DPP trashes Chaponda’s North-South antagonism remarks: Kalaile Banda says blaming people of North Malawi is crass

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has distanced itself from remarks Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda made that his being targeted on maize saga smacked of North-South antagonism.

Kasaila: Maizegate is nor regional issue as Chaponda is saying

Nyasa Times on Monday quoted Chaponda speaking on Capital Radio’s Daybreak Malawi program that he is being targeted because he is “a minister from the south” considering that Finance, Economic planning and development minister Goodall Gondwe, whose ministry authorised the loan guarantee to buy maize from Zambia, was in the clear.

Chaponda said Gondwe was not in hot soup because he is from north Malawi.

He remarks were widely condemned by commentators, accusing the embattled minister of playing an ethnic card in a desperate move to create collateral damage.

And DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said the party saw such remarks as Chaponda’s personal sentiments and not a reflection on any divisions in the party.

Kasaila, who is also minister of foreign affairs, said DPP did not see the issue of maizegate as a tribal or regional issue.

“What Chaponda said is his personal views and not the position of DPP,” said Kasaila.

Opposition People’s Party (PP) member Ackson Kalaile Banda has since condemned Chaponda for claiming that people from the north are the ones championing for his downfall.

He argued that Chaponda was reported in the newspapers that he was chased from his own constituency two months ago, “was that people from the north?”

Kalaile Banda further asked: “Commission of Inquiry chaired by retired Chief Justice Anastanzia Msosa recommended that he should be investigated by ACB because of his dubious role played [in maize importation]. Is that people from the north?”

He queried why Chaponda hates people from the north so much: “Last time he advised late president Bingu wa Mutharika that DPP can do without the people from north.”

Meanwhile, a parliamentarian from north Malawi, Khumbo Kachali of Mzimba South West said in parliament that he was pleased that Chaponda is out as Leader of the House and that Kondwani Nankhumwa is the remaining the House chief, saying parliament has started enjoying fruits of his leadership.

In the House there was uproar by most opposition MPs who came up with a series of points of order, demanding that Chaponda should not be reinstated as Leader of the House and that he should also be removed from the House.

Other MPs suggested that embattled Chaponda should also resign as a minister following the release of a report by a commission of inquiry President Peter Mutharika appointed to probe how Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) imported maize from Zambia.

In the report presented to Mutharika on Saturday, the commission recommended that Chaponda should be investigated further by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) over a conduct that was “most inappropriate, suspicious and raising issues of corrupt practices” in Malawi’s questionable importation of relief maize from the neighbouring country.

The commission recommended that Chaponda should further be investigated by the Anti Corruption Bureau.

A socio-economic commentator Emily Mkamanga said in quotes reported in the press that the Maizegate scandal has opened many people’s eyes “and their resolve that the leaders must exhibit high moral and professional sides.”

And  Chancellor College political scientist Boniface Dulani highlighted that the commission of inquiry report clearly says Chaponda’s dealings on the maize issue was suspicious and the reputation of DPP being projected “is not good as well as that of the President and simply because of one person.”

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21 thoughts on “DPP trashes Chaponda’s North-South antagonism remarks: Kalaile Banda says blaming people of North Malawi is crass”

  1. Chimbavi says:

    If Chaponda mistakenly becomes Malawi Head of State, God forbid, North will be dead……

  2. BIMA says:

    If you have hatred in your
    Heart REPENT together with CHAPONDA God will
    Forgive and bless you

    Stop this nonsense of NORTH CENTER OR SOUTH

  3. Iwinston msowoya says:

    I have gone through comments attributed to the ugly Chaponda and tribalism in Malawi which in fact,has reached its zenith.Right now,Muthalika and his serviles most of whom being untutored and dead dood.It is unbelievable for someone to allege that Lomwes are more educated than Tumbukas,the Jews of Malawi.For this contributor,Malawians of bright intellect,must forgive him for he does not know what he is upto.Just to enlighten him,I would like to discipline this simpleton in the sense that he could not compare his rat-eaters with the worldly-wise Tumbukas who despite their small population,have profoundly contributed to the independence struggle of our country.Just to put Maniwirio in dignified prospects,I would like to inform him part of Malawi’s political history which has been foolishly and deliberately distorted by leaders of Central and Southern Malawi who themselves are brainless.Firstly,I would like to educate MANIWIRIO that it is Levy Zililo Mumba who became the first President of the Nyasaland African Congress hereinafter(ANC) in 1944,Orton Ching’oli Chirwa QC,formed the former dreaded MCP and became its first President only to be brutally slained by Banda’s ruthless thugs some of them are still in active political activities.It is rumoured that Dr.H.Nthaba applied leathal enjection on Chirwa while in Zomba Prison soon before multi-party struggle hits minds and hearts of Malawians.At independence,Banda appointed five brilliant Cabinet Ministers from the North including two from Southern Region,but not mbewa eaters.The Cabinet was largely and profoundly,hailed throughout Africa and Europe.And not only that,Chikufwa Thom Chihana,brought in the country the awakening of the Multi-party struggle while the Lomwes were busy chasing rats in the bush.So,to undermine the Tumbukas generally,is both lunacy and lack of proper education which has attributed to your baseless acrimony against the JEWS OF MALAWI and mind you that TRIBALISM BASED ON JEALOUSES AND IGNORANCE,WILL NEVER EVER LIBERATE OUR COUNTRY FROM THE PRESENT TUMULTUOUS TREND.Malawi is for us all and Northerners’ life,MATTERS!!!!!!!.

  4. Racial issues are very sensitive but the more people talk their mind the more they help simmer tension. Tension betwn the North and South didn’t start today. The core values of their traditional beliefs in terms of religion, education, trade and family ties are poles apart therefore the best way is to let people banter it out and it ends there. In South Africa, United States and UK racial issues between whites and blacks are freely expressed in the media. Julius Malema in South Africa sings about killing the Boers and Donald Trump talks about Black American criminals but they still command respect in their respective countries. So let Chaponda speak his mind. The fact that he allegedly hates them with a passion doesn’t mean that given the powers he can kill them all. NO! A lot of people have have blocked vachewa/atumbuka marriages and I am sure we have heard it and know them, but did we stone them to death for being tribalist? NO! Wamisala anaona nkhonda therefore get the message but dont kill the messenger!

  5. it is really ashame to DPP as well as APM coz he was backing Chaponda Chimanga a day before the release of the report. The report fingered Chaponda Chimanga what a disigusting man is he . If i was him i would have simple resign but because his face nusty black like the previous police cars colour during Dr Banda’s era . His big mouth like a gandaganda is talking shit he want to did malawians oh my Lord feel sorry for our malawi we dont want to fight one another by the infiuence of the words of this sily stupid useless man keeps on stealing for the poor malawians. firstly he is one of the 7 wrotten ministers, secondly he stole allowes money for the MDF peace force, thirdly he is a culplit on maizegate scandal fourthly he is a firegate scandal culplit if investigated properly. where on earth did the fire come from ? this question is dificult to answer the buildig has been there for decades why now something fishy is going on to concile the evidence. to my thought this is a chain 0f thugs thus why chaponda chimanga mentioned Gondwe if munthu wamkulu is involved. Though we blame the northerners i salute them for their eff0rt to smoke this chisulu galu nyani. The major problem for our country is kuvotera wakwathu hence you benefit nothing from wakwathu , Raiseup amalawi rest send APM to retire and Chilima to drive the ship things will change drastically believe me and the picture of will look good. young generations are the ones suffering. These old timers they dont care they are for money and not to develop the country. we have the following gates in malawi, tractotgate,allowencegate cashgate,.cashgate , maizegate and now firegate i wonder when are these gates be finished investigating’ please let me ussuere you nex time dont vote for wakwathu vote for the change. Anthuni anthuwa amaba kwambiri anayamba kuba ndi Bingu .mukuganiza kuti madalawa anabwera opanda ndalama anngalephere kuba ?

  6. MCP die hard says:

    guys you dont know what you are talking about you idiots,
    this is total tribalism and war with the Lomwes. Chaponda was just smart to say south vs niorth,
    if you know your history it has been like that, you argue with me and you can say anything i dont care this has always and is the truth. all these issues are being pushed by people from the north.central region people are not much into it they are not tribalists,
    you like it or not one day chaponda will be the president of this country.

  7. manwirio says:

    wanangwa you are an idiot. keep your mouth shut
    Tumbukas agaisnt lomwe people because they thought they were the only educated people in malawi withourt knowing that there are a lot of educated people among the lomwe than them. Kamuzu tried to surpress them but today you can see. During kamuzu people didnt know that lomwe exists, wagwanawo wanangwa go back to your roots

  8. mcp diehard says:

    wanangwa you are just a tumbuka who doesnt reason. Ask your fellow tumbukas will tell you how much they hate lomwe people,
    you were born outside malawi just keep quiete

  9. guys you dont know what you are talking about you idiots,
    this is total tribalism and war with the Lomwes. Chaponda was just smart to say south vs niorth,
    if you know your history it has been like that, you argue with me and you can say anything i dont care this has always and is the truth. all these issues are being pushed by people from the north.central region people are not much into it they are not tribalists,
    you like it or not one day chaponda will be the president of this country.

  10. john says:

    If this country is failing to develop it is because of retrogressive, backward thinking, selfish, corrupt and stiff-necked leaders like Chaponda. In principle this man is bad and more evil than Lucifer. Look Malawians are failing to buy maize in ADMARC depots because of his ill-motives. May the Lord have us mercy and hear our cry.

  11. Tawina says:

    It is easy for people to conclude that Chaponda is bigger than the DPP.He seems not to fear anybody in his actions and words, take for example his refusal to step aside as Minister to pave way for investigations after the maizegate report implicated him and if that is not enough he shows up at Parliament to resume his duties as leader of the house.

    Poor Chaponda can’t believe that his world is crashing before his very eyes, to him when you steal and get caught that is a tribal issue.

    Who is the leader of the DPP, perhaps show me the President of this country.

  12. Lemison Saikata says:

    The so-called mcp supporter suffers from delusion. I am a member of the Malawi Assembles of God and have served under Chakwera’s leadership. At no time did he steal money from the church. If he did, please give us more details how. Leave church issues from the stinking Malawi politics

  13. chemuyaya says:

    Mukuzaona athu akusangalala pa maliro zifukwa zina zimakhala ngati zimenezi. Anthu amayamba ma celebration ena mpaka amatha kupha ziweto kupangila ma party.
    My advice Inu a chaponda ndi Free of Charge

  14. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Thank you Hon Franscis Kasaila. You have done well to clarify the position of the party.

  15. The Partriot says:

    For once I applaud Mr Kasaila and DPP leadership minus Chaponda! This is a plain maizegate issue no regions here!
    Shame on you Chaponda for trying to divide people based on regions.
    ACB please move fast before more offices get burned!

  16. ungwelu says:

    @concerened MCP.

    Just talk about your problems in DPP. Do not lie here that you are an MCP member. Anthu akuba inu pamodzi ndi Chaponda-Chaponda-Chimanga.


  17. North Kululu says:

    Chaponda has always been a tribalist. Desperate for introduction of Quota System of selecting students into public tertiary institutions, he even cheated late Bingu about Chanco Lecturers aiding students from the North to get good grades via Mzuzu Corner.

  18. fucklomwez says:

    Chagwidwa misala chi chaponda chimanga’chi, let cardiac arrest catch up with him. Nchitsiru kwabasi amachituma kuti chizikaba ndi wanthu akumpoto? Galu wachabechabe uyu, nyani wamchira, shupit.

  19. Concerned Mcp says:

    Chaponda is feared by many people. Whom are cheating vho doesn’t know that Tumbuka people are against lines as it was that dictator Kamuzu
    The truth will prevail. Wait and see when God starts turning tables upside down in Mcp and p.p
    Next move is the net and the beds which kachale stole from Dowa.and money Chakwera stole from his church and from people when he went to USA during campaign

    1. Wanangwa Chizaso says:

      Your comment lacks objectivity Mr Chaponda supporter..You are just one of the rotten eggs spoiling Malawi with your myopic thinking.

    2. Zungwala Mgeme says:

      Pathako pako iweeee

Comments are closed.

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