DPP NEC to meet over Chaponda: Nakhumwa, Mussa possible replacement

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) politburo will meet to decide what action to take on its vice president George Chaponda who was fired as Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development as he faces investigations over Zambia maize procurement deal and staching millions of cash in his house.

Mphepo (right) with Chaponda: Change of guard

Both DPP secretary general Grezelder Jeffrey and administrative secretary Francis Mphepo  confirmed that the party National Executive Committee (NEC) will meet to consider the position of Chaponda.

“You will shortly be advised accordingly when everythings is set,” said Jeffrey.

Nyasa Times understand that the party is likely to replace Chaponda with Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa who also replaced him as Leader of the House.

Another possible successor is Henry Mussa, the DPP chief whip in parliament.

Chaponda was fired in cabinet by President Peter Mutharika following a search and seize exercise conducted by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) at the minister’s office and residence.

At  Chaponda’s residence,  ACB officers seized money in excess of K160 million, which they deposited with the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu has  said  the K166 million found stashed in Chaponda’s residence in Lilongwe will form part of the evidence the Anti-Corruption Bureau investigations are gathering.

Chaponda is being investigated by ACB following his suspicious dealings on the procurement of maize from Zambia.

Tembenu said Mutharika fired him from the cabinet to pave way for proper and efficient investigations.

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8 thoughts on “DPP NEC to meet over Chaponda: Nakhumwa, Mussa possible replacement”

  1. zephy says:

    mbava zokhazokha

  2. mtete says:

    Don’t be funny good people. Do you see any substance in Perks Ligoya? As the name says, he has had all the perks he can have. Reserve Bank, Embassy etc. By the way, he was a dead loss at the former and you want him to be Vice President, replacing Chilima? Ntcheu, you can now see your son being rejected. Kaya ndiye zikakhala bwanji in May 2019? Well, there is always MCP.

  3. Papa Chalo says:

    Please Heavy weight as you discuss pass this to Mr Hon Dausi but As I said earlier on that whosoever is undertaking/shielding corruption which is currently infringing people’s souls/rights should face GOD’s wrath, I am glad to report that we can now see things happening.

    Congrats Nicholas Dausi for being an informant. You have said much about Dr Chakwera but forgot the following that you we supposed to talk about:

    (1) You have talked of Mwanza case; in which party were you (Dausi) during that murder case for you to be clean?

    (2) MCP used MYP in most notorious events; you being an MYP member during Kamuzu reign what roles did you play?

    (3) Chakwera is not showing that he is an Angel but he wants justice to be seen in the corrupt cases. Now you Nicholas Dausi are doing Character assassination. You are taking it too personal. As an old member of DPP NIB team, don’t you see how Ministers network? You seem to be a brutal ignorant. When the ATI bill was proposed to be tabled Chaponda was hindering/blocking progress. When Commissions of Inquiry were set Bright Msaka warned all government officers never to give information to the Inquirers. Doesn’t this warrant investigation of all Ministers?

    (4) Dausi, ask Money Laundering Law Experts, why it is not a crime to keep a lot of money in the house as Chaponda did yet they were silent when similar behavior was demonstrated by some people in the past? Maybe Chaponda will give them Commissions (something) for defending him?

    (5) Nicholas, you being a Roman Catholic member, be honest, how come that during 2014 elections it was only you who was coming across rigged votes throughout the country?

    (6) You as an Information Minister, why do you use bombastic words instead of using simple words for everyone to understand? You said Peter Mutharika makes decisions (reacts) randomly and haphazardly? Can you explain what you meant by this? Attacking people personally using your public office is not on. You need a tête-à-tête environment/platform.

    (7) As a fountain of information do you remember Chaponda telling farmers never to panic because of army worms in Zambia because the Ministry of Agriculture was very ready to combat such attacks? How come army worms attack is becoming a problem in the country? What about Goodal Gondwe who has been saying of economic stability over the months yet it is false on the ground?

    (8) Mr Hon Prof Dausi, your DPP company (DPP member shares) that generates power at Nkula, can it show us Liwonde river which mentioned in their excuses? You too could not guide because you don’t know.

    For you information, anthufe timadziwa za kukhwima kwanu plus your team. But remember there is no way you can bewitch GOD, the creator, with your Charms. God is sweeping Malawi if you don’t know.

    Your honesty, in answering all the above questions in full, will set you free otherwise be prepared to face the Wrath of GOD In Jesus’ Name; Amen!!!!!

    I wish recall provision was available, which could have handled MP Njikho effectively.

  4. DPP is a party of thevies and crooks they they rigged to be in power there they are. one example from my saying is chaponda chim anga with such amount of hard cash what about a che president how much hard chash is he keeping at his house .These DPP crooks has these tendancy of keeping cash in there there houses.let me remind you the time the late wamuthalika sinior he did the same as chaaponda keeping the cash in his bedroom what kind of leader does DPP shows to the people of Malawi ? yet you support the party for what reason ? yet you voted for wakwathu not for the change and yet you are living behind line of poverty. What is wakwathu doing for you ? nothing but stuffing miillions in the bedroom. Growup people focus on your life and choose leaders who will develop our country do do not divide ourselves be as one cry for our beloved Malawi.Chaponda had such amount of money what about the other 6 rotten ministers how much do you think they have ? why vote for this party hence you get nothing educate villagers on how coz these people are enticed with handouts brought by these thevies.

    1. you are the one who is a crook. the issue is here, is not about DPP, Understand things Amuna. the issue here is about an individual person not an organization of people. even in a family you can have 6kids one can be thief that does not mean all the children are thieves. I understand you amuna.

  5. Major Pen says:

    I will need a new man to be vice president can we try Perks Ligoya

  6. Murupale pa Thyolo says:

    Peter did not fire Chaponda. Chaponda was being rejected wherever he wanted to take lead (In and outside Parliament). The President blatantly said his man was not in the wrong then how would he fire him. Bravo Malawians including myself for our stand on Chaponda. The President boot-licks Chaponda’s shoes. All those who were found with cash in cashgate related theives were thrown behind bars instantly. What is so special with Chaponda. He is supposed to be at Maula scribbling the walls (“Chaponda Maize was HERE”).

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