The facts about getting Tay Grin to replace Fredokis

I am Wilkins Mijiga and I have been compelled to write because of developments that have been twisted and misrepresented about my employer National Bank of Malawi and those partners that the bank was working with in good faith to advance the cause of Basketball.

Fredokiss: No politics

Here is my side of the story

National Bank of Malawi engaged Sharp Brains, the agency behind Mizu Band, to get an artist to play at its K30 million College Basketball launch on 28th October 2017 at Blantyre Youth Centre.

Sharp Brains put forward several suggestions for artists including Tay Grin, Home Grown and Fredokiss as the likely artists for the college crowd

After a lot of persuasion the NBM team was persuaded to settle for Fredokiss.

Sharp Brains engaged him and agreed on a fee after negotiations and the bank approved the agreed fee.

The NBM team worked on follow up advert to its trail of adverts which incorporated Fredokiss based on the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ which waited the signing of the contract. It came out on Social Media and the papers on Thursday 26th October 2017.

That afternoon a Mr. Whayo purporting to represent the artist called Mr.Mijiga asking why the contract was taking long to sign.

Mr Mijiga committed to revert back to Mr Whayo in liaison with Sharp Brains.

When Mr Whayo was called back in the company of the artist they sounded uncooperative and Sharp Brains committed to go and resolve the issue right away.

Later in the day Sharp Brains called Mr. Mijiga to tell him they had bad news that was going to shock him, Fredokiss had pulled out. The explanation was that he was not happy that the bank went ahead and flighted a poster without the contract being signed.

Mr Mijiga being distressed and disappointed with the development asked Sharp Brains for an alternative artist and Tay Grin who was the first choice rapper was contacted and being a professional and gentleman he obliged

As damage control, Mr Mijiga immediately he had Tay Grin consent, contacted the graphic designer right away for a Tay Grin Flyer that was done right away and was flighted on Social Media on the morning of Friday 27 October 2017.

Meanwhile, immediately after the pulling out by the evening of Thursday the 26th of October 2017, Ghetto Entertainment went on social media to disassociate themselves with the Basketball launch event and urged their customers to not get moved.

Mr Mijiga later on got a Whatsapp message at 10.30am on Thursday the 26th Of October 2017 from Fredokiss which read: “Unprofessional….we do not have a contract and yet you have gone ahead using our brand and images” to which Mr. Mijiga responded “It is most unfortunate and the development is regrettable . We were informed that you and our agents had agreed to the terms which you yourselves sent through and was relayed to us.

“Ordinarily there is in business a gentleman agreement and we deal with lots of suppliers and customers who we do deals based on a gentleman agreement with the faith that the paperwork will be sorted out in due course .We proceeded in good faith based on that.”

“We therefore find this whole fiasco and the approach taken to be scandalising each other in public most unfortunate of professional business people like ourselves who are both academically exposed and professionals too.”

“But we will take the embarrassment and scandalisation in stride and put faith in the old age wisdom that time will be the judge. All the best”

Then Mr Fredokiss responded at 00.11 am on Friday the 27th of October 2017

“Hi Sir. I apologize for any inconveniences caused. I am sure you have no idea how stressful the whole process has been on our side. I tried to reach you on the same but you never responded. We called you and still we could not get your guy to sign the contract during the day. He seemed very occupied with other things and we felt we were not a priority in the whole thing. Last time we had a gentleman’s agreement a sponsor pulled out last minute so it was important for us just to have an agreement on paper based on the experience.”

“I am your son, don’t wish me bad luck. The post was not meant to humiliate or scandalize anyone. Some day you will get to realise I am not as bad as you might think now. Thanks!” And Mr Mijiga Perfectly understood.

“Misunderstandings happen in life. Even within ourselves we get conflicting thoughts so let forget this and move on” And at 00.22 am on Friday 27 October 2017 Mr Fredokiss replied “Thanks for Understanding. Am sure if it was someone like you in the discussions, we would not have come to this. Again, on behalf of the whole team, Apologies Sir!”

There ended the conversation

So I am failing to see how the above can be twisted into any political innuendos and I find this whole business bizarre and below the level of professionals.

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Wanangwa Nyirenda

Shame on you Nyasatimes for always formenting stupid animosity in the minds of Malawians. Chilichinse mukuikapo ndale. Even akalakwa wa opposition inu mumafuna anthu atukwane DPP shame.


Mr Mijiga, you are not saying the truth…. your gentleman agreement should have continued…… as a gentleman believing in gentleman agreement will you compensate Fredokiss? you have used his business to rule people


gentleman’s agreement….?National Bank of Malawi.


Laco of professionalism in both paties…shame on National Bank…such a once reputable bank behaving so unprofessional.


I am with Fredo Kiss on this one.There is nothing like gentle man agreement in business. Especially corporate like National need to do better. Why was contract taking so long to sign ? Paja pa Malawi corporates take artist’s for a ride.Amafuna the show to participate kenaka amuponde.

Ben Stein

Fredokiss, phuma lizakupweteka mwana iwe. Your impatience has lost you a big and well established client here. Kodi mukuona ngati mwafikapo? From the text thread it clearly looks like you were very very unprofessional


If he apologized and Mr Mijiga you claim to accept that a gentleman agreement is authentic in your organizations, why did you not use the same gentleman approach to re-engage him having used his poster. Why did you rush replacing him. Your explanation does not make you professional as you claim. Politics is blinding your so called professional eye


A Mijiga ndi nkhani zoti muziyankha in public zimenezi? You are just dragging National Bank brand in ghetto madness

Tru that

That is very true. A company like National Bank should not mentioned in this nonsense. What are the share holders thinking about this?

Yusuf Jonas (Msume)

A Desire, chimizi eti??

Mchifukwa chake mukakula mumayamba ndale zomamakhulupilira kuti chilichonse ndi chinsinsi basi??? Mr. Mijiga is a smart guy who knows the good way of controlling his business beyond humanitarian

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