Dzuka Malawi: Fire corrupt cartels Mr President or else you will be scaked through the ballots

“A king is not elected, a president is elected. And I want to tell you what your rights are. If I go wrong, you have every right to deselect me, at the next election.  I want this principle established. You must know what your rights are. I am your servant, not to be served by you; I am the one who serves, the same as all my ministers, we all serve you,” Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, First President of Zambia, 1 May, 1965.

Until Saturday 30 July, I did not think President  Peter Mutharika was capable of firing anybody. Of course I know very few people that have been fired at the start. But many have been redeployed or sent on a funny job title. Look at the poor Ministry of Information,  it has not one but two technical advisors both former tenants of the Presidential Press Secretary room at Kamuzu Palace.Dzuka Malawi

To create space one had to be moved to the Department of Trade and the poor guy with no marketing skills was asked to market ‘Buy Malawi’ Campaign. I can go on, but gross misallocation of people is always baffling. The dude is an editor why not send him to become Editor of Boma Lathu or This is Malawi to improve the once pride of the nation.

I remembered all this as I got the news of General Ignacius Maulana whilst visiting Zingwangwa Newlines pubs after some time. The place is dying. Apart from garage and the old church hall down, there is nothing much to call that once thriving trading post which had all sorts of shops, garages and pubs. The short cut to Chimwankhunda’s through Malingamoyo reminded  me of how we knew Blantyre as a thriving city.

Those that lived in Malawi when it was a land of fear and honey, will remember. We feared the Lion Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda’s state terrorism machinery but we got all the basics to compensate our singing and “forced gifts” to his wise, terror and dynamic leadership.

There was night life in Blantyre from Drive Inn Cinema to Apollo Theatre and even big screen at Kudya Hotel. There was Hotel Chisakalime in Limbe, Motel 84 at Mapanga and of course Malawian entrepreneurs were genuine and thriving.

We manufactured bus and vehicles, we called it Body by Mandala, PEW gave us double decker buses assembled right in Makata and the HF trailers were exported to Zambia, Zimbabwe and other countries with the tag Made in Malawi.

The cities used to have proper public transport systems. Public buses called city lines that used time, a reflection of an organised society that even one sole radio then Phillip Mwala Moyo would joke every 6.50AM, “bus silinda munthu” and he would question himself, “O Mwala, ine nnaona bus ikulinda anthu” he would say “kampani yosauka.” Yes even radio had real talent in Chichewa.

Agrimal produced hoes and farm inputs, Malawi Pharmacies drugs not Asian cartels we know today reaping off our hard earned taxes. We produced shoes with Bata and GEP, we had a nightlife at Makata Industrial and Kanengo Industrial areas. Today they are dead places after 6pm.

We had proper bands; Police Orchestra with Statesman Samangaya, Alpha Strings, MBC, Love Aquarius, Kalimba and Makasu among others. Some went to BBC music chart. Studio and producers refused to record noise we call music today. No wonder Chechamba is horrified by what we call music.

I am talking of Blantyre alone, not many great things outside the city I was born. Townships were smart there used to be flower and gardening competition in the City, the Mayor had trophies and of course we had decent entrepreneurs, the Phoya’s, Chinsima’s, Tikumbe’s Kansawa, Tuwiches Malenga, the Khoromana’s, Katola the Builder, Flamingo, Blue Bird, Saidi of Namiwawa Lodge and many more others that made you proud to belong to a decent society.

I was thinking all this as I walked from Malingamoyo to the Chimwankhunda market. I remembered the colourful Zion church, we used to come Sunday afternoon and watch their music and dance in praise of God.

But that’s all memories.

Corruption is now endemic in Malawi, standards of even a decent bus that operates on time is gone. Even the quality of music is now reduced to ugly noise with foreign tunes and accent by wanna be pretenders.

Today, I decided to write to President Peter Mutharika, fire corrupt cartels. They are eating my country, our country and our motherland.

Fire those that gave MOVESA one company all the deals in Road Traffic, advertise and let everyone apply and pay annual license fees to government to offer COF, number plates and all services- competition Your Excellency brings prices down, brings more revenue to Government, of course brings more happy voters. You will be serving Malawian interest as Dr. Kaunda says.

Fire all those  that have caused us to pay back MWK400 million to World Bank. These are not reformists, they want to bring you down. They serve their interests, your mission is to serve and save Malawi from ruin. Paying back money to donors meant for internal controls shows someone did not do their job. Fire them.

Investigate all NGOs who raise money in the name of Malawi outside, let them bring their statements and balance transfers they have made to Malawi. Ethiopia asked for it, NGOs have no other business but DAPP report on BBC tells us we are being ripped off again of billions.

Fire Lucas Kondowe from Anti Corruption Bureau, or simply deploy him where he will do less damage. He is the first ACB director in news about himself than about fighting corruption.

First someone deposited money into his account, later he almost stopped Bakili Muluzi case, he had another matter with your man Richard Makondi now he is in fight with Raphael Kamoto over MERA after promsing to put the project into “neutral gear.”

Whatever purpose Lucas is serving at ACB, dump him fast. He will cost you an image and eventually votes in the next 45 months when we go to elections. Remember Joyce Banda backed Paul Mphwiyo publicly or by not firing him, voters had long memory at the ballot, she now lives outside the country.

Put it simple Sir, fire all cartels. There are there in fertiliser, government contracts, road traffic, Malawi Defence Force, Treasury, Parliament and almost every other angle.

Hardworking businesses are closing, corrupt businesses are thriving costing Malawians at this hour of economic need more than necessary. Review all major contracts and lets us re-open many bids to be smaller and cost effective in delivery.

Dzukani  Your Excellency, Dzuka Malawi. Fire the Minister of Education for burying his head in sand when the Chancellor College matter started and the University Council Chair for leaving it to you to be insulted and then do their job to meet the students. They should have met the students before demonstrations. Since you solved their issues, they are incompetent, grossly so that the best is you do the work yourself to serve Malawians.

Your Excellency, fire non performing Ministers, PS’s and all cartels. Let public service accept responsibility. Serve interests of Malawians. Continuing and failing to fire such corrupt cartels in Malawi is costing your image. Your image of serving Malawians means more votes in the next few 45 months.

If you don’t fire these failures or corrupt cartels, voters could decide to fire you…. Again only 45 months to go. Not much of time left!

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Timve Ziti
Timve Ziti
5 years ago

What an article. What truth. Well written and not biased. Summed up life in the Kamuzu days so well. Where has it all gone to? We should have improved on it by now instead we have gone backwards. Very sad. Chonde APM read this article. We need a martyr of a president to fix our country. Our country is in the icu and time is running out. No outsider will sort out this mess. We have to do it ourselves from the top going down. Let’s unite with one purpose. United we stand divided we fall. Malawi was once upon… Read more »

wozindikira ndiwokonda balls
wozindikira ndiwokonda balls
5 years ago

rudo, its not everyone who understands clearly wht you write. this is a well articulated article that exposes the weakneses of our president. remember when he was the minister of education during his brothers presidency? he was crappy. ngogona. I am not even surprised that he is claiming that sakudziwa the 7 most loyal ministers in his government who are corrupt. akuwuza ana zimenezi? indeed 45 months to go and lets see what will happen. I pray that he wakes from his deep sleep and start realising that the more he relies on chaponda and friends he will be like… Read more »

The Analyst
The Analyst
5 years ago

O…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………O The mistake that u Rudo are making, is assume that APM is a stranger in town. A man who has been living in Pluto with no any contact with Malawi; hence has no knowledge of any of things you mentioned. . . . But can we find comfort in lying to ourselves that APM doesnt know any of, or all these things? . . . Are you sure that the news that the World Bank is asking for a 400mn refund hasnt yet reached APM? . . . Maybe sakudziwa; coz pajatu even the 577bn report ija sanaionebe iai.… Read more »

5 years ago

Good pieces of advice. But the ears a deaf.

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