Failure to stop corruption means Malawi will remain the poorest country

Political will is only a wanted weapon to stop corruption and public theft in Malawi. We can have corruption busting bodies and agencies but without political will all these agencies can render no positive results. Anti Corruption Bureau, Malawi Police Services, Courts and all relevant agencies are politically appointed which makes them weak and dumb from exercising their duties diligently.

This brings to fruition the call by Public Affairs Committee comprising of quasi religious organization that presidential powers be trimmed and reduced so that these corruption busting and security bodies do their work without any one from the political belt manipulating or abusing their duties.

The corruption scandals that have taken place in a short space of time from 2004 up to now in 2017 are very deploring and worrisome. In 13 years Malawi has lost her face value, has lost her credibility, has lost her integrity, has lost her dignity, has lost value and has become bankrupt. There have been hopes that the ever changing political governments that have changed hands during the same period was supposed to bring relief and change the scenario but it’s worst from worse.

In three years alone when the second DPP came in power under the younger brother corruption has worsened and intoxicated the entire system of government starting from a cleaner to the president. Paying tax in Malawi is a waste of time because the concept of paying tax has changed it’s original meaning value and purpose. In Malawi it is money meant for theft to be stolen by the president, ministers, permanent secretaries, directors, clerks, drivers, messengers and cleaners.

Everyone from state house with the president down to the gardener have become thieves preying on tax money for their personal gains and vendettas. Peter Mutharika instead of being a leader that is a guardian has become top notch thief of no remorse. He steals and let his minions do the same. When his minions are caught he defends and protects them. Peter Mutharika would rather be an enemy of society as long as his gangster friends are protected and defended. His second in command in theft George Chaponda has on several times been mentioned in various scandals but Peter Mutharika has always shielded him. This is the man who would love to be the gangster leader than be a national president for he has no heart about the country nor for the people.

International organizations have deplored against corruption and public looting, he himself admits of presiding a dirtiest corrupt government but does absolutely nothing to stop it. Worse of everything is that each and every day of his three year reign corruption and public theft are registered where billions and billions are lost depriving the nation of developments and service delivery. Despite such billions lost the man behaves as if corruption is the development that people anticipate not economic growth and infrastructure development.

This is the worst regime Malawi ever had in its lifetime of Independence. We have had cases of corruption and public looting from other previous regimes but Peter M utharikas administration has been the worst in failing to combat and root out corruption and public theft.

The entire population and country is vigilant against the vice of corruption and state theft it is only Peter Mutharika and his minions that have stood to be stumbling block for the country to stop and root out corruption and public theft of state resources.

If it wasn’t the heavy presence of police and armed to teeth security detail of the president and his ministers citizens could have skin them alive. Citizens look at these  people more like enemies of progress more than they see them as leaders.

We are aware that the international community has left us alone to fight the evil on our own. Knowing that Malawi is our home and that there will never be another home more than this; we commit our souls, strength, blood, bodies and everything we are made of to redeem our nation from the hands of corrupt thieves.

Malawi will develop without thieves, Malawi will be prosperous without foxes in sheep’s skin.

Freedom is coming tomorrow! Corrupt free nation is coming tomorrow! Selfish and greedy corrupt thieves will not be there tomorrow.

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7 years ago

Well articulated!

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