Ex-speaker Mpasu says Chaponda playing a dangerous game: Warns on parliamentary contempt

Former Speaker of Parliament has warned embattled Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda  of a contempt of parliament for his failure to appear before the parliamentary inquiry on maizegate.

Mpasu: It’s sad that Chaponda is behaving larger than the law

Chaponda was scheduled to appear before the before the Parliamentary inquiries alongside Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) chief executive officer Foster Mulumbe on Friday but did not show up.

The former speaker Sam Mpasu said Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya can expel him from parliament for disobeying a parliamentary summon.

“He is playing a dangerous game. He is shooting himself in the feet,” said Mpasu.

Mpasu said he will need the same courts he is snubbing to help him when parliament expels him.

The parliamentary inquiry summoned Chaponda to hear his side of the story on reports that he was involved in suspicious dealings, along with Admarc CEO, Foster Mulumbe, in the procurement of maize from Zambia.

Chaponda said he received the invitation to attend the inquiry proceedings late as he was in Blantyre.

But Mpasu, who is the president of New Labour Party, said for a learned lawyer to defy a High Court order and now snub parliament is self destruction of his career as President Peter Mutharika will always not be there to protect him.

“In other countries, the Speaker would have ordered for his arrest,” said Mpasu.

The parliamentary committee, under Section 60 of the Constitution, has powers to summon anyone, including Cabinet ministers.

Meanwhile, the High Court in Mzuzu will on Tuesday make its ruling on whether Chaponda should be suspended or not following an application by the attorney general.

The Attorney General went to the court some weeks ago to cancel an injunction obtained by civil society groups to restrain Chaponda from working.

The civil society leaders also say they are going to the same court on Tuesday to file for contempt of court after Chaponda went to Germany on official duties after the court ordered him to be on suspension.

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15 thoughts on “Ex-speaker Mpasu says Chaponda playing a dangerous game: Warns on parliamentary contempt”

  1. Kantonji says:

    It’s very sad how some of you are commenting on Mpasu’s comments. Remember that Mpasuwas once speaker and is talking out of knowledge. So beware, if you think Mpasu is a politically frustrated idiot, just “google” CONTEMPT of PARLIAMENT and appreciate the wisdom of the former speaker of parliament.

  2. Madala says:

    Some of you commenting here are ignorant of what honorable Mpasu is saying or you deliberately want to ignore his point for political reasons. First of all Mpasu is a bonafide citizen of this country and is entitled to all rights and freedom of expression is one. No one is barred from exercising these rights irrespective of his or her political background or what so ever. If those people who served in previous governments have valid ideas worth the salt, why not use them. It is irrefutable fact that DPP and its mafias being novices in the political game have also failed us big time.Mpasu simply said Chaponda is risking contempt of parliament by not appearing before the parliamentary committee. The speaker in this case can expel him from parliament and order for his arrest. On the other hand, Chaponda is also risking a contempt of court for disobeying a court order and the courts can also order for his arrest. That is finishing himself politically, because once he is convicted of any of these cases, he can not stand for any political position for 7 years and that will be the end of him. I think this is all what Mpasu is saying. Actually this is the feeling that every sane Malawian is holding. We know that some of you take it political and you don not see things in the same way. Sorry for that.

  3. koma abale inu eeh says:

    Mr. Mpasu, with all due respect, you are getting carried away here: you should point out that you are expressing a political opinion, rather than a legal one.

    Tell us which country or countries you are referring to when you say: “In other countries, the speaker would have ordered for his (Bwana Chaponda’s) arrest.” Examples please, and they’d better be democratic countries, too. That (arresting the Bwana) seems to me what would have happened during Kamuzu’s MCP dictatorship. And, considering not only your position, but of many others’, during that dark era, I doubt if you yearn those “Stalin” days. The Speaker can probably sanction the Bwana, but NOT in the form of “Unyolo” (getting him arrested). Get real.

  4. DPP says:

    Being a lawyer does not mean you can not lose a case,We have seen lawyer being imprisoned eg Ralph Kasambala.

  5. Mbewe says:

    A convicted criminal taking the moral high ground to advise a suspect. #Malawi.

  6. Gilemu Namitambo says:

    VIVA Chaponda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are our next president

  7. Gilemu Namitambo says:

    Zoona zake Alfred mkuluyu wakalamba komanso frustration he knows kuti his dreams of ruling this country 1 day are over. Osapanga retire politics bwanji muzakalima ndikuvina Ingoma ku Ntcheu koma kaka kachipani kamu brief case . Chaponda made it clear that he is not refusing to appear before PAC but the problem was the time he recieved the communication since he was in BT and he has stated that he is willing to appear b4 it if hes given another chance. Nawe iwe Owen Khamula why are you always targeting Chaponda ??????

  8. Gilemu Namitambo says:

    i agree with you Alfred Mpasu is a frustrated guy coz khumbo lake lofuna kulamula dziko lino ngati president lakanika ndikachipani kawo kamu brifikesi angofuna kupanga attract attention zaziiiii. Chaponda has said he did refuse to appear before PAC but he received the communication late and he has said he’s willing to appear before it if called again

  9. Mgoloso says:

    Sam Mpasu – join politics actively otherwise your reactions are out of frustration of your own political failures. Nothing tangible do we expect from people like you who miserably served Malawians and made us stop trusting politicians.

    Bad memories of your time are still fresh in our minds – Please, STOP making noise coz you remind us of old bad times we went through during your time

  10. Kkkkkkkkk says:

    Let’s him play his dirty game trying shoot himself on his bare foot. I think CHIPONDA whatever you mention is so stupid he thinks dpp is above the law. We are watching him very keen.

  11. Alfred Minjo says:

    A Mpasu, mwakalamba eti?? the commission which requested him to appear before it is a parliamentary commission of enquiry and not the court. If it was the court requesting him and he refuses that would be a different story all together. Mwina munene kuti there was a contempt of court after he travelled to Berlin, if there is any case atall. Remember, this guy is also a lawyer, he can not sink so low and be so stupid and dump to behave the way he behaved. Let us all see.

    1. Mlomwe says:

      Mr Alfred..u r very damn stupid

      1. Mweene says:

        I’ll defend Minjo anytime from internet trolls and abusers like you. You deserve no space here – calling anyone stupid! Stop it, and get civilized for a change. will you? Asa.

    2. njoya man says:

      @Alfred Minjo please understand what Mpasu is saying. He is talking of contempt of parliament not court. Perhaps you don’t know that know that the constitution empowers parliament to summon anyone for questioning. Tikamati anthu aku mwela nimbuli you say it’s an insult.

    3. DPP CLUELESS says:

      no understand it very clearly brother. Parliament has duty to call any person (MPs, Ministers and Presidents) to accountability. He was not summoned by court but the parliament committee which was assigned to prove the maize-gate. Do proper research before commenting on the issue. It shows you have not understood his line of argument.

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