DPP’s Chaponda speaks out: Smear campaign fails, truth has come out

Malawi’s Former Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda has spoken out for the first time  after being acquitted by the Zomba Magistrate Court in corruption-related charges regarding the 2017 maize procurement deal from Zambia, saying he has been vindicated that there was no case at all to answer.

Malawi’s former agricutulre minister Chaponda set free after found he had no case to answer in corruption-related charges regarding the 2017 maize procurement deal from Zambia.

Chaponda was found with no case to answer on Friday by Chief resident magistrate (CRM) Paul Chiotcha who also acquitted Rashid Tayub, one of the directors of Transglobe Produce Export Limited, after trashing the State’s evidence in its totality.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times soon  after the ruling, Chaponda said his vindication comes following his insistence that everything was done in the best interest of the people in view of the dire food situation we faced.

“Unfortunately, this matter was greatly politicized and the facts were twisted as part of a systematic and vicious smear campaign against me. Notwithstanding the attempts to tarnish my name, I am grateful that the truth has come out today.

“The court has shown without a shadow of doubt that there was no legitimate case against me. In fact, there was never a case even though ACB looked under every bush and every rock, they found nothing because there was nothing to hide.” he told Nyasa Times .

He added that he has absolutely nothing to hide and they also know it even though ACB tried to distort the truth and to mislead the public.

He further expressed his gratitude to President  Peter Mutharika for allowing him continue serving the ruling party at top level.

Chaponda is Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice president for the South.

“I am happy and grateful that the  President allowed me to continue serving the DPP and I will continue to do so to the best of my ability. It is important that we always uphold the rule of law in this country.

“It is also important we base public discourse and reporting on proper information and on hard facts. Once again I thank the President and the DPP for their continued confidence in me and for allowing me to prove my innocence in the court. It has been a very difficult time for me and my family this past 14 months but we are strong and we have nothing to hide,” he said.

Chaponda was arrested on July 19 last year alongside Tayub, and Grace Mijiga Mhango, a businesswoman and also chairperson of the Grain Traders and Processors Association of Malawi (GTPA).

Malawi President Peter Mutharika in January ordered an investigation into a $34.5 million government maize order, after a Zambian opposition leader said he had seen documents showing Malawi had been charged $345 per ton for 100 000 tonnes of Zambian white maize worth $215 a ton.

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The real truth hasn’t come out yet Dr Chaponda. We have the ruth and will be laid to bare very soon especially at the trial that will follow with The Times. Linda madzi apite ndiye udziti ndadala. We are no longer in the paper world where one can just shred evidence and it disappears; we are in the digital world and some of us will side with The Times and reveal all the evidence available to build the case for Times. This time around the judges won’t be able to ignore the glaring evidence and will have no choice butbe… Read more »

The learned Magistrate misdirected himself by using the Evidence Beyond Reasonable test instead of using the Prema facie test at such an early stage of the case. Honestly, I submit that Dr Chaponda had a case to answer though the I am not saying he was guilty but he had a prema facie case to answer if one takes into account his behaviour before, during and after the alleged crime which to me constituted enough circumstancial evidence to warrant a case to answer verdict.


Paul Chiotcha ndalama zomwe unalandirazo God will soon punish you

Sam Kaphuka

God will punish all of us for castigating Chaponda based on allegations.He will also reward him bigly

O Kuloya

Shame!!! just found with that huge amount of money is enough to be prosecuted becoz you work in the public sector Mr Chaponda!!!
One day the truth will come out!! GOD LOVES MALAWI

Yamikani Taulo

O koluya, First of all its Dr. Chaponda not mister like your father or master,secondly he is not poor like yourself! mpikene???

Watematema Mutu

Chaponda should know the truth as it is. If he pretends not know, Malawians are confident enough that God knows! The coincidental gutting of his office leaves a lot to be desired!

Ngozi iyo!

Vuto la anthu mumaona ngati Mulungu amasamala inu nokha. You think Chaponda alibe mulungu wake? uyu wake wazatheka bwanji!

Juliana Kanthiti

Chaponda wakupondaniti a nyapapi inu. Ntchito nsanje ndi kudana ndi mitundu ina basi. Ulesi thooo muli mbuuu kuzikanda. Ena ndi awa akuona ngati APM angadzaluze 2019. Mudzalira blood tears 2019. Chipani cha crocodile Party kuchigulitsa kwa Mia ndi a PP anzake ati chifukwa cha upmhawi. Lero ana a mnyumba ali pa mphepo kusowa chochita mulendo atalanda malo. Choncho nkumazikwata ndi chala mwati mungadzawine. No structures at grassroot level apart from central region ndiye muziti ndi inu national party?


Mafia leaders and sh……..hole judiciary are flagship of a state undercapture! CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY.

Cadet wa Nyoo

Saulos Abisalomu Chilima ndi mzake Kondwani opandamano Nankhumwa mwagwa nayo!

Kunena Mosapsyatila


Ruth Bamusi

Chilungamo chayenda ngati madzi. Congratulations Dr Chaponda


This is a sign of the impartiality of courts. ACB challenge this judgement if you are indeed non political interference organ. Not challenging will show that you are being controlled by DPP


Mbava ndi mbava adaotcha office ya Agriculture ku capital hill ndani and why?

Jesus told the gathering who geared themselves to stone the woman caught in adultery if you have never sinned before stone her. All went away meaning they had once sinned so all of you commenting against Chaponda seem to be holy but mind Jesus said do not judge for you shall be judged. what do i mean here? you prejudged chaponda as a wrong doer and was dragged to court where justice has prevailed and yet you don’t trust the courts. Surprisingly if somebody other thatn chaponda win a case you claim courts are independent and are doing a good… Read more »
Dorcus M.

Nankhumwa ndi Chilima ndi omwe adaotcha office ya Chaponda chifukwa they wanted to influence the outcome kuti anthu adzakwiye kuti Chaponda adasowetsa evidence.Ife tikukumbukira kuti nthawi yomwe office imapsa ACB inali itatenga chilichonse mu office ya bulldozer

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