DPP’s ‘Winiko’ Kalindo back Chilima-for-President crusade: ‘We are many against crocodiles surrounding good man Mutharika’

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) outspoken Mulanje South Member of Parliament Bon Kalindo has confirmed what the party’s national youth director Louis Ngalande  said that former first lady Callista Mutharika is not alone when she openly spoke about leadership change in favour of Vice-President Saulos Chilima, saying the movement  against President Peter Mutharika to represent the party in next year’s elections will come out in full force.

Kalindo: There are ‘crocodiles’ that have surrounded the President and are misleading him

Speaking on Zodiak Broadcasting Services, Kalindo, a comedian and an actor popularly known as Winiko in the arts industry, said Mutharika is a very good leader only that he is not in control of the government which he said is run by
unscrupulous people he dubbed “crocodiles” that have surrounded the President  for selfish reasons.

“The people who have surrounded the President do things to please their bellies, not Malawians, this is why we have the problem,” he said.

He underscored what Ngalande said that DPP is divided on the leadership issue, with a good section of the members rallying behind Chilima, aged 45, to represent the party in the May 2019 general elections as a presidential candidate.

Kalindo said former first lady Callista Mutharika is not alone in her crusade to put Chilima as the DPP presidential candidate, saying there is a movement which is ensuring that the vice president gets to the top.

“There are many of us and our leaders will be coming out in not to distant future to give the road map for regime change,” said Kalindo.

Asked by the journalist to clarify his regime change talk if it meant insurrection, Kalindo said they a democratic way of  letting Chilima to to represent the party in next year’s elections.

”The President is being misled by the crocodiles who have surrounded him that things are alright, no not at all. Things are not alright and I will not be a handclapper to mediocrity,” he said.

He said  some senior members of DPP will soon come out and express their views on the leadership issue, disclosing that meetings have been taking place and that Chilima would even be approached to succumb to the crusade for him to be torch bearer.

Kalindo said he remains a dedicated DPP member, challenging that he would always speak his mind whenever something is going wrong than to painfully join a team of hand-clappers even where “the train is taking a dangerous path”.

“I  led a ‘naked’ demonstration in Lilongwe  for the cause of people with albinism, and I also spoke against bloodsuckers. I will say it candidly when I see things are going in wrong direction as it in the DPP now because I  love my country and I look at issues of national interest beyond Lhomwe belt or my home district in Mulanje,” he said.

Kalindo said he is aware his frank talk will ruffle some feathers in government machinery who would plan to harm him, but he fears no more.

“Some people that have surrounded the President are fooling him, they are telling him that everything is rosy, but that is not right. He has been surrounded by crocodiles in the party and at State House who want to satisfy their potbellies. People are leaving us on the ground, so we need to field an energetic candidate in the name of Saulos Chilima,” said Kalindo.

Callista Mutharika, widow of former president Bingu wa Mutharika and sister-in-law to Peter Mutharika, on Saturday bashed the governing DPP, arguing she is airing her views to protect her in-law President Peter Mutharika from ‘beasts of prey’.

In the WhatsApp comment, Callista said Chilima was “the only hope for a better Malawi”And said DPP cannot win with Peter Mutharika as a presidential candidate

However, at a news conference on Thursday, DPP women said President Mutharika remains the party’s torch bearer in the 2019 elections.

They said Callista Mutharika should manage her personal problems with the Mutharika family through legal means rather than political means, urging her to realize that her time at State House is over and needed therefore to respect the President and first lady Gertrude Mutharika.

Civil rights activist Rafiq Hajat and political commentator George Phiri said president Mutharika can learn from Zimbabwe where Robert Mugabe was violently ousted from a party he founded, the Zanu-PF saying anything is possible in the DPP.

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Please understand politics.”In the party we have categories of people who make up the party.We have the followings;Owners, morale, donors , permanent employees and Aganyu”,Chilima in DPP ndi wa Ganyu.Was just picked to form a winning equation for only that particular time and it worked as
expected.Waganyu is never on the list of WILL for the family and is not family a member > He was just
lack to test that Post.Yomweyo syndrome is out date .Madam Calista.


I hope you’re aware in 2014 Chilima was picked to steal the votes because he knew how to.

kotakota mtalamo

Santana there is no sense in your comment, just wait and see what will happen to your lomwe party(DPP )Malawian are not fools


Winiko I thought you are more that, what I see from your outside,You also fall into YOMWEYO GRADE.
without evaluation,


Remembers that these young men are so cunning.These are the people that will school old presidentsLo how steal money from government coffers ,Do not compare a white man to African .Look at Kabila and Yaya Jamme ,they both went into the post very young and have brought a lot curse to their country.You want Palace to be turned into DISCO PUB?

Shit hole

I say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to Chilima if you want some one to lead DPP. DPP should sit and get organized and pick whoever they feel can lead them Not that way things started.Calista could do out of frustration or She has relationship with Chilima.Remember
Jesus was hanged just because of one Man who shouted louder than every body during court hearing and every body followed .Is this good method of choosing /or judgement.Tomorrow someone can wake up and say MUPHWIYO to lead DPP.These are CASH GATE AGES,Check who have cases and their ages.


All those who thought they will eat more with DPP government are disappointed and now what is left is barking like rabie dogs. Imagine Nagalande who was untouchable, now he cannot excercise that he will be in trouble, the same Kalindo. These people want in future to trouble SkC to say they campaigned for him so they can abuse the government. Simunati mubwereranso ku French cultural centre pano Kalindo cannot be voted to stand for DPP if even he stand for any other party in the same area he will be booted out. Au revoir Monsieur Kalindo. Va et repose.

winston msowoya
0n behalf of Malawian diaspora in Canada and USA, I would like to join a good number of patriotic Malawians who have come openly and principally to support Chilima for Presidency.He has tremendous qualification for leadership,one being trustworthy and two he is a real patriot and loved by the overwhelming majority of our people from North-South and East-West.Chilima is a non-tribalistic who would once again unite the hitherto disunited Malawians.It is Peter Muthalika and his obnoxious late brother Bingu Muthalika who enhanced tribalism in the country to divide and rule the people at will.Both of these crooked men came to… Read more »

Kalindo is like Mr Sandals. Very soon he will go to zomba mental hospital. He is not after Nchilima Michael usi his fellow commedian.
Moustache winiko,I listened to your speech. Was that English or Lomwe,,?. I wish you had spoken in
Lol we and someone to interpret in chichewa. With that brocken English you mean you are a member r of parliament ?Shame on you mulukhu I we.


mcp ilibe candidate chilima boma lenileni

The Patriot
Well spoken Winiko….kwao gule…the Mutharika song is no longer resonating with the populace! SKC is the real deal! Wacthing the press conference by the so called “DPP gurus” one can easily note the following: 1. The old guard in the DPP are for APM for their own slefish reasons indeed…ng’ona zenizeni! 2. The likes of Chaponda(maize gate), Dausi , Msaka(midnight six), and Mchacha will not stand a chance in Chilimas cabinet..hence their desperation! 3. The group except for Ntaba and Kutsaira are all Southern Region die hards who believe that as Southerners they are entitled to rule Malawi! Chilima has… Read more »

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