Kassam challenges Malawi authorities: ‘Many Asians and a Minister with dual citizenship’

Asian businessman Kassam Nurmahomed as recently arrested  by the Immigration Department for contravening the Citizenship Act after he was found in possession of a British and Malawian passport when he was about to leave the country for South Africa has challenged authorities that there are many Asians in the country who hold two or multiple passports apart from the Malawian.

According to documents seen by Nyasa Times, Nurmahomed  had acquired the Malawian passport  number MA 867427on 26 April 2016 and started using it  alongside his British passport.

Nurmahommed: When one Malawian passport isn’t enough

Malawi laws prohit dual citizenship.

Immigration officials asked him to surrender the Malawian passport to use his British docuements or go to renounce the UK papers for him to use  the Malawian travel documents.

But Nurmahommed challenged that he cannot surrender any of the passports, saying there are many Asians which he says he can name that have dual citizenship.

He also hinted that Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume hold dual citizenship, one for British, challenging authorities to arrest him and make him renounce one citizenship “if  indeed the law on citizenship is being applied.”

President Peter Mutharika is on record to have told the state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation that the Ministry of Justice is currently working on the legislation which will enable Malawians hold dual citizenship.

The President said he will live to his promise he made in parliament e that government will review dual citizenship law.“We are currently drafting the legislation, very soon we will have the legislation,” he said.

But as the President promised, dual citizenship will come into effect when the law changes but those having dual nationalities in Malawi are contravening the law and deserve to be indicted.

Anyone, not only Asians, who are using dual citizenship before the legislation allowing more than single nationality, are committing an offence and can face charges.

Single citizenship is  a  national allegiance to a country s from the fact of having been born and raised in that country. This form of allegiance is sometimes turned into an entitlement which allows some people to make certain claims against the state.

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I am in many articles commented that Mother Malawi is becoming a foreign land it does not belong to Malawians any more because of our greedy systems. Let us put our hands together and save our country for our children. I don’t want my child to be a slave in its own country. But looking at the present situation i can see that its coming.

winston msowoya
Malawians,you should be wide awake with the Asians particulary Indians,Pakis and Chinese.These people have found out that our so-called leaders are so soft with money hence,they smuggle millions of dollars plus animal parts for instance elephant tusks,donkey skins so on and so forth.Yes we were under white rule,but at least,they tried their best,but not these Indians and the like.They are in Africa to destroy our economies for their advantage.Can you believe that there are plenty of Elephants in India,but Indians come to Africa to kill ours in hundreds every month because the leaders have put money first than our economies.Go… Read more »
Keen Observer
When one gets arrested committing a crime the excuse can never be that there are a lot of criminals I know who are committing the same crime but they’re not being arrested? No it doesn’t work like that. Most of the Amwenyesite, they like that cos the majority of them are crooks. We are living in the times when terrorism is rampant so with this tendency of people saying that they want to be having dual or more citizenship who will it gonna help especially when those people are the ones who are in the forefront on money laundering?

I agree with you Keen observer . Two wrongs will never make a right. Until such a time Dual Citizenship is allowed its deemed a crime . No Mr Amwenye please tell us the names of your fellows and be arrested likewise. You mentioned the Minister , Discrimination I presume. Name your fellow amwenyes
Can a black Malawian have a dual citizenship in India let alone be an Indian Citizen.


The only threat I see with dual citizenship is that our passport will be tainted by some bad people like from African countries with bad passports, not to mention any countries but you know them. The Malawi passport is top 10 in Africa and has a fairly good reputation abroad so having an EU, British, American, Canadian, Australian or new Zealand passport on top of that would not be so bad. We Just need to tighten up the process of issuing passports to bona fide citizens of the Republic of Malawi, currently passport issuing is dodgy


I agree with you 100% James Mbeya. Malawi should not allow this dual citizenship nonsense as it will not benefit the ordinary Malawian. Only foreigners and Malawian thieves would benefit from it. Parliament should not pass a law allowing dual citizenship.

George Walani
Lets keep it as it is. Ife omwe tiri ma dual citizen lets carry on practising it. There is no need to change. Inenso i use a Malawian passport when travelling to Lilongwe from Berlin Germany. I leave my German passport back here. I only use my German passport if am travelling around the world where a Visa is waivered because of my German passport. Not everyone needs DUAL CITIZENSHIP. Lets keep dual citizenship for us the selected few. The president, A few ministers, Rich Asians and Some smart Malawians. This is an exclusive club, please dont open it to… Read more »
Inenso I have a british passport. I also have a Malawian passport. I use both passports. This is how it works. When i am in London travelling to other European countries, The USA and Australia I use my British passport. No questions asked timangolowa basi. When i am travelling to Malawi i use Malawi passport. No questions asked when entering Malawi with a malawi passport. Just for your own information It is legal to have dual or multiple nationalities across the world and no one cares. It is only a poor country Malawi that still thinks in the dark ages.… Read more »
James Mbeya
I do not support dual citizenship because it will benefit the ‘foreigners’ more that indigenous Malawians. How many Malawians have passports and would get citizenship outside Malawi? Some do say that Malawians in the diaspora would invest in Malawi if this was the case. How many are in that category of potential investors? I know people who are ‘domestic’ workers in UK, RSA and are sending money back to Malawi without this nonsense. It is a matter of commitment to your country of birth. I would not want to put my wealth in UK where I was not born even… Read more »
nadie zeuzeu

kodi ngati ndiokhawa ngambilimbilitu and as said kuyambila citizen no 1.kodi immigration yake yathu yomweyi imapereka ziphasozi olo ya kunja? anthu anayamba kale kufusa za dual ma plesdent kuyambila muluzi,jb,uyuyu, anaiambapo koma kothera kwake mukugulitsa kwamwenye olo kungopaptsana pa ubwana wanu. its a big list of the duals as we are talking.




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