DPP’s Wa Jeffrey says MCP will never rule Malawi again

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General, Griezedar Jeffrey wa Jeffrey, has said Malawi Congress Party (MCP) will never rule this country again, as Malawians denounced the party and its rule in 1993.

President Mutharika being welcomed by DPP secretary general Wa Jeffrey at campaign rally in Lilongwe– Photo by Stanely Makuti, Mana.

Wa Jeffrey was speaking Tuesday during a political campaign rally President Peter Mutharika conducted at Kaliyeka primary school ground ahead of the October 17 by elections.

She said MCP has never won an election in Malawi.

“For now we are the ones presiding over the affairs of the nation whether they like it or not. MCP will never rule this country again,” she said

The MCP lost its monopoly on power in a 1993 referendum and was roundly defeated in the country’s first free elections.

In opposition since 1994, the MCP remains a major opposition force in Malawi. It is strongest in the Central Region, populated by ethnic Chewa, most of whom are Christians. But lately MCP has been embraced by other ethnic groups, including the Muslim community.

However, The Nation newspaper columnist Moses Michael-Phiri  writes that the pendulum  for 2019 polls may  be swinging in favour of  MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwera, who had to resign from leading Assemblies of God Church, a prestigious position that earned the man of the collar, a coveted place in international Christian .

“Well, political word on the street is that, MCP just like your old blazer is also slowly coming back into fashion.”

He noted  that those joining MCP, such as business mogul Nick Yiannakis, high profile politicians in the likes of Sidik Mia, Salim Bagus and  scores of  DPP  members led by Lilongwe City Council deputy mayor Juliana Kaduya, claim it is the only party that can lead Malawi out of corruption, nepotism and lack of rule of law.

Commentators say, the by-elections next month will be a litmus test for MCP, which claims to have rebranded.

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Mbuzi zopanda mana

What a fool! She forgets that DPP had total control of the North and most of the central region in 2009. In Central Region Ntchisi, Dowa, Mchinji, Kasungungu and Salima were in the hands of DPP and what about now? This Jeff wa Jeff is stupid, Very stupid. MCP is gathering momentum. UDF had 93 seats and now they have 14. It all because of stupid leaders like Pitala and Jeff wa Jeff. Kuba misonkho yathu. Malawians are struggling with nlives than under Kamuzu. Education statndars are down. Heealth facilities are down. The list is long.


She must be saying the truth MCP still holds the BLOOD of innocent citizens of Malawi killed in the MCP regime, some died in mysterious car accidents, some died in prisons, some were made to be meals for crocodiles, some vanished to unknown places, some were brutally punished and tortured like hell for not buying the MCP card. All these atrocites still make a huge barrier for the current MCP regime to win … it’s CURSE that will take time to heal and to be forgiven.

Joe M

School ndiyofunika ladies and gentlemen, mayi uyu mmutu ndiye mamina enieni. Good pa looks okha basi mmutumo/brains zero pa hundred. Pepani anthu a ku KK South konzani zinthu 2019 apa ndiye munabetsa.

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
Point of correction, Ma Griezedar Jeffrey wa Jeffrey, It is not true to propagate publicly to the masses that MCP has never won an election. Historically, the MCP won the August 15, 1961 general elections in which it scooped all 20 in lower seats and 2 of the 5 in the higher roll seats. 28 seats were up for grab in the legislative council. This was the first time that Africans had representatives in the legislative council which was subordinate to the Governor and enacted legislation at his direction. Parliamentary elections were held on April 28, 1964, and the MCP… Read more »
Chivundungweri Chitatata
Chivundungweri Chitatata

Jeffrey is too daft to understand such kind of history. That brain is empty


am proving this big mouthed that is total lie you stole the presidential election through court not ballot results,but mcp is reigning even in parliament have strong committees that brings sanity in the system,bavo mcp,u r on govt affairs we know them the nasties you are doing


Please mai iwe shut up your mouth bcoz soon after 2019 elections sudzalakalaka kukhala m’dziko muno.


This lady is stupid. Who does she think will rule this country forever?

Dipipi wa Yudiefu
Mayiwa anazolowera kudya mofewa, adzakomoka ulendo uno. If Atupele had reorganised UDF after his poor showing in 2014, I still believe, the party was going to come back strong again in 2019 (he should’ve listerned to people like Lucius Banda). To do it now will not be easy-the problem is he believes just like his father that he has the majority Yao’s (mostly illiterate) who will always vote for him no matter what he does, which is to a certain extent true-but there is a mathematical problem to this thinking. Peter Muthalika will lose some of the vote he got… Read more »
That’s true my Secretary, MCP should remain in opposition. It works better that way. A Chakwerawa ngokoma pamaso koma mtima mwao ndi zosaneneka. This APM is the devil we know and he has managed the country well. Developments are seen even if the so called donors are out. But hungry fools think Malawi can surpass SA in a day while everybody is sleeping. Fools think that change of government will change their financial status without working hard. Let me tell you fools, people are getting rich in this country, people see potential in this country while you waste time blaming… Read more »

which developments are you talking about.Kuzima magetsi, kusowa mankhwala, corruption etc do you call all these as development?

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