DPP rejects claims of fear of losing 2019 elections: Wa Jeffrey says 5-1 by-elections defeat not yardstick

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General (SG), Grelzedar Jeffrey wa Jeffrey, says the party is not shaken with the results of the recent by-elections adding that the party will register another victory come 2019.

Wa Jeffrey: DPP is winning again in 2019 , make no mistake

The bicycles donated to DPP members .-Photo by Kondwani Magombo, Mana

Jeffrey made the remarks in Mangochi on Tuesday where she distributed over 40 bicycles to constituency governors and district governors from the region to ease their mobility.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the event, the SG said the DPP’s performance in the recent by-elections should not be used as a yard stick to determine the party’s performance in 2019.

“We are not panicking, and we are not shaken. That was just a by-election; wait for 2019, I can assure you that the DPP, under Professor Peter Mutharika will, with no doubt, win the elections,” said Jeffrey.

She said her duty as SG was to strengthen the party by coordinating its activities throughout the country and that she would not relent in her efforts in doing that.

The SG urged the district and constituency leaders in the region to be active and to strive to build the party so that it remains strong throughout the country and beyond.

During an interface with party members, Jeffrey tackled issue of the DPP’s relationship with the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the issue of imposing candidates on the people which some members of the party raised as concerns.

“When you see members from the UDF, those are our allies, work together with them,” said the SG.

On the issue of candidates being imposed on the people, Jeffrey said as SG of the party, she would never entertain any conduct of imposing candidates on people and that she would accept only candidates who are duly elected by the people on the ground.

Taking his turn, DPP Regional Governor for the Eastern Region, Julius Paipi, concurred with the SG that the party remains strong even after the just ended by-elections.

He said there was no turning back because people in the region still remember how they were tortured before democracy took root in the country and that no one would ever want to associate themselves with that past again.

Also present at the function were the DPP’s Director of Women for the Eastern Region, Eluby Kandeu, and the Regional Secretary, Kamphoza Ngozo.


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You talked a lot on the shortage of fuel during Bingu’s time. When people were voting in 2014 the memory of fuel shortage was still there. Why then did the people elect the same DPP? I am telling you that the 75% of village people cannot take the blackout issue as a campaign thing. Do you think the black-outs in the village is the same as in town? Do we have black-outs where there is no electricity. Why are you talking as if the whole country is electrified and people are feeling the same pinch? You will goof as you… Read more »

madam sg ndi the whole dpp team,kodi mwafufuza chomwe chinakugwetsani? to say the truth ma handouts sakonza zinthu.zinthu izi muzione bwino.1_ma blackouts 2_kusika kwa mitengo yogulisila mbewu ngati chimanga ndi nandolo alimi akulira mmidzimu ulimi panopa si buzinessiso.3_ma candidate azisankha anthu osati kuwapangila.mukawapangila mkwiyo wawo umaonekela pa vote.2019 simuenda moyela ngati mbuyomu.4_musalimbane ndikudetsa mcp muzingotaya nthawi konzani mavuto omwe anthu akuwadandaula to win back the trust.otherwise 2019 dpp will sweat!

Someone says the youth will not hear or listen about the bad which MCP did in the past. Where were these youths in 2014 that they didn’t vote for MCP. You should not talk as if all the youths in Malawi have the same thinking with you. Are you telling me that all the youths along the Lhomwe and Yao built are talking good of Chakwera who cannot proof to Malawians that he can do better than APM. Did Chakwera give any alternative to the black-out problems? What will he do if he goes into government? Let him tell us… Read more »

Paja tidavomera kuti mudawina ndinu a D.P.P ma by election, so leave us please!!


Za mkhutu, iwe ndiwe anthu?


If the whole govt failed miserably the by-elections just 3 constituencies and 3 wards. A seating president with all our taxes failing miserably and you expect to win 2019 elections usawi chichi. You were the one who informed the president that you have worn by-elections but failed what are talking about. People of Malawi don’t want you rule this country any more forsake.


Blackouts will cost DPP the 2019 election. I dont see people voting for DPP with 18 hours a say load shedding.


You imposed Gladys Ganda to the people of Nsanje Lalanje and you it for yourself the outcome of the by-election. DPP politicians behave like goats which go where other goats are perishing instead of changing direction. Being a good politician is not to have a University degree or being a manager in the bank, but to meet the aspirations of the people, connect very well with them and give them hope. Malawi already set the academic qualification for aspiring MPs, which is MSCE.


Geffrey, shame on you! That’s the rubbish you were uttering prior to the by-elections. You gave a lot of handouts to the people but you lost miserably. What you bubbling here? You can’t convince people today that you will perform differently. We have made our mind. We don’t want you and your DPP notorious team in government come 2019.


So the whole Mangochi has only 40 D.P.P supporters? why then just giving 40 bicycles to 40 people only?Mangochi, Mangochi,Mangochi, open your eyes D.P.P has only 40 supporters. oh shame!!!!


Wishful thinking Jeffrey Wa Jeffrey! Do you need additional glasses or binoculars to clearly read the writing on the war that your party and its colours are fading day by day? Handouts will not rescue you this time around. Afterall the youth of today who were born between 1988 & 2000 who form a larger proportion of voters know and have seen that DPP (and not MCP) is a party which is associated with stealing, corruption, nepotism, regionalism, killings & abductions. The majority of them will not vote for your callous DPP & its leader APM who is overaged..


Ife a boma tatha kuona kuti nthawi yatithera MCP ikuyenera kulamula ndi cholinga chofuna kusintha zithu, dzikoli lapendekeka abale zikomo

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