Dzuka Malawi: Where to after 53 years? A nation of lazy hand-clappers, young demons

We have bred a nation of lazy hand clappers, a nation of young demons who are still used by party officials to hack innocent people who do not subscribe to their party philosophy despite 23 years of multiparty democracy, we celebrate a dictator’s birthday and abolished a democracy restoration day, we are a disgusting nation, adults trample upon young ones to watch free football, we then take photos of the innocent dead and splash them across our social media while calling ourselves human rights defenders, we celebrate nudies of secondary students and spend weeks talking of oversize boots and shoes of our disgraceful team, which the Fools Association of Malawi- which we sadly delegated a mini-dictator-life President says being booted after losing to unknown teams and draws is an achievement.

We have angry activists, who finds fault in every development but have shallow idea how to even move forward their briefcase organisations to employ more Malawians. They ride in the most expensive vehicles to visit poor peoples projects and condemn Government seems to be their most visible achievement.

We clap hands, yes loudly to harassment of Vice President Saulosi Chilima and start screening his every other speech. Interestingly even the media, with its angry columnists fail to remember that as MD of Airtel Angoni Chilima used to speak candidly. He has not changed with politics- its us with political googles we want to interpret every speech different.

In the past 53 years, out biggest achievements have been praise singing, gossip and pulling others down, public thievery, advocating for subsidies instead of loans to self-development, introduction to unsustainable consumption and freebies.

In Malawi, today, is among the few countries in the world, where one is born and dies accessing free health care, we expect Government to look after our health and donors to put signpost “tinaleka unyela ntchire.” We send our children to school and expect Government to pay Teachers well while our kids or ourselves don’t contribute a dime. We then, if we are in the villages expect Government to give us seedlings and fertiliser to grow our food.

In short, Government supports our sexual ventures by giving us free condoms, supports our toilet visits by giving us free food and we expect to develop while the only thing we participate with full energy is human reproduction, drinking alcohol and now peddling gossip and sharing if not nudes but pictures of innocent dead children.

If you are educated enough to read this entry of mine after some time, take time to start thinking one time of society have you contributed. Stop thinking about Peter Mutharika to provide everything free for you, your family and rural folks.

Look back, 53 years if all of us, with God given land and hard work produced food, paid our dues to the state and schools and health facilities, we could have a right to demand a better service.

The crooks we elected to Parliament believe they deserve 70 percent increment and deny the same to all of us. Allowance for public services have not been revised for 8 years, but our privileged geckos in Parliament have had all sorts of increments, 36 million kwacha loans, paid gratuity midway and for God’s sake even demand more from the same skeleton of finances.

Forget donors, the USA Ambassador should be ashamed of preaching democracy to us. Her President is intimidating journalists every turn. We can offer our MISA Malawi to educate US media on how to defend themselves from errant dictators like Donald Trump. The United Kingdom is in state of disaster- a rejected Prime Minister sticking around after bribing a small party with one billion pounds.

IMF and World Bank are the biggest sick jokes, they have no interest in Malawi. They stopped public investment and give us a peanut US$120 million for five years and even suspend it. For heavens sake lets move on Malawi, lets redefine what we want.

I can rant a whole nine page on how far we have come, but  I don’t want to sound like Henry Kachaje and Billy Mayaya or Dr Hetherwick Ntaba (The deceased property grabber in chief), Yappie Mhango and Greselder Jeff wa Jeffrey.

After a month holiday, I say Dzuka every Malawian man and woman- where do you want you and me and collectively our nation to go next. We live once, we can surrender to poverty by continuing our politicking, nepotism and fighting, or we can develop ourselves and work hard as individuals to develop our familes. Lets teach our children free things can kill you, we sadly lost those innocent children, May their Souls Rest in Peace.

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