Dzuka Malawi: Dear Malawians, We are all corrupt!

If someone asked you whats wrong with Malawi, the simple answer is Malawians. The whine a lot, facebook all their political frustrations and then turn on their “zigoba” and spread rumours. Yes we are a proud gossip, rumour mongering, corrupt and lazy nation.

Then we have a huge disease of admiring and knowing more about outsiders. Half of social media politicians ask them who Chitipa Wenya or Nsanje Lalanje or Thyolo Thava MP is, they absolutely have no idea. They know how to insult, gossip and complain.

If you want Malawi to change, start by changing your tribality and blind loyalty, stop expecting Government to give you free maternity services, free vaccine for your wife and baby and later free education for your offspring and finally free fertiliser to feed your family. Socialism is killing Malawi.

We cant spend 120 billion kwacha every year and nobody produces enough. Why not give subsidised fertiliser to those that can produce more and stop wasting foreign exchange on debates of Kaloswe and Kakhoswe and company.

If you want to see how petty we are, look at all of us are failing to accept that no money was lost in Zambian deal and Kaloswe deal was cancelled in June, 2016. For Gods sake, why should we pay allowances (Yes Kapito used Southern Regional Water Board resources) to essentially tell us what we know. The very pathetic Civil Society chasing ghosts based on DPP internal political battles.

Please no more maize whatever, its an insult to our intelligence. The contract was cancelled some 8 months ago and probing the same is a waste of my taxes. If you can do that without allowances and suggestions to travel to Zambia to basically hear the same story, I will gladly offer my ox-cart to take you there.

Then we are all obsessed with Prophet Bushiri. Da move on, forget Bushiri as President Bakili Muluzi would say, sayenda pakhomo pa amanu. Yes it was Muluzi who coined that and Khumbo Kachali got himself in hot soup for trying to be Muluzi. Don’t imitate Muluzi in politics, zizakutsalira.

Finally lest examine ourselves, honestly if we have to move an inch from corruption. We offer money to Chiefs to acquire land, we offer bribes to Police, Road Traffic, Immigration, Prison and even in Church for priests to bless our unholy marriages.

We literally bribe our way everywhere. Our airports, borders with MRA and Police stink of corruption.

Corruption, apart from gossip and sex are our trade marks. We cant deny them or wish them away. Unless we stop ourselves offering bribes for everything we want to be assisted with, nothing will happen.

If I want a land at Malawi Housing, City Council and Ministry of Lands, I am supposed to prepare kangachepe for me to be assisted to acquire public land. Many have paid without success and I know girls who offered their bodies for an MHC house in Nkolokosa or Area 18.

The problem of being lazy, is that you literally live a life of begging without knowing. Your friends and relations even avoid asking you how are you, because the answer is a litany is how unfair life is.

You spend whole day on facebook, whatsapp, beg airtime and then chase women or men for sex and you expect to progress. You earn 100,000 you want to drive, drink at cockpit and pose for Instagram everyday yet you are a civil servant- you will bribe or steal, the easiest way out.

Malawi will only develop when we stop being lazy, stop electing leaders based n our tribe and stop worshipping fellow human being. Our nation will develop only when we stop paying extra for things people are supposed to get for free.

Malawi will start changing its course in history, if we wake up, yes Dzuka Malawi, stop paying bribes to get a service. Stop believing stealing is a way out. It’s a short glory. The powerful have been humbled, the rich now spend all their times in court.

Dzuka Malawi, stop supporting a party because it comes from your region. Scrutinise every one who needs your vote. Be wary of anybody telling you that there is a free lunch. Stop dancing for politicians and stop your wife, mother and sister from shaking their buttocks for a few notes of kwacha.

Only when we start believing that we can work ourselves out of poverty and not politicians, will Malawi stop being a corrupt nation. For now, we are all corrupt!

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Speak for yourself, you rotten, piece of cow manure! Who told you that your opinion applies to everybody in a country of 15 million you shameless ignoramus?

Anderson Benson

He has hit a nerve isnt it? kkkkkk its like he is speaking to your sould isnt it? hahahahah

igama lami
To say that we are all corrupt is wrong generalization…but to say that most Malawians are corrupt is, in my view VERY TRUE. I am a Malawian self-employed consultant who makes clean money. Long time ago, I decided that I will not apply for government consultancies because they are among the most corrupt deals…with people asking for as high as 50% cut for doing what they are employed to do and even then, an office accounts clerk will want palm oiling for him to release the cheque. To me that is trash and I made my decision to say NO,… Read more »
Rudo is a poor writer because he generalises issues. He writes from emotions. How can he say all Malawians are corrupt, really? Has he done any analysis of people engaged in corruption? Malawians are not lazy as he wants readers to believe. They work very hard to produce food. They leave their houses early in the morning to cultivate their fields. Do you call that lazy? The low production is structural in nature and not laziness. Very few people spend their time on facebook, twitter etc. Rudo does even know that the majoriy of people on new media are the… Read more »

Rudo penapakeso mumaonjezaso bwanji?


So, for this bonehead of a writer if everyone is corrupt then people should not talk against it and instead should just watch it. Stupid fool!


Does the writer know that what kills Malawi is high level corruption? Does he know that there is positive correlation between corruption and underdevelopment. Ugalu bwanu! Osangokhala ngati mulibe zolemba bwanji?

chapson mkwatulo
I feel very sick when I read in papers that “No money was paid therefore there is no corruption/fraud.” Really? It simply means people do not know what they are talking about. Take it from me fraud and corruption can take place at different stages and levels. People involved in corruption/fraud can still make financial gains at various stages. In this case of maizegate, although Kaloswe has not been paid by the Reserve Bank of Malawi but it is possible that those who planned to benefit could still be paid in advance because there was a promise that they will… Read more »

You are very spot on


Malawian women show off their backside and the men admire that is the only thing they can do or pretend to be religious and attend church regular. Hahahahahahahaha


I disagree with the writer on the point that the maizegate investigation should not be pursued. Is not knowing the truth, yes only the truth worth the exercise? The writer should know that corruption is not just exchange of money.

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