibian dollar from his house.

And now he is liable for prosecution on related money laundering charges contrary to the Penal Code and the Money Laundering, Proceeds of Serious Crime and Terrorist Financing Act as well as corruption charges contrary to Section of the Corrupt Practices Act.

In an interview on Wednesday the party spokesman failed to clarify its stand regarding the embattled second-in command  and once considered as powerful minister in Mutharika’s cabinet.

DPP Publicist Francis Kasaira told Nyasa Times that no decision has been made by the party on Chaponda whose presence within the political grouping continues to divide followers.

“The President made his decision and as a party I don’t expect us to follow suit at same time. The party has its structures, it meets regularly and we have not yet met on that,” said Kasaira.

He was however quick to describe Chaponda’s case as in-house matter yet to be dealt with by the party’s politburo.

“The party’s politburo will meet on that and make decision. Once that decision is made the public will be informed about it, but as of now its in-house matter,” he added.

Mutharika’s instituted commission of inquiry on Zambia maize procurement saga led by retired Chief Justice Anastazia Msosa while confirming Nyasa Times’ earlier reports that money did not exchange hands in the maize deal, found Chaponda and a privately owned company Transglobe of suspicious corrupt practices on the maize procurement.

The commission recommended that the two should be investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

A special Parliamentary Committee on the same maize saga as well as Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) also faulted Chaponda on his role in the procurement of the said maize.

Meanwhile, opposition political parties and activists have called on Mutharika to shake up his cabinet and fire other ministers alleged to be involved in corruption.

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14 thoughts on “DPP maintains ‘El Chapo’as second-in command: Chaponda political future hangs over financial crime charges”

  1. Atusayemwakabanga says:

    The media becomes judgemental on speculations,suspicions,allegations,rumours&investigations that can easily stir mutiny in a peaceful nation. At 1st you rushed reporting that chaponda has embezzled money in the zambia maize procurement&you termed it maizegate but after an enquiry it was found that no money exchanged hands,wrong judgement from the media.Both recommendations from the inquiry made a bridge for the Anti-corruption bureau to investigate chaponda on suspicion of corrupt practices in the process.Today you have changed the headline ACB has found stashes of cash in chaponda’s house that means he will be the second convict after sithole,another wrong judgement ACB has not levelled a case against him.To have money in your house doesnt mean you are in moneylaundering activities&to be fired it doesnt mean you are guilty of wrong doing.I follow any news on social media please be patient gather real stuff bring it fully baked not difficult to chew as a hard nut.Dont be judgmental on matters.Be professional

  2. Kankhobwe says:

    Boss nothing personal here. Chaponda has some questions to answer to Republic of Malawi and reporters are just writing what is going on. So calling others Mbuzi is a sign of stupidity of highest order.

  3. santana says:

    Afford, Gafford, PDM, Kamlepo’s MDP, Thom Chiumia’s NDA. Why don’t these parties reconcile and form one formidable party in the north and produce a candidate to challenge Mutharika in the south and Chakwera in the centre other than being aganyu in every election?

  4. Dzina Msamatchula says:

    Cadet watulukila sopano. your clock is ticking.

  5. Mbuzi ndiweyo kape wamatako amunsi pali chonyadira apa chipani cha mbava mfiti anthu okupha iwe mkumati mfwi mfwe pachipwisi pako galu kasete mkamwa monunkhamo

  6. Bwabwalala says:

    DPP chiphwisi cha chipani ndipo chikunukha ngati nkhope ya Chaponda.

  7. zimandiwawa says:

    mbuzi za kumwera zinazolowera kulandila chimanga chaulere chachilichose NCIC high kwacha me mumaikila mbava zanuzo .Bwerani kuno Ku******* region anyamata tikupanga business ndikumadzithandiza osati kuba kapena kupita Ku Joni or chipani cadet kuombela m’manja mbala ndimakuverani chisoni life timakhala tili kokaoda katundu ngati anyamata amasomphenya

  8. mtete says:

    I understand the ACB will start probing Nankhumwa in the light of his obscene donations in his constituency? The guy is not fit for Leader of the House post. Please expect more revelations about billions of kwachas.Please speed up your search.

  9. chilangwe says:

    musova bwanji zithu zaonongeka kale izi.vuto anga ntafu anatisiya kuti akaswe mafupa mmutu mwanumo mwina multi ndi vuto LA ubongo limene likukupangisani kuti musaone.

  10. zimandiwawa says:

    mbuzi za Ku mwera zinazolowera kulandila chimanga chaulele chaka chilichose ndichifukwachake mumaikila kumbuyo mbala zanuzo .Bwerani kuno Ku******** region mudzawone anyamata akupanga business ndikumalemera osati kuba kapena kupita Ku Joni or chipani cadet

  11. Chimanga says:

    Komadi musove nokha. Nanga palinso wabwino ngati? Bola chaponda yemweyo

  12. tiwonge says:

    Mbudzi ndiiwe ukuyankhula mopanda ndi manyazi omwe.Musova

  13. PPK says:

    Why are they indecisive? Does their constitution allow someone who is being investigated for fraud to be their leader? Strange!

  14. psyta says:

    Mbuzi zina zikuona ngati zingagwetse DPP. Mwaotcha. Mipando ya mu DPP ikukukhudzani bwanji a Kape enanu. Simuona mpando umenewo. Tiisova tokha ife a DPP !!

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