Success in business is not Satanism, Prophet Bushiri tells Malawi youth symposium

Success in business is about research, dedication, connection and hard work, not Satanism, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has told Malawians.

Bushiri delivering his speech to the youth

One of the speakers Leon Matanda welcomes Prophet Bushiri

Edward Chileka one of the speakers

Christopher Chimangeni national cordinator of CYAMA

Ecstancy of Major gets into Robins Park

Crowds wave at Bushiri at Robin Park

Some youth braved the unruly weather to attend

South Africa-based Prophet Bushiri is the leader and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church  and also a cash-rich enterprenuer.

Bushiri addressing crowds of youth in Robins Park

He made the statement to tens of thousands on Saturday that jam-packed in and outside Robins Park, Blantyre where he was an invited guest speaker at a Christian Youth Business Symposium organised by Christian Youth Association of Malawi (Cyama).

Prophet Bushiri—who is also the President of Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI)—dispelled superstitious attitudes Malawian have on successful business people.

“The devil is there to kill, to steal and to destroy. Let us not glorify the devil. If it is true that the devil gives riches, so many people, then, could have been rich,” he said.

The Prophet, therefore, encouraged Malawians to develop a spirit of working hard to succeed in business.

Specifically targeting the youths, Prophet Bushiri challenged them to emancipate themselves from unfounded beliefs that Christians are supposed to live a poor life.

Bushiri, fondly called Major 1 or Papa revealed he is yet to read a verse in the Bible that advances that Christians are supposed to be poor.

Underlining that poverty is not holiness, the Malawian born and raised Man of God singled out Biblical figures such as Abraham, Solomon and David, among others, whom God blessed with riches.

“God wants us to work hard, exploit what we have and create a better world for everybody,” he said.

The Prophet—whose SBI has many subsidiaries in South Africa, South Sudan and Zambia, among others—showed his extensive knowledge in the country’s mining potential when he detailed different mineral deposits Malawi has and how Christian youths can invest in them and prosper.

Not only that.

The Prophet also used his extensive experience and travels across the world to link youths to different investment opportunities in different African countries.

Tanzania, Zambia and Botswana have so many mineral deposits, he said.

He added by promising that he very available to work with and support any Christian youth who has a genuine business idea.

“I don’t find it sensible for somebody to just ask for money. Money never comes easily. If somebody wants a bit of some capital, let them come up with a business proposal that makes sense. I would be willing to partner or support such a person,” he said.

Another interesting part of the day, was how the Prophet, during the plenary of his presentation, engaged the people on question and answer.

He opened the floor to anybody—both in and outside Robins Park—who had a question related to what one needs to be successful in business.

During the question time, which took 50 minutes, saw 15 people raising various questions to the Prophet in areas, such as, accessing business capital, licencing, potential investors to partner, business breakthrough and taxation, among others.

Bushiri, during the plenary, showed his mettle in calmness when he, convincingly, responded to all the questions to the amazement of everybody present.

He answered all questions with ease and respect—to the extent of inviting even some who were raising the questions for a handshake and prayer.

The Prophet, who last year distributed tonnes of maize to people whose crops were destroyed by climate change induced climate change, proved, during the Robbins Park, that he has a strong empathy for the Malawians.

The hall packed to capacity by 9am—just an hour after the official opening. This forced thousands to follow proceeding outside the hall. However, the Prophet saw it differently. As such, he could teach alternatively in ad outside the hall.

Besides Prophet Bushiri, there were also other speakers who included  Leon Matanda, a lawyer; Edward Chileka, an entrepreneur and Cosmas Luwanika, an insurance expert.

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17 thoughts on “Success in business is not Satanism, Prophet Bushiri tells Malawi youth symposium”

  1. JK says:

    I appreciate Major s contribution but the problem in Malawi is that GOVERNMENT People are so jelous when a fellow Malawian succeed. They think you ant to be a President, Shame on DPP and God is still rulling to the foolest

  2. kondwani says:

    Who is the devil whom many Malawians seem to know? so bent on the devil. wake up fellow country men. Let us leave this young man alone.

  3. G Chapota says:

    Major 1 is something else!!!!! respects to Major 1 he articulates both spiritual and physical facts with such dexterity . God bless Major 1, let him bring some sanity to the Malawians

  4. Beston chagala says:

    I love major one.God bless you as you bless others.I love your God.

  5. Major Boma says:

    Now I appreciate calls for Major 1 to be voted president of the republic of Malawi 2019. This boy has insights and can lead Mallawi to prosperity within three years.

  6. Iyi ndiye satanism timanena ija ngakhale mau mu bible akunena kuti masiku osiriza satana azavala chikopa cha nkhosa ndicholinga choti akasocheretse m’ngakhale osankhidwawo

    1. CHIPI KAZEMBE says:


  7. Dalitso says:

    We need more of such inspirational and motivational talks and more action of course.

  8. John says:

    Good Job well done, Prophet Major 1. Let those who have ears hear.

  9. Christian says:

    Big-up christians!

  10. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Well done. I hope this is just a beginning. Those who can attend with open mind, please do so.

  11. Bk phiri says:

    Shame to Malawi Voice and MBC for portraying negatives about the function and some of us were not surprised at their mediocrity because fish rots from the head. I attended the function and when I saw negative reports I new that the devil is at it again.

  12. Dzuka says:

    The question still remains: how did u start to be where you are today? where did u start? what path did u take? as an inspirational speaker those are the questions i would want u to answer…. You are rich yes and Good luck to that.. A motivational speaker koma u tell pipo about miracle money… tell them to work hard, put God first and never fear in all their bussiness adventours.
    pleaase! Every time you speak its like you are fighting someone, fight the devil spiiritually and let others follow…

    1. Acquila says:

      People who dnt know rather ignorant owez argue about things they dnt know. One of them is u.

    2. Bk phiri says:

      Dzuka I wish you attended the function coz he gave that back ground and the path he has travelled. Am told Zodiak is going to re broadcast the function and I urge you to spare some time to follow what transpired.

    3. ju says:

      the devil was bten already on cross my dear. u just need to enjoy ur lif jesus gave u

  13. Mzengi says:

    As a Youth I was greatly inspired by the Prophet Major 1 . He showed extensive knowledge in business, talking about Real Estate, Mining, imagine he said, one can open a sand mine which he said is good monies. if one can have a lot of quality sand to supply to big construction projects that could fetch a great fortune. On real estate , he said do feasibility study of the land or building. Who owns it, is it having court issues, how strategic is the area where land is being sold. etc. the facts go on and on. I was challenged by his presentation, not politics attached. keep it up Major 1. May God bless you . The writer of the article has also written very well.

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