Exposed: Presidential ‘spin doctor’ Molande out to destroy MalawI Police boss Kachama, VP Chilima

State House Director of Communications, Dr. Bright Molande, is said to be the mastermind of a destructive propaganda campaign against Police Inspector General (IG) Dr. Lexen Kachama and Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima in a sure drive to destroy the two top government officials’ image and careers, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Molande: State House spin doctor out on dirty politics

Lately, there have been published stories depicting Kachama as a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) sympathizer and that he aspires to stand on the party’s ticket in the 2019 parliamentary race.

Last week Molande and his team ‘photoshopped’ Kachama’s wife into a picture where MCP supporters in Lumbadzi were welcoming former cabinet minister Halima Daudi into the party.

The picture made rounds on social media in the process making some people believe that the IG is indeed an MCP plant in the law enforcement service.

It is not clear why Molande is targeting the IG, but the sources claimed he wants to force the IG to resign on morality grounds and then he can ‘nominate’ his favourite replacement – Duncan Mwapasa .

According to impeccable sources, Molande has also waged a victimization campaign against Dr. Chilima, directing Ministry of Information and Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) officials to give the VP news ‘blackout’.

A top official at the VP’s office have confirmed that every time government-owned news agencies carried out stories about the Veep, Molande could lash out at Ministry of Information Principal Secretary, Justin Saidi, instructing him to order his ‘boys’ at Ministry of Information to retract the stories.

“Chilima has for a long time been denied coverage and publicity on all government-owned platforms including state-run MBC. However, things have changed after President Arthur Peter Mutharika got wind of the developments and ordered Molande to end his evil schemes forthwith or face the chop,” she said, preferring anonymity.

Another source at State House claimed that Molande has been scheming to backstab officials close to President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and First Lady at State House in his bid to be relevant.

“Immediately he arrived at State House, he dismantled the whole communications team and replaced them with his boys who he uses to victimize others through weird policy decisions,” he said, adding that Molande personally hired seasoned journalist Charles Mpaka from Times Group where he was the chief reporter to become his assistant at State House and is said to be in-charge of the propaganda tabloid The Globe newspaper.

Meanwhile, the reversal of policy by APM on Chilima has left Molande in a quagmire as he is unsure he would survive in his job at State House, according to the State House source.

“Obviously the President was furious when he heard about news blackout on his vice perpetrated by a mere Communication Director. The worst may still come,” he said, without elaborating.

According to Molande’s colleagues at Chancellor College where he worked as senior lecturer in English department, he boasts that President Mutharika cannot make any decision without his input.

Molande could not pick phone calls when Nyasa Times attempted to seek his comment.

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Keen Observer

The issue here is not about this government but an individual who is greedy & jealousy not this government. Is director of communications government? He is not in the executive arm of government , he is not a government minister. If you talk of Dausi & say this government then yes it’s true cos he is a cabinet minister & that’s part of the executive arm of government not director of communications.

You are now tired of writing ill about APM and Chilima. A day could not pass without writing propaganda on the two. Shame came on you the first day the VP disclosed his mind on the party and his boss. He said he is now a soldier and ready to go to the field to fight for the party win in 2019. That was the speech which made the opposition open its bowels on that day at Biwi Triangle. The whole opposition and its scribes could not believe this was Chilima speaking. And now you have started to try another… Read more »

Molande may be an educated tutor; but remains to be a stupid director of communication at House No.1 – judging from what has transpired so far

Dzimwale wamkulu

APM take this intelligence seriously and we would like to see Molande swiftly removed from the state house. The fact is he is there to detroy APM and the mighty DPP, we in the party have no problem with Chilima the crowd puller especial the majority voters – the younger generation. As for Kachama APM made a good and mature choice to balance the equation by not showing that he favour only southerners for high position. MOLANDE MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Asiyeni akufuna alomwe anzawo. And through this so called educated man i know that education only removes ignorance not stupidity. He is the same as Dausi with his grammar deficient english. This only shows that this government does not want anyone from the central region to hold a key position.

Kholowa mkabudula

A gule mwangotchulapo central ndekuti ambwenuwa mmutu mwanu simuwelenga?

Damson Mbosanje

Simunati……..ikamafika 2018 nonse a DPP mukulira mokweza.

Blessings Magombo

wachamba uyu kkkk

Nganiza Muthulika

If this is true APM is having evil people around him. The best is to fire all Who obey this evil person. My question does education matters? This is educated people behaving like savages. Malawians are very jealous people. NO Wonder the nation is backwards. With mind of jealous nothing is developing.

Mulomwe osanyengerera
Mulomwe osanyengerera

This party is full of useless people.look at blue league .anthu wa kuba chimanga.people like Dimisani lindani and your group .your days are numbered

ndamwera zanga

Very true. He has gone to the extent of giving instructions to some parastals especially LWB. he thinks he is a genius his days are numbered. moreover cadet ali kudzuwa iye anali mu aircon.


Molande, molande molande,You will soon follow the footsteps of Jefu wa Jefu

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