DPP’s Mphepo intimidates chiefs in Nsanje over Manganya’s donation 

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led by its acting Secretary General, Francis Mphepo has started intimidating some chiefs in Nsanje district following a medical donation.

Mphepo, Secretary General of DPP: In salvage politics

Social commentator and comedian Michael Manganya Usi made a donation on Sunday December 25th, 2016 at Nsanje District Hospital.

Usi on Christmas Day cheered up patients at Nsanje District Hospital and donated assorted drugs worth about K3 million aside from handing out assorted food stuffs and cash to sick and needy patients. He also took time to help clean hospital wards.

The donation of drugs came at a time the country’s hospitals are experience drug and medical supply shortage.

And the development has not gone well within the ruling party and its officials have decided to take on chiefs for allowing such donation to be made at the hospital, arguing it undermined the party and its leader President Peter Mutharika.

Speaking to Nyasa Times in an interview, several chiefs confirmed being intimidated by party officials including the Secretary General, Francis Mphepo.

“I was summoned by party officials in the district two weeks ago who questioned our involvement in the donation and why we allowed such a thing to happen. It was a surprise because we were not involved at all,” complained one of the chiefs.

Another chief disclosed that they have been warned not to entertain opposition political parties and other grouping critical to government or would lose their chieftaincy.

But Mphepo feigned ignorance of the issue when contacted; saying he never spoke to any traditional leader from Nsanje late alone intimidated them.

“Why should I do that, I can’t sink so low. Nothing of such ever happened and I have not talked to any chiefs from Nsanje,” said Mphepo.

DPP has a record of violence and intimidating its critics. Usually the party uses its youths branded cadets to physically manhandle or intimidate those that have opposing views to the party and its leadership.

Usi who is acting Country Director for Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) Malawi during the donation bemoaned the situation at the hospital and called on the private sector and individuals to assist government in improving drug situation in the country.

He then ripped into the country’s political system, saying Malawi is not developing due to pride leaders.

“Politics is not helping us at all. Our leaders are running government with philosophies that are only theoretical and not practical. We need to be practical. If we say economy is improving that needs to be what is on the ground and not word of mouth. This politics of nonsense must stop,” he said then.

Recently, Usi popularly known by his stage name ‘Manganya’ has been linked with ambitions to run for political office such as the presidency.

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Mpaka praying for death kkkkk musiyeni professor of corruption


Kkkkkkkk gogo mphepo so wicked


Brove Michael Usi , we are proud of you being concerned with what Malawians are passing through, don’t worry about bad wishes who are insulating you when you bringing positive ideas and incietive in our country,God knows your sympathy to poor Malawians,may God bless you abundantly so that you may continue to kind , never mind with DPP officials or any member but focus on where this country is going, thanks Mr USI,I wish if more people who are wealth blessed by God may do like Micheal USI ,am happy with usi

Jowel Masina

Where and when has any cabinet minister made a personal dnation to any vunerable setting like hospital. Does it mean they dont have money? No they are only amassing the wealth pending their sojourn in Europe after 2019 elections. Leave Mr Ussi alone, he has not helped his relations, but other needy people, and we fail to understand yu DPP thugs, including fiti iyi called mphepo. Mufuna anthu azingovutika eti, bwanji osayamika kuti wina wachitapo zimene inu ndi Prezidenti wanu simungachite? Eeeeee koma!!!!!!!!


kip it up manga


Mphepo ndimunthu woipa kwanbiri Dpp samala nawo anthu oyipawa


One of the worst appointments made in the mighty DPP… this clueless but violent man appointed into such a high position. Munthu oipa odziwa kupasula mmalo mo manga

Aubrey Sumbuleta
A Mphepo and company, learn to practice non partisan politics. We are in a democratic dispensation where everyone has the right to associate with any political party of his or her choice. The government alone can not and will never fulfill each and everything in terms of social, financial or matrial help. It is therefore the responsibility of every stakeholder and people of good will like Michael Usi to come in and help the government with whatever they have to help fellow Malawians who are either needy or destitute. Michael Usi as one of bonafide citizens of our mother Malawi… Read more »
Jowel Masina

Complete patriotism, in stealing, Patriotism to the DPP and president wopusa ngati bakha wosamba mmatope. Not patriotism to the Malawi nation like Manganya. Kuteroku zakuwawani kuti mwanayu waposa pulezident wanuyo, pa nzeru. Kuthandiza anthu wodwala ndivutonso kwa DPP. Bwanji ikani lamulo lakuti munthu wina aliyense, kaya wa tchalichi, chipembedzo, donor wa kunja kaya ndani asapelekenso zinthu zili zonse ku zipatala za boma. Munguganiza ndale basi mwasiya kuyendetsa dziko, nchifukwa chake ndarama za ku chipatala mwadula, koma zoyendera pulezidenti ndi nduna zake, dpp official zili kupezeka. Sheer stupidity from a so called ruling party. STUPID PARTY.


Kodi inu mbuzi za DPP nkhalamba imeneyi mwayibweletselanji pa mpando umenewu??there is nothing tangible that he can offer to the party,,whats wrong with manganya giving a donation.I pray for Peter Muthalikas death before the year ends so that Saulos Chilima takes over and bring sanity to this government..Once that happens mbava nonse ku ndende.

Jowel Masina

Zoona, m’bale. Afedi ameneyu watizunza mokwanila. Koma Chilima achenjere akhoza kumupwinatu chifukwa akudziwa kuti ndi threat. Tizimupemphelera mwanayu. Chilima usamadye wambatu pagulu komanso nanga m’misonkhano azitani poti akhozanso kumuyikila pokhala poisoni. Lord have mercy and protect Chilima.

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