DPP SG asks presidential aspirants to declare interests openly

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has challenged the country’s vice president Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima and anyone  seeking to run for the  party’s presidential candidature in the 2019 Tripartite Elections to  come out in the open and tender their candidature.

Chair for DPP backbenchers Victor Mbewe delivers the statement -Pic by Roy Nkosi

Deputy Speaker Mcheka Chilenje speaks at the press briefing -Pic by Roy Nkosi

Mwanamvekha endorses APM’s 2019 candidature -Pic by Roy Nkosi

She was speaking in Lilongwe on Wednesday when the party’s members of Parliament were endorsing president Peter Mutharika as their torch bearer during the 2019 watershed tripartite elections.

The endorsements come against the background of some DPP members declaring their support for Vice-President Saulos Chilima to stand for the presidency in the 2019 Tripartite Elections.

Mutharika, 79, is facing an unprecedented resistance, for an incumbent eligible for a second term as per the Malawi Constitution, from a section of his governing DPP lobbying for the candidacy of Chilima, 45.

Wa Jeffrey without directly mentioning Chilima, said those who are calling the president too old to stand again and pave way for the youthful vice president have been sent.

“I want to assure you that we will hold a party convention. We are not afraid and we are ready. If there is someone who is interested to contest please feel free to do so.

“We know there are some people who are speaking against APM but we know that they have been sent by someone. But we wonder why he is hiding instead of coming out and declare his interest. There is no need to hide, please come out and declare your interest,” She said.

Jeffrey made the challenge  at Golden Peacock Hotel  in response to a question that reflected signs of a widening rift within the party over support for Vice-President Saulos Chilima’s candidature in 2019.

She said the party believes that if there is anyone wishing to challenge President Peter Mutharika, at their forthcoming convention, they should feel free to do so.

Jeffrey, who is also Member of Parliament for Nkokotakota South Constituency, pointed out that the aspirants need to follow proper party procedures in order to be considered in the race and not through social media and other news outlets.

She said currently, DPP Members of Parliament have issued a communique in support of President Mutharika’s candidature for the ruling DPP in 2019 elections but also observed that there is a Chilima-for-presidency crusade in the party.

“There has been a lot of talk about DPP’s presidential torch bearer for 2019 and some people want the party to field a different candidate but they are not coming out clearly,” Jeffery stated.

The SG explained that the party wishes those behind the movement to come out in the open and officially present their candidate to the party and Malawians.

“If the aspirant for the presidency is not saying anything regarding the proposal it means he is the one behind the talk and he is using certain individuals to speak on his behalf. This is not a good development for the party. If he is interested, let him notify the party about his candidature and so that proper procedures should be followed for him to contest,” she said.

Jeffrey said most of the DDP Members of Parliament, except for a very few have relayed their support for Mutharika in 2019 but the party’s convention would decide who to take the party forward.

She pointed out that Mutharika has a constitution mandate to run the country for two terms and the party’s constitution has a provision for him to seek re-election and represent the party in the next year’s elections.

Taking her turn, Blantyre North East Constituency MP, Cecilia Chazama said DPP is a democratic party where its leadership would be drawn from the national convention to be conducted soon.

She added that MPs have agreed to endorse Mutharika for the 2019 polls because of his commitment to the country’s development agenda and keeping the Party intact.

“Mutharika has done a lot in the country and we wish him to continue implementing his plans for the country and that is why all the MPs have endorsed him as our presidential candidate,” Chazama, who is also Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security noted.


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Binnwell Kachikopa

Dpp is a bunch of thieves, a walking devil that has to be destroyed at all cost.


a dpp mwachita bwino kuika weak candidate pitala ndipo mcp ikungonyadila idzadutsa moyera

Minority vote president
Minority vote president

….they are Jean Kalirani looking so worried….hahaha

Minority vote president
Minority vote president

Babylon is falling down indeed




KKKKKKKK Koma dpp ndiye mantha ake kumuopa Chilima ndithu. Akukusewerani ndale zoopsa kwabasi. Real people can not force MPs to endorse Mutharika why. Was that the convention. D what the mighty MCP you bhave failed to distubalise has done clean politics go to convention and elect torch bearers not threatening with endorsement no. nKHALAMBA IYO SINGAWINE MUFUNA KAYA SIMUFUNA koma nkhalamba yo mbuzi yamunthu a big mistake Malawi did in 2014 and can not be repeated.


From what i see chilima is not interested in being a DPP presidential candidate, otherwise he would have said it already. Time is running out for him. Pple should no his stand now. Sizongoti chetezoyi. Letting other pole fight for you while your while you are hiding is a sign of cowardice bwelani poyela man. Sizobisalazo APA iyaaaa


“DPP SG asks presidential aspirants to declare interests openly”………why would they have to do that; kuti muwapange chiwembu asowe? At the right time they will come out and be counted. The DPP constitution is very clear when it comes to the process of electing party leadership.

Ambuje Kukaya
The SG is right. Let anyone interested to contest for the party’s torch-bearer contest at the Convention. It is unfortunate however, that Dr. Chilima could be staying quiet in such a situation knowing pretty sure that for him to be VP it was the old man that brought him to that position. I am not DPP but honestly, it is not fair to deal with our superiors the way the so-called Chilima supporters are behaving. If indeed they are for the VP let them keep calm and wait for the opportune time – the convention. Personally, the way people like… Read more »
Does this SG for DPP has brain.Why do you call all DPP MPs all over the country by force to endorse APM,is that what you call democracy in the party?The best way is to call for a convention and let people vote the one they want as their torch bearer.The problem with your party is,you are still in the old age of dictatorship and puppet master praise and worship.We are in a democratic era and people are free to say what they want without any intimidations from top people.You are failing to address Malawians about what happened in the parliament… Read more »

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