DPP’s Wa Jeffrey slated for inciting violence: To be held responsible if anything happens to Mia, Manganya

The controversial governing  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general Griselder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey incited violence when she ordered DPP cadets in Mulanje district to stone  comedian and social commentator Michael ‘Manganya’ Usi and politician Sidik Mia, commentators have said.

DPP Secretary General Grizeder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey (left) utterances and threats condemened

Wa Jeffrey made the remarks at a political rally which fired minister of Agriculture George Chaponda held in his Mulanje South West constituency at Chonde.

She could not resist but incite the crowd into anger by calling them not to allow other politicians make inlays in what she called DPP home.

“We should condemn statements of DPP secretary general with the contempt that they deserve because they are likely to incite violence and bring hatred,” said Sharoon Karim a Muslim scholar.

Karim told Nyasa Times in Mangochi after Mia asked Muslims during a meeting if they would allow him to be stoned by DPP cadets in which they roared “nooooo!”.

Commenting on the matter, Karim said: “DPP should censure Jeffrey. We don’t want her to encourage  generations to come to  slaughter each other as the Tutsis and the Hutus slaughtered each other in the case of Rwanda.”

Lloyd Mwakanema also commenting on social media said Wa Jeffrey call for violence is unacceptable.

“We cannot allow  politicians to say things that can make Malawians kill each other,” said Mwakanena.

“She should be held responsible if Mia and Manganya are attacked,” he added.

Human rights campaigners also condemned Wa Jeffrey for her remarks.

“Her remarks are a call to violence, are inflammatory and should be treated with extreme seriousness,”  said Hope Namalaka.

“All freedom-loving democrats in Malawi  should condemn DPP secrrtray general for her utterances and threats ,” he said.

He said the remarks amounted to “hate speech.”

Wa Jeffrey incited DPP cadets by calling them not to allow other politicians make inroads in what she called DPP home.

She  said Usi and Mia are political rebels that do not need to be tolerated as they are busy making political grounds across the country to fight against DPP government.

Wa Jeffrey is not far from the spotlight  as she  recently made headlines when she challenged that no person from the northern region will rule this country.

Her sentiments angered a lot of people and she was forced to put a spin to it.

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vuto ndi chamba anzathu
kuno ku NKK CHAMBA
timadya chofusa ngati
ndiwo za matsamba


winston msowoya
I would care very much If Manganya is harmed but,I would care the less if this Arab terrorist is roughed.The problem with Malawans is that,they are still sleeping they are not well educated in the affairs of the Middle East mentality.No African or black under our planet would attempt to involve himself or herself in political affairs in any Middle East State,that would in itself inviting brutal death but,these people would come to Africa and do anything they want,at will.These people,are imbued with toxic belief that Africans/Blacks are very inferior to any white thing.Banda knew this very well.It will cause… Read more »
nkhwiri inokwa

Wa jefrey shaaa may God guid you,,,you talk is like Jezabelo,,,mukayambitsa nkhondoyo okufa ndi anthu wamba osauka inu mayi ndalama mulinazo muzakwela ndege ndikuthawa,, my fellow malawians its high time we all unite and stop this nonsense of clapping hands every rubbish our leaders say,,, mind you there will never be any government that will develop your individual families,,you spend 10hrs pa msonkhano and get 200 kwacha instead of getting involved in various business activities instead of spend so many hours on these trash,,,, mayi analiko anzanu alikuti lero,,ng’omatu yolila paja okayyy,,remember DDP will never be in power for muyayay

Zander mutiuze

U are are speaking. Poorer u will be.

Should Jeffrey be condemned just to please the opposition? Jeffrey is doing a tremendous work to the party. Since she took the post of SG she has made so many people to join the DPP. The opposition is fearing that just within a short time she has attracted such a big number to the party what more with the remaining time? The worst thing to MCP is that the lady comes from NKK which MCP thinks can have more votes but the 2014 elections proved that NKK is not for MCP. Look ant Ntcheu which is from the centre but… Read more »
Alice Luhanga
Sad thing is that in our villages people don’t have radios because they can’t afford to buy a battery. They can’t afford to buy newspapers or go in internet to read all what is being said here For your voice to be held, go to the villages and tell people what is happening in our country.. Otherwise it is only me and you who are able to get what the people are talking about. People of Mulanje heard what they heard, so my fellow Malawians make a plan of reaching the grassroots for their informed decisions. Dada is very developmental… Read more »
Generation of Vipers

This woman is like a cancerous tumor that needs to be wiped out before infecting the whole Malawi. By the way is she married?

Zander mutiuze

She cant If u Malawians vote
right 2019. Politics is not life job. What she is doing is what Kaliati was doing. Her days are numbered. She will be a laughter and poor.

Let me warn DPP-Sec General wa Jef; We “the” people from eastern region are little by title dismantling ourserves from loving your DPP because this party has killed our UDF. Since DPP took over the government, nothing has done in the districts of Zomba, Mangochi, Machinga and Balaka instead they are just concentrating BT, Mulanje Thyolo, Chiradzulo and other near districts. Yesterday’s parliamentary debate; I saw Zomba based parliamentarian vowing DPP government for failing to fulfill its promise of contracting Zomba-masanjala road which has been skipped for the past three decades. This is done in Mangochi, Machinga and Balaka as… Read more »

sheeeeee koma mmayi ameneyu


Wake up DPP. This woman is from the Central region, please people should not think she is campaigning for DPP, she is actually a plant for one of the opposition party aimed at discrediting the ruling party. It is only, that we do not have an intelligent leader in DPP, this lady could have already been fired


She is from central region SO WHAT?! She is saying that not as a spokesperson of central region but as SG of DPP you twark!


Amai kodi ndale mwayamba liti nanu? Kunali anzanutu. Tread carefully.

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