Chaponda ready for House inquiry on maizegate

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda said he was ready and willing to appear before the joint Parliamentary inquiry committee on maizegate set for next Wednesday on 8th February 2016.

Chaponda: Ready and willing to appear

Chaponda, who was supposed to meet the committee  last week,  is said to have received the invitation letter late.

” I received the letter late and I was not in Lilongwe at the time. So it was difficult for me to travel to Lilongwe and make it for the interview hence I alerted the Speakers and Clerk of parliament to communicate to the committee  for reschedule ” said Chaponda to Nyasa Times.

” I am happy to apppear before the committees,”he added.

The chairperson for the Parliamentary commission of inquiry Joseph Chidanti Malunga has since confirmed rescheduling the meeting with Chaponda to Wednesday 8th February.

The decision to call Chaponda to appear before the inquiry comes at a time some sections of society have expressed misgivings with the way the members of parliament are asking questions and handling those who appear before it.

They accuse Rumphi East MP Kamlepo Kalua of being emotional and intimidating the guests.

The inquiry members are currently in Zambia where in the morning they met the Malawi High Commissioner to Zambia and in the afternoon met  officials from Zambia Cooperative  Federation, a state agency.

At this meeting, officials from ZCF were adamant that it was Admarc and not ZCF that suggested a price of $345 for the maize. They further indicated that the agent working on behalf of ADMARC used false ZCF documents to clear the maize. Meanwhile, officials at the Malawi Embassy in Zambia disavowed any knowledge of the activities of the ADMARC officials in Zambia, suggesting that ADMARC officials had been working independently

The MPs left on Sunday and are expected back in the country on Sunday.

Chaponda who is also Leader of Government in Parliament maintains that he was not directly involved in the purchase of maize from Zambia.

He said his involvement was minimal as the main buyer of the maize was the Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) and not his ministry.

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he was not directly involved in the process and his involvement was minimal,,,,, hahahaha


Stupid people from the south comments absudly , comment as wise people zoti ndiwakwathu mufika nazo kuti , chimanga cholimidwa kumpoto chisamapite kum’ mwera its foolish let them eat Chaponda ndiwakwathu pitara ,north plus central can be agood nation.

Mr Patriot, we know that all these fake enquiries are after the most feared man, Chaponda. Why the opposition fear him we are yet to know. Talking bad of Chaponda started way back during Amayi’s presidency. There was talk that Chaponda insulted Tumbukas and challenged that DPP can win without the support of the north. The most unfortunate thing for this region was the news that the DPP with their Chaponda won the elections with the support of only a few wise northerners as Chaponda predicted. Since that time Tumbukas have sharpen their knives to cut the throat of Chaponda… Read more »

We need the big fish….no shielding. …..#facethelaw


Wayamba kukhuzumuka. Siwungalimbe pakati pa gulu. Upepesa sunati.

The Partriot

Appearing before any parliamentary committee anywhere in the world is not child’s play amangwetu!
The MPs are representing us, the populace, and they have to be tough on suspects! More fire Kamlepo and co….grill the suspects…….pofunsa suspect ndani amasekelera??
If people think the parliamentary committee is intimidatory then let us the people ask Mr Chaponda questions live on TV and you will see what kind of hell we can create for him!
Next time they should summon the President himself!!!
By the way Chaponda shoukd not cheat us….this is not an inviration but a subpnoea…..he has no choice but to appear before Patliament…..full stop!!!

Chatayika Phiri
why don’t they probe 28 million that has gone down the drain in dedza for giving contractual work for bridges to unqualified contractors? What you should kno mulingo woyezera nawo mnzako the same will be on you and at the same time there no person in the world who will rise minus opponents so opponents are ladders; continue doing so and you will what a rise come 2019. You are just wasting ur time instead of building ur parties. No single penny has been paid to kaloswe, zcf and this is evident for Mulumbe’s interview, kaloswe’s interview and zcf’s therefore… Read more »
Bodza la N'nanu

Malawi will never develop because of myopic thinking


Bwana well written, mumayiyimilila…..aja ankatiyimilira awatseka pakamwa ndi MK23 Million..


Spot on Man. This is our country. The nepotisits should not intimidate us. Carry on the good work Kamlepo. Osasekelera mfiti. Grill them like nuts

Konge Lesi

This inquiry is a sheer waste of resources. No money was stolen as claimed by George Kasakula and the Times Group. Yet, Kongelesi has ganged up with empty head Kamulepo to siphon money through sitting allowances.

Here this, since the inquiry started, the Committee members have since pocketed K500 million. If this is not misuse of government resources, what is?


Inu a Konge Lesi ngati mumamunyambita Chaponda kuthako, just continue enjoying his poop from his stinking ass hole


Bravo cgaponda. Go and let them dance chips in your presence
They think you are a small boy like Kamlepo
Believe you me guys there will be drama next week


tchwee! mwana tchwee! an idiot busy chewing allowances in Zambia and 0 out
of ten on his approach to the inquiry. he thinks he is USA senator. Kasi
masambiro gha dada kamplepo nivichi?


Malawians wants to know the truth

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