DPP warns Daily Times its members will boycott the newspaper

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has asked the Daily Times Newspaper management to be independent and stop being mouthpiece of the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in order to have good relationship with Malawians especially the  ruling DPP family.

Mchacha: Daily Times should stop insulting DPP

The development follows the two photos  that the Daily Times newspaper carried on its front page  of February 7 2018 under the headline ‘‘Sport the difference between the two groups’.

It depicted the  governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  youth who are  painting their faces and bodies in party colours and main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) youth in berets in revolutionary red  has triggered a debate on social media.

At political rallies, it is common to see a majority of youths painted from head to toe in sweltering heat, and sometimes drenched in rain, showing their unwavering support to party leaders.

Speaking on Wednesday during the ground breaking ceremony of Blantyre City by-pass road, DPP regional governor in the southern region Charles Mchacha reminded  Times management that most of their copies are sold to government officials in their offices and DPP family.

Mchacha warned that if Daily Times continues to “insult” DPP they will deal with the publication including boycotting buying its copies.

“We can’t buy copies that insults us,” said Mchacha.

President Peter Mutharika, who graced the event, did not comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, the paper has apologised.

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mlomwe ozipenta

the issue was spot the difference. How has DPP been insulted? Is the painting of the cadates sin? Mesa ndi zomwe akupanga. So dont get angry for the things you love


Mr Hama, why do you think the paper has apologized? @ Maunits, affter boycotting listening to MBC have MCP ascended to power? Boycotting MBC in all the five elections but failing to win elections? That is what we call dying twice. The paying of tax to MBC is not felt by the tax payer but we say it just to make news. But if 20 newspapers return to the press house its a wastage of material. That’s why Daily Times have apologized. Wamva Maunits?


Stupid. You say we don’t feel hurt when MBC uses our tax to degrade us? Ngati uli ulomwe wakowo kagwere uko. Foolish!


Just stop buying who cares whether you buy or not, do you fund MBC foolish mchacha?


@ Pathfinder

Ndinu opusa kwambiri. Koma inu muzinyoza anzanu. You are very stupid. Feel the same pain that other tribes feel when you insult them. Get list . You can’t be threatening people around you fool. Get lost


Kodi zinthuzi zimapwetekadi eti? Mpakana inunso? Kkkkkkkkk


Hahahahahahah i feel sorry DPP its better M.B.C should be independent not Times coz we are contributing our tax to MBC .It belong to entire all Malawians i mean all parties MCP ,PP,UDF AFORD ,PETRA,ADD,UMODZI PARTY and likes.muyambendinu kusiya kuma nyoza za MCP THATS A PUBLIC RADIO


Masauko kumeneko ndiye kuyankhula mopusa why insulting the Lomwez??? You’re inhuman and your hatred towards lomwez will take you nowhere mbuzi


Siyani kugula times newspaper, after all alomwe ambiri satha kuwerenga hence mbuli with blind loyalty, adziwa iwo ndikubelekana basi


Masauko this has got nothing to do with lhomwes please and i repeat please leave us lhomwes alone. Otherwise zikuonekera ngati zomwe zinamuonekera mkulu wina atatsika minbus, amanyoza alhomwe ali mu minbusimo. Osadziwa munthu amene anakhala naye mpando umodzi ndi chigawenga cha chilhomwe. Ndipo atatsika anamulondola ndikumukantha, pano tinena munthuyu wasiya mgaiwa. Samala mphwanga, ukuona ngati wabisala pa social media pano. Ukapitiriza i’ll use all my resources mpaka ndikupeze uzaone polekela.


pathfinder, two wrongs don’t make a right. I wonder what is in a tribe that makes people proud, thats mediocrity to the maximum



Ifenso ndi alhomwe koma zomenya anthu sizitithandiza. Let’s love one another tonse ndi a Malawi.Musiyeni Masauko mwina mutu suyenda bwino.

Andrew Mithowa

Are you a true malawian, one nation regardless that we are coming from different tribes! insulting other tribes cannot develop our country! Please speak like a true malawian, we are one! President savoteredwa ndi one tribe. U are not so superior, u created in the same of God as your friends are. Speak about party but don’t speak about tribe. If want to become president a president join politics and u will become a president rather than speaking senseless things like that. Stop that!

Green Kunyenga

That’s why we also boycott MBC. It has become a propaganda tool for the DPP. Do you not feel ashamed of this useless propaganda.


Govt officials are all mot dpp you savage. Kungotulutso pictures mwalira chweeeeee. Nanga poti sizinayambe mulira zenzenitu a Mchacha. DPP you wont stand with MCP hit 2019 mulipansi whether you want it or not. Its like we did we dont listen and watch MBC we stopped time ago so what is your problem.


Stop MBC for insulting MCP opposition party you Mchacha else its tit for tat.

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