DPP turn down resignation of SG Wa Jeffrey

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has refused to accept the resignation from its Secretary General  Grezeder wa Jeffrey,  Nyasa Times understands.

Jeff wa Jeff: DPP secretary general says party leaders should leave door open for defectors

DPP insiders say Wa Jeffrey offered  her resignation to the State President Peter Mutharika, who is also the party leader.

However, the resignation was rejected after the President  spoke to her.

Wa Jeffrey simply stated that she wants to step down without giving reasons.

She has confirmed that the party has refused to accept her offer to resign and that she will keep holding the post in the meantime.

“I don’t want to be misquoted, I will remain DPP Secretary General that’s all I can say,” she said.

She has also been told to speak on MBC TV and radio that she still holds the position.

Asked what made her to resigns, Wa Jeffrey insisted she could not comment.

” I am not commenting ,” she said.

The development comes when an epic leadership battle promises to ensue within DPP, with individuals strategically positioning themselves in readiness for the party’s national convention during the first half of 2018.

All national governing council (NGC) positions will be up for grabs, including that of party president, although it is a foregone conclusion- President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is likely to stay at the helm of the party, automatically winning the DPP presidential ticket when general elections are due in 2019.

Jeffrey wa Jeffrey, according to DPP insiders, was likely to fall during the national convention, claiming she has failed to live up to the DPP members’ expectations as the party’s CEO.

“The position of secretary general will be wide open. It is an open secret that she (Jeffrey) has been an embarrassment not only to the party leadership but to the entire establishment. She suffers from verbal diarrhea that has brought much ridicule to the party,” said the source.

According to the source, Jeffrey is likely to face stiff competition from former DPP administrative secretary, Clement Mwale; former DPP secretary general and Speaker of National Assembly, Chimunthu Banda, former DPP secretary general and National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) director under DPP, Bintony Kutsaira, among others.

According to the source, among the three ‘hot contenders’, Mwale comes out tops because of his “impeccable educational and professional credentials as well as his unquestionable loyalty to the party”, among some strengths.

Mwale is holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from Chancellor College and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Pebbles University in USA. He is currently studying for a PhD in Business Administration.

“He served as an administrator at the DPP national headquarters during the late President Bingu wa Mutharika’s time. He was the custodian of all party data and operation at policy levels on a daily basis. At the time when DPP was in ‘wilderness’, he was the administrative secretary,” said the source.

On the other hand, Chimunthu Banda is also well educated with good political history and stability. He once served as secretary general of the DPP before he became Speaker of Parliament.

She said while Chimunthu Banda has a glittering political career, he is loathed within the DPP for allegedly conniving with former President Joyce Banda and her PP administration to prevent Peter Mutharika from becoming Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

“Chimunthu Banda competed against Mutharika at the DPP national convention in 2013 and lost. Full of bitterness, he announced that he retired from active politics. DPP membership would be at pains to elect someone who is retiring from retirement; who obviously still holds grudges against some sections of the party following his convention loss,” she opined.

Kutsaira is the allegedly the worst of all candidates for the SG position, according to the source’s analysis. She claimed Kutsaira dumped the DPP in 2012 when it was rumoured Bingu wa Mutharika had passed away “even before government had made an official announcement”.

“His chances are extremely slim. He may wish not to try it at all. He joined People’s Party to save his job as NIB director. He is simply selfish,” she claimed.

Jeffrey wa Jeffrey refused to be drawn into “petty politics”, claiming she is too busy growing the DPP’s membership “to engage in useless political battles”.


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chaponda mchimanga

You have done well by rejecting her resignation, MCP ikuthibuleni bwino during the forth coming bye lections. Kkkkkkk


Kodi Clement Mwale yo wakupatsani ndalama eti? Nkhani apa ndiya SG koma zomuchemelera Mwale mpaka ma paragraph thooo! Mxiii

Those who are commenting here have to accept that their happiness after hearing the resignation of wa Jeffrey is being cut short. In the past they have been saying that Kaliati was damaging the party when she was on her peak as Information Minister. But the truth was that the iron lady was hitting them hard with her fluent in our vernacular and the Queen’s language. How Kaliati was destroying the party it was only the opposition who knew it. Surprisingly no member of DPP defected to any party giving Kaliati as the reason for the defection. Come the elections… Read more »

I think dziko ili likufunika mapemphero ochuluka. Anthu ochokera pansi pa nyanja achulukisa. Kutereku you dont see the spirit that is in this lady?


,s Mwale masters degree is fake. Pebbles hill university’s “headquarters” in Seborga, Italy is a room in a building used as a cellar, also the home of ten other diploma mills: Saint Bernard University, Eurasia Community College, Instituto Latinoamericano de Psicobiofisica – I.L.A.P.; St. Paul Ottawa College & University, Phoenix International University Europe, West Coast University – WCU; The International University; Miranda International University; Marquis Open University; and James Monroe International University[7]


Let her continue her work of destroying the already wounded DPP with her unwise mouth.


tuvi tokhatokha kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

wiseman from the east
wiseman from the east

Yes. We were worried with the resignation. Wa Jeffrey would have left her job of damaging DPP incomplete. So DPP’s refusal to accept her resignation is a positive thing for the opposition because the opposition is assured of continued self-destruction of the blue camp. In addition to nepotism, theft and corruption Wa Jeffrey complete the self-destruction cycle.

mathews malata

kkkk koma kumeneko, ooooooooodiuko MCP ijumpheko


We shall only accept her resignation after we have used her to our satisfaction…..


Kikikikikikikikiki! So even the whole kahuna cant see what the SG and the whole nation are seeing, and is at peace to turn down her resignation.
Nankununkha sazimva kununkha

Or is it that the Kahuna feels beaten flat and robbed of a straight credit as the SG has quickly resigned to save her face in a possible dismissal

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