DPP top brass launch verbal onslaught against PAC over ‘the future of Malawi’ conference

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) hierarchy on Tuesday launched an onslaught against quasi-religion Public Affairs Committee (PAC) over a major conference where a cross-section of Malawians will be discussing the future of the country at a hotel in the commercial capital, Blantyre.

Ntaba: Attacks PAC

Addressing a news conference at Crown Hotel in Lilongwe, presidential advisor Hetherwick Ntaba,  DPP  secretary general secretary general Greselder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey, administrative secretary Francis Mphepo, member Ken Msonda, Minister Jappie Mhango, and legal advisor Charles Mhango  condemned the  five-plus-one conference which civil rights , religious leaders and academics will meet from Wednesday to discuss Malawi situation.

Mphepo said organisers of the meeting have sinister motives.

“They want a regime change. This conference is being sponsored by opposition parties to trigger calls for regime change,” claimed Mphepo.

He condemned PAC leadership, saying it is no longer religious but militant.

“They have lost their moral compass to lead the grouping,” he added.

On his part Ntaba said the governance watchdog wants to incite Malawians against government.

He said the conference wants to focus on negatives against government without giving the balanced views on the situation in Malawi.

Ntaba claimed PAC wants to use the conference to spark nationwide demonstration against government.

“Our strong intelligence confirms the evil plans where over 300 people will break into spontaneous protests around Mount Soche Hotel, the venue of the conference, with anti-government placards and messages,” explained Ntaba.

He further expressed fears that the intended riots could effect a replica of the infamous 20 July, 2011 protests under which over 20 innocent lives were lost.

According to Ntaba, among the 300 are residents of Blantyre to be drawn from Ndirande, Chilimba and Lunzu and other parts of Thyolo under Vincent Wandale’s People’s Land Organisation (PLO).

“We in the DPP would like to condemn PAC for devising such violent mechanism,” he criticized adding “The DPP wishes to caution PAC and its anti-government agents against causing anarchy and that PAC will be held accountable for any loss of life and property. PAC should not rekindle the sad memories of 20 July, 2011 tragic events.”

Wa Jeffrey claimed the conference is being funded by anti-government elements including opposition leaders.

She also warned PAC that DPP will not allow to be attacked at the conference as it has the Youth Cadets to deal with critics.

But PAC Executive Director Robert Phiri described the allegation as paranoia.

He said  Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (Osisa) is the donor approached to fund the forthcoming conference.

Phiri said the conference apart from discussing a report on the feedback from the Fifth All-Inclusive Stakeholders’ Conference and chart the way forward, there will be major talking points on governance situation in the country.

“This will be the time to come up with practical ideas that can be implemented to pull the country out of the challenges it is facing,” Phiri said.

Phiri pointed out that there are increasingly worrying signs of the repression of critics.

Immediately before pro-democracy demonstrations on 20 July 2011, machete-wielding DPP Youth Cadets – a youth wing of the ruling party – were seen driving around the city of Blantyre threatening people to stop them from demonstrating against the government.

The youths would stop their vehicles in the middle of the roads, jump out and start symbolically  sharpening their weapons against the tarmac.

As they did this, they chanted the now familiar DPP war-cry in Malawi’s lingua franca, Chichewa: “Onyoza boma sagona, timpweteka! (“Those opposing government will not sleep, we will deal with them!”).

The vehicles were the official blue open pick-ups complete with the DPP insignia.

This action limited the protests in Blantyre, but those in Lilongwe and Mzuzu took place and were met with a brutal response, with at least 19 deaths, hundreds injured and an unknown number detained.

During the forthcoming PAC conference, economist Henry Kachaje, who is one of President Mutharika’s most acerbic critics, and  a University of Malawi speaker will make presentations  on how corruption is affecting Malawi economy.

If the economy is suffering from the denial of aid and growth is being held back, then politically, Malawi also appears to be in recession, with a big dip in the democracy index.

Apparently, Ntaba and Mphepo were in the forefront misleading former president late Bingu wa Mutharika.

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26 thoughts on “DPP top brass launch verbal onslaught against PAC over ‘the future of Malawi’ conference”

  1. Bonafide Malawian says:

    The kicks of the dying horse DPP. They think malawians will be cowed just because they will employ their smelly unkempt thugs to threaten people with their machetes?No ways Malawians will not be cowed by this.The baldheaded Ntaba has nothing to offer together with the desperate wanderer Msonda.Dpp do not own Malawi thats for real.Days for intimidation are over.Chikondi sakakamiza.

  2. santana says:

    Mark my words, PAC will not succeed in its agenda to dislodge this government. They can use every nasty and undemocratic way to weaken the DPP but the DPP will come out stronger than before and it will be PAC itself which will be weakened by day. Those people who are vocal are the same people who thought would win the 2014 elections. The cry is still there till 2019, and it will continue till their tears will dry. I feel very sorry when I read some people’s comments who involve God in their battle against the DPP. Is it not the same God who brought back the DPP into power after 2 years of the death of their leader. God did it deliberately that the party should fight from outside the government so that others should know that there was no advantage of using government machinery. With all the propaganda from the then government of Joyce Banda, the mk92b, Chasowa murder, the 20th July havoc, and all those lies against the DPP, the party managed to bounce back into power and placed the ruling party to number 3. What other evidence does PAC AND ITS MASTERS NEED TO PROVE THAT DPP is a party to reckon? That is why we say there is nothing PAC will gain by being used by the opposition. DPP is there till 2019 and thereafter. It is a shame that the Committee has been used but without fulfilling the agenda of the opposition.

  3. General Councillor says:

    chances of this meeting taking place without the ruling party are very slim. Boma silivomera kuti msonkhano umenewu uchitike popanda iwowo. Mark my word and read in between the lines. Unless you think its worthy blood shedding, go ahead, but i wish you guys were sober enough to invite and challenge the ruling party in the face if you have issues with them. No invitation is a negative invitation to the national matter of public interest. You can do better PAC.

  4. Mwamu wa Mwamu says:

    Kkkkkķkk Koma DPP sizathekanso bwanji
    I can see ur days are numbered, no time for intimidation of government critics this time around ,Bwampini the Puppet wakanika!!!!!

  5. mwapiya says:

    KKKK Ife amlakho tikungoziuza izi zi ma stooge zathu za ku central ndi north in the name ntaba, jefrey, jappie and this goat msonda. Anuwake a dpp tili phee!

  6. Dr Haswel Bandawe says:

    DPP or any party must know that the days of Kamuzu are gone. People have a right under the Constitution to assemble, criticise, even demonstrate against government.

    We certainly need regime change. There must be a recall provision in the constitution and we need a referendum to call for fresh elections.

    The July 20 loss of lives will come to haunt the DPP.

    DDP should know that power belongs to the people; not them.

    So corrupt is this government that it boggles one’s imagination that they feel entitled to continue to embezzle public funds.

  7. mtete says:

    Never seen a party so scared as DPP. And Dr. Ntaba; which is the source of your information regarding the 300 or so protesters from Ndirande, Chirimba and Lunzu? If there is to be a repeat of July 2011, DPP will be to blame as, according to Jeffrey, they plan to have the so called cadets standing by armed to the teeth with their machetes.

    My word of advice to DPP is that the more you talk rubbish through your so called heavy weights, the more you damage your reputation. Malawians are no longer stupid as during the time of Muluzi and Bingu. Imagine, Ken Msonda being part of the heavy weights! Laughable indeed

  8. Prayer says:

    Boma salamula ndi zikwanje. I am sure nkhondo imeneyi atimenyala ndi Mulungu. Kodi kulamula amagwililira? Ngakhale chikwati sagwililira. Tikuonela inu. If you know you are performing, then, why are you scared of peoples support. Mwati pa press comference panali ndani? Akweni sananame, enawa abwela kudzaononga chipanichi.

  9. igama lami says:

    The more DPP (diphiphi) opposes the PAC conference, the more the reason it should be held. Akudziwa komanso akuopa.

  10. Bodza la N'nanu says:

    DPP, please respect democracy and human rights. Your intimidating attitude over organisation that stands for ordinary Malawians won’t help Malawi as a nation to prosper.

  11. Watipa says:

    Jappi, msonda learn from Goodal,more people still respect him be yourself in politics, ili ndi dziko you are still,you are been used by DPP

  12. santana says:

    The problem in our current Malawi is that the opposition knows pretty well that even if in alliance being led by Chakwera’s MCP the DPP will not be dislodged from power. Why is the opposition so excited with the PAC meeting as if PAC have the powers to change government? It is very laughable to see opposition supporters behaving as if at the end of PAC meeting there will be a resolution to bring the DPP to the opposition ranks. Even if PAC will give itself a million minutes talking bad of the current government will change till the elections in 2019 when Malawians will be asked to chose a government they want. With PAC or without PAC Malawi will go to polls in 2019. The same PAC tried its best to sling mud on the DPP but to its shock the DPP bounced back to power in 2014. There is nothing PAC can do to change this government even if backed by those who have a name in the opposition. I challenge the opposition that it is this meeting which will expose PAC that it has no muscle to wrestle against this government because it is the devil which is leading it. Look at how it is divided now. There was no time in the past when PAC was bashed as it has been bashed this time.

  13. chulu says:

    Most of these people are sick. The nation needs to understand them and pray that they get better. Mankhwalawatu amasokoneza bongo. Look at their past and make your own conclusions about their leadership. Zamanyazi!!!! What this country needs are true patriots and we need to go back to basics and love each other. Greed yachuluka.

  14. Saulos says:

    A DPP mwaliona vuto lobela mavoti?you were not designed to rule this country. Gogo wanuyu pitala uyu ubongo unawuma kalekale amafunika ma advisers oyenera ngati a Chakwera,Henele kachaje ndi ena abwino.Tsokaso ndiwe kaya Amati Chilima who contributed to all this mess by abetting in vote rigging, that’s why I don’t feel pity with you when the Lohmwes don’t want you in their party

  15. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    DPP to send high-powered delegation to PAC’s ‘future of Malawi’ conference
    June 5, 2017 Green Muheya -Nyasa Times

    So if DPP is sending a delegation, why are they:

    DPP top brass launch verbal onslaught against PAC over ‘the future of Malawi’ conference”
    June 6, 2017 Wanga Gwede- Nyasa Times

    What is what? the two are not compatible.

  16. Baba Maduapera says:

    These are the Lomwe party’s kicks of a dying horse. We are behind you, PAC. God will continue to fight for you. Who are these so-called youth cadets? Let them remember that it’s you PAC that fought and defeated the deadly Kamuzu rule and gave these DPP political cockroaches the chance to rule Malawi. Let DPP and its sycomphants not forget this truth. Forward with PAC, forward with economic, social and political emancipation!!! The struggle continues..

  17. ndondwa says:

    Who is wa Jeffrey? This lady is promoting violence how can she say that government critics will be dealt with youth cadets? Mzimai wopusa ameneyu eti she talked ship about northerners she is not supposed to be a Malawian even her name tells it all that she is not a bonafide Malawian.

  18. Maunits says:

    KKKKKKKKK Koma diphiphi abale bwanji mantha. Mukutumulidwa this 2019 May pa ballot. Dziko lakukanani zikwanje zachani agalu inu. Mukudzidula khosi nokha.

  19. Kenkkk says:

    Ntaba and dpp are really stupid. What balanced views do you want? Does Mbc give balanced views apart from being a doormat for dpp thugs, govt and its top brass? Look at western public media, they allow both sides to have a say. Does Mbc do that? Yet it is owned by Malawi tax payers of all political colours.

    If you dpp thugs want a balanced view, just attend the PAC conference and speak for your dpp govt. Why don’t you want to attend the meeting?

  20. Omex70 says:

    DPP is really afraid of this forth coming conference. No matter what this conference will be held and we shall discuss without fear. This is our country not DPP country.

  21. Senzangakhona says:

    History repeating itself. We said you do not fight the clergy and win the battle. I have been doubting the exit of DPP from power but given what these stupid puppets (Ntaba, Wa Jeffrey and their accomplices in crime) are saying I can confirm that in June 2019 DPP will be in opposition. I have never seen a party full of fear like the DPP. It not surprising that DPP is trying all it can to remain in power including using the useless cadets. Everyone remember how the party got confused when suddenly it was in opposition after the death of the canning Bingu. The question is why does DPP want to heighten the political temperature when the party pretty knows well that old folks can not withstand such pressures? Think again DPP.

  22. Dr Manga says:

    Teachers on Strike !!!!!!!!! CHANCO Closed !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ETC ETC ETC DPP WOYEEEEEEE CHALA M’WAMBA

  23. Ntaba says:

    Jappi , Msonda , Mhango all of you three pipo from North akunamizani kuti tiyeni inu muli nyooooooo tipita why Ntaba sanatenge achewa anzake kwawo ku nkhoma akuziwa kuti no one liked him athu ozindikira koma inu akumpoto muli fweeee zitsiru inu mulibe manyazi nanga uyu mzimayi hule uyu mumati jeffrey hule lachabechabe zulozuloli anakakutukwanani akumpoto lero muli naye mwakhalira michira yanu nkhope ngati a nyani inu nonse.

  24. Lit says:

    Ndiye bola MCP inkamenya anthu nthawi ya chipani chimodzi. Kodi enanu mukanalamula nthawi ya ulamuliro umodzi mukanamaliza anthutu inu.

  25. Mopiya says:

    DPP is scared to the bone with the PAC meeting. Their nights are long and restless. There are now intimidating expected participants. Their knees are jerking in fear of the meeting. But knowing what PAC stands for the truth will be discussed without fear of cadets. We pray for PAC: May God insulate you from DPP cadets physical and verbal abuses. You stand for us the majority who are poor, heart broken and trampled upon by DPP political machinery. We know DPP wants this situation to continue beyond 2019 because it is the way life.. We ask you PAC to see bloody in our tears and open social and economic wounds inflicted this Government.

  26. Kilindabwite says:

    DPP you are a disgrace full of greedy pigs. Who bewitched you to choose Jeffery wa Jeffery as your Secretary General? This one is a total mess. Look how can she challenge that a government critics will be faced by Youth Cadets? Of late made a wrong remarks in the North and today there she is? Is this one party system? DPP DPP DPP put your house in order before it too late. You should learn to accept criticisms. Bola Kaliati knew what to speak. Enawo ndi atinke nawo amwanja Jappie, Msonda, Ntaba, mphepo alibiletu mfundo.

Comments are closed.

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