DPP says Chilima free to remain silent on Mutharika’s succession

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has said it will not force vice president Saulos Chilima to break his silence on the raging debate on whether he should replace President Peter Mutharika as party presidential candidate or not.

DPP Secretary General Jeffrey with Veep Chilima on Tuesday disaster function

The DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila said it is up to Chilima to make a decision on whether to open his mouth or not in the current political circumstances surrounding the party.

“It is up to him to make a decision but the party will not stop people from thinking which way they think and speaking on the issue. This is  a democratic party and we believe this is what is democracy is all about,” said Kasaila.

Kasaila said the party will make its official stand on the matter at an appropriate time.

But the DPP secretary general Grazider Jeffrey and some top party officials have said Mutharika remains the party presidential candidate for the 2019 polls.

“At an appropriate time, the party will see how to deal with the issue,” said Kasaila.

However, the party youth wing has already asked its youth director Lewis Ngalande to resign and in the north, the party has asked its vice governor for the region Afick Mbewe to resign for openly backing the Chilima candidacy in the election.

Those who back Chilima say he is young, intelligent, energenic, vibrant and charismatic as opposed to Mutharika whom they say is too old and incompetent to rule the country for another term.

However, those who back Mutharika say he is mature, experienced, exposed and wise who has already made significant infrastructural development in the country.

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22 Comments on "DPP says Chilima free to remain silent on Mutharika’s succession"

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Chitipa boy

You idiots,where was Nchilima when Peter was put in jail by Joyce for saving Dpp to be where it is now.
You may not know that Nchilima was behind Joyce
You thugs and uncircumcised idiots


Mr Chilima, thawani chilombo icho!

Tenzi Mzungu

Bravo Ntaba and friends for supporting APM openly. Enawa ndi ma gold diggers. Where were they when APM was arrested? When APM was insulted by PP. Enjoy this is your time there is nothing for nothing


APM himself has not said a word on the issue and why do people want Chilima to say something. Omva mimba amatsegula chitseko, a Chilima ndi a Vice President. Mpando wawo ulibe matokotoko, ndipo asayankhule pa cha kwathu timati kabisa asayankhulepo.

The spectator

Gentlemen Chilima is vice president any word out of him concerning this matter before convention its suicide

Please Mr Katsaira may you organise a special workshop for Jeffrey,Vuwa Kaunda,Ntaba,Dausi,Chaponda,Ben Phiri,Gondwe[the agogo] and all other zealous,selfish and ignorant DPP members who talk nonsense in the media because you seem to understand principles of democracy.How can they insist that those supporting the candidacy of Chilima must apologise and resign,why dont they do the same for supporting APM,I thought in a democracy everybody is entittled to his or her opinion.Zimene akuyankhulazo ndi chimodzimodzi kunena kuti every DPP member who has ambitions for or aspiring for the presidency should resign just for the sake of paving way for APM.Is that the… Read more »
I agree with Goodal Gondwe that presidency is not for children. In our context, children are those who refuse to take responsibility and assume political leadership. It is not necessarily related to age in years, but ability to take responsibility. Saulosi Chilima has never ever taken any leadership on any matter concerning Malawians. Corruption is rampant in DPP Government under his watch, talk of Killing Albinos, nepotism etc. talk of any evil that is going on and yet Chilima is a silent man. The only time he talked is when he read a letter calling upon Malawians to go for… Read more »
Chilima will dump DPP once nominated candidate
Chilima will dump DPP once nominated candidate

This Chilima guy cannot make stand yet. People who have come on open supporting him are being punished and forced to resign and he is so quiet. I don’t think this is patience. It’s fear and being coward.


Bwana chilima amakunamizani chani mzimayi ameneyu??osamamumvela ameneyu.

Dixson Dzida
The problem is not about who is intelligent or who is energetic. The problem is that Peter Mutharika seems not to be in control of issues. He seems to be a puppet who is remotely controlled by people he is surrounded with. a) He has been slow to react to urgent issues like the firing of Chaponda b) He has been slow to tackle corruption. Even backing the suspected seven ministers. c) He has been slow resolve nepotism of which many Lhomwes are holding high positions. Now Malawians are worried that if Peter Mutharika continues, certain person may be ruling… Read more »

It seems 36% of the voting public love this man to lead the country. Only 15% of the voting public is Lhomwe. You go figure.

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