Federation zealots insist, ‘lets split Malawi or change system’

The Forum for the Advancement of a federal system of government in Malawi has warned that they will be forced to hold vigils if the executive will not respond favourably to their petition on the issues of their proposition and rotational presidency.

Dr Bina Shawa: Federalism or standalone country for north

Dr Bina Shawa: Federalism or standalone country for north

The forum is arguing that the current unitary system has failed to develop the majority of Malawians and wants to either split the country or change the system of government.

They are calling for Malawi to adopt the federal system of governing the country in which each region will have its own administrative power and report to the central government.  However, they say if federal system is not an option then they are calling for secession of northern Malawi, claiming the region has been sidelined in the sharing of the national cake.

In their recent petition which was sent to the Office of the President and Cabinet signed by Dr. Bina Shaba the current chairperson for the forum and its secretary Patrick Mwale, the forum wants government to allow Malawians decide in switching on the federal system or remain with the status quo.

The pressure group wants people to decide the issues through a regional vote then a national referendum.

“A federal system of government would ensure that resources trickle down to people on the ground and they would be given a chance to make their own development priorities,” said Mwale.

Mwale said that in the event that other regions are against a federal system of government then the northern region should secede and be a standalone country.

Proponents of the federal system of government claim it will help the country to equitably develop as well as fight tribalism and nepotism which they claim have characterised the central government while the proponents of secession say the northern region has been on the sidelines for years.

Following the controversial May 20, 2014 presidential election, Peter Mutharika’s administration Mutharika’s is being accused of favouring people from the South.

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Am 100% northerner but I can’t say I trust those on top positions pushing for a stand alone North Malawi. On the other hand I am not satisfied with the way we have for long been sidelined in general. Federation won’t change anything for us believe me let’s get off the evil grip of these gules once and for all. We can do it. If one courageous Northern son brought multi party democracy (though I sometimes feel he should have just went straight to ousting the wa muyaya fella) so what about a whole region.

stocker beza

the thing is we r tired of our region being neglected i hope the idea will help to develop the north surely lets fight for it

RSB sumazisata. Nkhani yonse ikubwela kuti president sakusankha mma udindo anthu a ku north akusankha a kummwera ndi pakati and ku mpoto sikukutukuka. Ndiponso people from north amazitenga kuti ndi odziwa zonse, ophunzira kuponsa azigawo zina that is why i am saying ngati ali ophunzira ndi chifukwa chiyani Yoneco FM ikuwakanika poti aliko okhaokha. Si umbuli omwewo, iwenso RSB ndi iwe mbwenumbwenu usatiputsitse apa. Si munati mubangula ndipo dziko lino simuzalamulira anthu asankho inu we will continue voting based on regions tiwone ngati muzakhale pa mpando. Dziko la Malawi tizingosinthana apakati ndi ku mmwera. Akachoka Peter Chakwera kapena Saulosi akulowa.… Read more »

mukafune kokalamulira malawi simuzalamulira


I think Chewa people needs Chewa country, nt wat this fools are talking about. I wl fight for it.

Chilungamo Chimawawa

fololish lomwes. whot told you that federalism means that eveyone must go to their respective homes. please we are tired of educating you in the media, so he best way is to go back to school and get civilized. Thus why you insist to stay in flood prone areas and die like animals. bullshit

Jelbin mk
Let me add my voice to the issue of regionalism and tribalism. It is so unfair to call what was happening in the past decades as tribalism. Most northerners were vying for education more than centralers and southerners hence their dominance in companies and government departments this continued until Bingu attacked them directly by saying atumbuka amabela mayeso nchifukwa chake anaoneka Ngati anzeru ndiye tiyamba quota system for selecting students to universities. Now basing o this true short narrative it is very absurd to claim of tribalism being orchestrated by northerners rather it was started stupid Bingu mayhia soul be… Read more »

Kodi Atumbuka koma muli ndi mzeru kid bona litanena kuti muzikagwira ntchito kwanu Ku mpoto mukapeza zinchito.Inu simungalamule mpaka kale chifukwa ndinu ozilonda ndi asankho.Dr kamuzu mchifukwa chifukwa. Chake analamula kuti agalu ose akupoto azipita kwao.kodi mukupezeka zigawo zina chifukwa cha Bakili.mumafuna azikuunjikiran ma udindo mwauponda musiyen porofesa alamule zilko la Malawi.paja mumati Bakili ndi wosaphuzira tabweresa porofesa mukuliraliranso.wakutumayoakupwetekesa.

Phaghlani Vwavwa

Nyasatimes, you are doing a disservice to this country if you give a platform to people like Shaba to speak this nonsense of federation

dumerang mfwetu

Koma alomwe ndiye ndawakwata eish mtundu onyasa asaaaah

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