DPP members decry lack of NGC meetings: Kalindo raps manipulation of intra-party democracy

Members of ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have expressed concern that since the party held its convention, there has not been a National Governing Council (NGC) meeting but major decisions continue to be made by a few people running the party as a private entity.

DPP bigwigs Hetherwick Ntaba and Kalilani:  Were removed from their elected positions and replaced with unelected officials without asking a convention
DPP bigwigs Hetherwick Ntaba and Kalilani: Were removed from their elected positions and replaced with unelected officials without asking a convention

The party members who spoke to Nyasa Times said DPP lack intra-party democracy and they demand NGC meetings to discuss party issues.

The party removed its elected secretary general Jean Kalilani and made some changes to its politburo  by taking out elected office holders replacing them with those appointed, a development deemed as  undemocratic and “raises the question of ownership of the party” who gave the positions to the officials with a vote at a convention.

DPP restructuring has seen several positions changing with party regional governor for the south, Charles Mchacha taking the position replacing Ben Chidyaonga who was elected at a convention.

Kalilani was removed as secretary general and replaced by Ecleim Julius Kudontoni.

The party also appointed veteran economist and diplomat Ted Kalebe as Vice President for the Centre replacing Dr Hetherwick Ntaba who was sent for diplomatic tour  in UK but he rejected the posting and is still around, serving President Peter Mutharika as a special aide on domestic affairs.

Another DPP position of vice president  was given  to Dr George Chaponda (south).

Yunus Mussa who was DPP vice president for eastern region was removed on pretext that he was going to Egypt as ambassador but he remains in the country. Minister of Energy Bright Msaka was instead appointed to the position.

Francis Kasaila, the minister of foreign affairs, was appointed the party spokesman replacing verbose Nicholas Dausi, who is heading state spy agency.

DPP also appointed Richard Makonde as the new National Organizing Secretary taking over from Chimwemwe Chipungu who is now Safe Motherhood National Coordinator.

State Vice President Saulos Chilima was appointed into DPP National Governing Council as special advisor like Kalilani.

Kasaira says the party constitution allows the party executive committee to make such changes when need be.

“A convention cannot be done after every few months or year. Minor restructuring may be done by the party’s executive as it has the mandate,” said Kasaila

But DPP members said NGC has not been meeting since a convention was held.

And  controversial Mulanje South Member of Parliament Bon Kalindo, who is also DPP deputy spokesman, has lended credence to the claims of lack of intra-party democracy in the Mutharika-led party, saying members  “believe in pleasing the leader to paint a picture that things are are okay for their own benefits.”

He told a local paper: “A President cannot know the true story on the ground if not told by his MPs and Cabinet.”

But DPP has trashed Kalindo, describing him as ‘an attention seeker the party should not waste its energy on’.

Kalindo broke ranks  with DPP  after he led a ‘half-naked’ demonstration in Lilongwe recently for the cause of people with albinism, and the party reacted by chasing him from a rally President Peter Mutharika addressed in Mulanje on June 25.

Kalindo, a comedian and an actor popularly known as Winiko in the arts industry, said the issue of albino attacks is serious and “what is on the paper is not what is on the gorund.”

He said: “I can reveal that the story on the ground is that people now think DPP has a hand on these [attacks]; hence a soft hand on the issue.”

Kalindo has vowed not to join a team of hand-clappers in DPP  even where “the train is taking a dangerous path”.

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7 years ago

I laugh out loud when other think politics is a waste of time . Some people think those commenting or discussing political issues are stupid and uncivilised. All I can tell is that whatever these politicians do have an effect on our country and you get affected by their decisions whether you’re active in politics of not. Stop thinking that way mabwana. In countries where there are wars, ordinary citizens suffer while those in political arena enjoy themselves . My point we must get involved in affairs of our nation although we may not fully participate.

International Observer
International Observer
7 years ago

The so called Dr Ben Phiri is right deep in the fray confusing things as it was before. He is now remotely pressing buttons and the “Puppet Thinga” has resurrected. Let this party kill itself openly. There is too much ownership, personalization, hand clapping and unconstitutional ways of running issues in the party. If only there was a strong opposition in Malawi, elections in 2019 would have been there for the taking. The only worry is that UDF has between swallowed up due to indiscipline by its former leadership who have ended up selling the party in exchange for safety… Read more »

chileka boys
chileka boys
7 years ago

Ntaba did not reject the diplomatic posting to UK, He was REJECTED by the UK Government for his personal involvement in the UK-Malawi Diplomatic saga during Mutharika the First!!
We all know that so, what you Nyasa times telling us?? Nthaba was Rejected!! He can’t even travel to the UK! Have you ever heard that Nthaba is in UK?? do your easy homework before you report your untruths!!

7 years ago

I wonder why people don’t take Kalindo seriously, is it because he’s a comedian? if we had at least 40 Members of Parliament of Kalindo’s caliber then Malawi Democracy would be called “a Mature Democracy” KALINDO always stands for the truth. I remember there was a time early this year when DPP MPS wanted to impeach the Speaker, it was only Kalindo who stood out against that as he new that DPP only wanted to impeach the Speaker for Political reasons not performance.

7 years ago

winiko is saying the truth here.party decisions are made by the president and his inner circle at state house.since 2014 we have never had NGC meeting.people who suffered for the party are being left aside in favor of fortune seekers like makondi and the like.the party underneath is sinking but the shortsighted leader can’t see that.

chief activist
7 years ago

wondres shall neva end ………………………………….political squables =political confusion

7 years ago
Reply to  chief activist

Tiyenazoni anzathu muli ndi nthawi yotaya – all the best

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