DPP ‘vote of no confidence’ dominate Malawi media headlines

The political popularity matters took the front seat in the Malawi media on Thursday as ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) humiliating by-election defeat in five of six constituencies and wards to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) dominated both daily newspapers  with  commentators branding it a “vote of no confidence” for the regime which needs soul-searching.

Jubilation of MCP supporters after MEC officially declared 5-1 win against DPP

MCP supporters in street party celebrations

The Nation lead on by elections results

Daily Times take on by-elections results

“DPP loss, vote of no confidence- analysts”,   was the headline in The Nation, which detailed  the  results  of the by-election showing DPP’s only win was in Dedza Mayani ward for Nicholas Josiya a councillor but MCP were victorious by winning three parliamentary seats ; Sosten Gwengwe (Lilongwe Msozi North), Ulemu Msungama ( Lilongwe City South East) and Lawrence  Sitolo (Nsanje Lalanje). The opposition party also won local government seats in Msiriza ward by Kingwell Zikaola and Thom Litchowa winning Ndirande Makata ward in Blantyre.

“This also paints a picture that during 2019 elections, it might be almost the same.So, parties have to work very hard to make sure that they achieve what people want,”the daily quoted  Mzuzu-based political analyst Emily Mkamanga as saying.

Political analyst Augustine Magolowondo is also quoted in the paper saying that the results of the by-elections are a clear political barometer  to the 2019 Tripartite Elections, saying it was significant victory for MCP and  that the forthcoming polls will be “most competitive to watch.”

A political science associate professor at University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, Mustafa Hussein, said in quotes attributed to him that “the probability is high” that DPP will lose to MCP in the 2019 elections if the governing party will not live by its electoral promises it made in 2014 “and fix things”.

“Malawians have spoken,” the paper said in its title of the editorial comment.

In the comment, it said the results of the by-elections  is “a clear statement” that some Malawians are frustrated with DPP.

“To say the least, Malawians are annoyed with the arrogance and impunity the DPP has portrayed over the three years it has been in power,” reads the comment.

The Nation editorial was similar to the tone of the the Daily Times on Wednesday which said citizens have spoken against DPP’S long course of ill-conduct – such s high-level corruption, nepotism, impunity, among others.

Both papers also cautioned MCP not  to allow victory to be licence for them to be pompus and become complacent.

“Malawians have entrusted [MCP] with the votes which is merely a vote of no confidence in the DPP,” said The Nation comment, advising MCP to “consolidate the gains it has made.”

The paper emphatically stated that Malawians need to be told issues that could change their lives and not mere propaganda, decalring that “Malawians have indeed spoken.”

“DPP losing the plot – analysts,” was the headline in The Daily Times on Thursday, quoting several analysts and government spokesman Nicholous Dausi conceding defeat.

Another Chancellor College –based political professor Ernest Thindwa is quoted saying that the DPP tumble in the by elections “is not suprising,” saying the party’s performance  “has not been very positive.”

Thindwa also noted that MCP made “strategic recruitments” such as the coming of Sidik Mia who marshalled the campaign in Nsanje Lalanje and Blantyre Makata Ward.

In his comments, in the papers, government spokesman Nicholous Dausi said they will do “soul searching” and correct where people say they are going wrong.

But Daily Times editorial comment on Thursday stressed that Malawians voting in the by elections have given DPP “a resounding vote of no confidence.”

It said the last thing the DPP can do is live in denial and go for revenge against  people that have voted for MCP candidates by denying them development projects.

The day, dominated by news of by-elections, also saw headline on MCP celebrations on poll victory in the southern region.

According to the published report, MCP supporters celebrated Sitolo’s elction as MP in Nsanje Lalanje in an open-air partying.

Crippling unemployment, economic turmoil and corruption scandals in government  led voters to punish the DPP in areas where MCP gained victories.

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Ndatopa ndi DPP

I’m not a fun of MCP but what I really like about what just happened is the age of the candidates. We need young, vibrant, progressive leaders, we all need a breath of fresh air I hope this will be the trend throughout 2019! Yes we can!

AChakwera Lowanimboma
AChakwera Lowanimboma

This is very welcome development indeed for all of us wishing to see a return of MCP in power. But is it just me missing some clues? Been glued to Times online radio to see if I could hear Chakwera’s reaction to this happy event, but nada!

Is Chakwera really the right candidate? Is he not equally the same as Mutharika who takes ages to comment on issues?


DEPECO boma!!!!!! 2019 Criss Daza boma!!!!!!!!! No more killers no more thief we need youthful readers these old readers has made Malawian to be the poorest people in the world DEPECO a solution to this generation of Malawians

Well done MCP you have done it, but mind you these are just bye – elections and I would like to remind you that Politics is un predictable you can enjoy today but tomorrow you can regrette……. mark my words and lets meet in 2019…. Am not jealous I like the MCP leadership but everyone has a choice and my choice is DPP and if they lose it does not mean I should change no I can’t change…. Nyerere is always Nyerere and Bullets will always be Bullets whether they win or lose but one thing that makes me HAPPY… Read more »

iwe Nicholas umuuze uyoyo uyo kuti zogona mum’dima ndatopa nazo wamva ngati alibe chochita ndi nkhani ya midima yi apatse amnzake amene angathe kuganiza kuthana ndi midima yi

Ndiye mwati Malawi can be better with MCP? Hahahahahahahaha this is my joke of the week. Amalawi kuiwala msanga. If I was Big Man Wamkulu Heve, Peter Mutharika, I would reshuffle the cabinet. Ena angomyata paunduna koma sakuthandiza kwenikweni. I would bring back Akweni Kaliyati and Peter Kumpalume. These are good political spinners. Goodall Gondwe is also too tired. Not good enough to steer the north. Jap Muhango akuitha. If I was APM, I would also shake ESCOM and Waterboards. These guys are sleeping and they have the potential of making the current government loose popularity. The president must know… Read more »

This is just the beginning.
Now expect exodus come 2018

Ineyo Ada

Odi ukoooooooo!!!! MCP imatiimilira
Zinazo in garbage

Malawian voters have rejected DPP, but not necessarily embraced MCP. MCP now needs to reach out and assure the people that they are a different lot and will not go back to their bad old ways. DPP are indeed in denial and do not seem to know what to do. They appear to say that Dr Chaponda is a good man, yet he is one of the most corrupt and greedy and cruel people in Malawi. He is the one who went to campaign in Nsanje? How can DPP win then? DPP must realise that their nepotism and greed has… Read more »
Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Even during Bingus presidency, there was a time when a number of people from Mulanje went personally to Bingu to complain about Chaponda. People forget these things.



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