DPP, MCP persuading Micheal Usi to join them

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have gone flat out chasing for  social and political activist and actor Dr Michael Usi to join their political rank and file ahead of next year’s Tripartite elections .

Social and political activist and actor Michael Usi

Nyasa Times investigations, confirmed by both DPP and MCP top officials indicates that Usi was approached by the DPP’s top brasss  camp and directly by the opposition leader and MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwela.

The DPP is said to have offered him top position while Chakwela is yet to make an offer.

“Its true that we want Usi. He is young, well read and someone with a clean record. We want young people to take leading positions, we need people whose hands are clean.

“So discussions are underway and hopefully, the country will know the results of the discussions,” said the minister who pleaded for anonymity.

Usi, who is popularly known as Manganya in acting circles, is a well-off actor and one of the country’s influential figures who is behind Tikuferanji series and personal movies.

The thespian  alias Manganya has a colourful CV with a diploma in clinical medicine, Bachelor degree in Administration, Masters in International Development, Masters in Strategic Management, PHD in Policy for Youth Development and is internationally linked having worked in business and local development over 25 years.

He has also working with various countries on development for a number of years.

Chakwela is reported to have had  discussions with Usi twice and the two camps are yet to reach an agreement.

“There have been discussions between the president and Dr Usi. I can also confirm that they have met twice so far but their discussions have been made under wraps,” said one of Chakwera’s top aide.

The source further said the discussion are currently between the two and not at the party level.

When contacted, Usi refused to comment on the reports.

Some months ago, the social media was awash with stories of “Odya zake Alibe mlandu” movement by Usi.


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Bola osadya ana anu.

Inu Usiyu walemba yekha izi kufuna attention.
Usi wishes to join DPP koma kuona mmene MCP ikubwerera ali stranded.
Ichi chakoma ichi chakoma fisi anagwa chagada. He will not have identity by end of the day…….11months to go……

I don’t know why parties are so desperate with Manganya. What is it that the guy can get from this man that if left out the parties can lose the elections? I concur with Bandabanda that our parties are too timid. What is it in Usi that can make a stride in any party he affliates with? MCP needs him, DPP needs him, to do what actually? It can make sense with the desperate MCP because they need someone from the Lhomweland to speak on behalf of the party. But it is yet to be proved if DPP member can… Read more »
Surprise Surprise from Atupele
Surprise Surprise from Atupele

Cadet wait and see. Events boy events. Atupele has not said anything yet. Chilima has not spoken yet.

Democratic Patriotic Party
Democratic Patriotic Party

You DPP guys are jokers more than Usi himself,you want someone who I is young and yet your failing to give your own Chilima that chance,are you people serious?? or because is from you’re trible and region??give young Chilima a chance then young people will join,useless


Malawi is currently run by jokers, comedians and the “seka ndi kudyele’s”. It will take another 20 years (4 political dispensations) before Malawi’s political landscape changes. Malawi has just got too many uneducated and unexposed voter population to change its fortunes. Ubulutu wachuluka ku Malawi just like in Haiti, Sierra Leone, Liberia, CAR, South Sudan etc.


Muli busy kukhapa anthu yet you say you want people who are clean.Adzakuthandizeni kukhapa?Don’t think Usi is that desperate to associated with Violence and Tribalism. Anyway people change.Koma ma Marshals akuyeziwa imeneyiyi.Ngati Chilima akumpatsa u MP uyu ndie adzampatsa Ukhansalatu sinanga alibe experience.

Odya Zake

Let’s wait & see if indeed he will walk the talk.If he joins DPP sanadye zake therefore ali ndi mlandu.



WHY ??


Being slow is surely an understatement. He is not a firebrand or as tactical as we might want him to be, the traits we now need in a yet-to-be chosen youthful leader.


In fact I dont see any material in this joker. He is good on stage than politics. DPP should not waste time with him.


Michael Usi is a joker (in crudest meaning of the word). Really wonder why parties are trying to rope him in. Our political parties sometimes fear njoka luzi. Ndizija zinamuluzitsa Joyce Banda the 2014 general elections. She feared Atupele and got Sosten Gwengwe


Remember that Malawi has over 75% delinquent and uneducated voters who easily respond to rhetoric and jokes from empty-headed politicians. Dr Usi will be an asset to any political party as he would appeal to the delinquents and the uneducated.


I cannot agree more with Bandabanda. As a country we don’t know what we are looking for and we do not even know the different between chaff and real maize grain. What is in this friend of ours that people should spend sleepless nights courting? He is a comedian and no more than that. Please give us space. Ndiye bolanso Chilima yemweyo.

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