First Lady, Mulhako gets money from Malawi Aids Commission – Report

Published report on Saturday November 22 indicated that First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust and tribal grouping Mulhako wa Alhomwe in September this year asked for money amounting to about K15 million (about $30 000) from National Aids Commission (NAC) to fund activities that have nothing to do with the fight against the HIV/Aids pandemic.

Madam Mutharika: Beautify Malawi asks money from National Aids Commission

Madam Mutharika: Beautify Malawi asks money from National Aids Commission

According to the Weekend Nation article, the First Lady personally wrote the executive director of NAC asking for financial support to launch her initiative on September 13.

The paper quoted her letter seeking “financial assistance” from NAC “to help us successfully launch this initiative on September 13 and support the ensuing operations of the Trust.”

The letter was followed by a K5 million ($10 000) invoice to NAC dated September 9 “as being charges for advertising at Beam launch,” the paper reported.

Deputy Chairperson of the Trust, Collins Magalasi claimed: “NAC invited us to come up with the proposal.”

According to the newspaper report, tribal grouping Mulhako wa Alhomwe, whose patron is President Peter Mutharika, also asked for K9.4 million (about $18 800) from NAC to cover expenses for its 2014 annual gathering.

Mulhako wrote to NAC through its Trustee Jean Mathanga, requesting for financial support purportedly to be used for HIV mainstreaming at its commemorative event held at Chonde in Mulanje.

National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) also asked for funding from NAC in September 2014 to the tune of K43 million.

A letter dated 12 September to NAC executive director signed by NIB director Nicholas Dausi asks for the money to be used in preventing new infections by providing accurate HIV and Aids information to members of staff and their spouses

But the letter, as reported by Weekend Nation, does not give detailed activities of how the money would be spent

NAC acting executive director Dave Kalomba confirmed to the paper that Mutharika’s and Mulhako wa Alhomwe were funded while NIB is yet to be given the money.

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Honorable Mp
Well, I would call it a good story with potential to encourage transoarency in the country. However, I have problems where the reporter does not take any initiative to verify or cross-check their facts with the people involved. S/he talked to Kalomba, yes, but what good does it do if all you do is ask if indeed money was given out? If the reporter had and independent mind, they could have learnt from Mr. Kalomba that NAC bought a corporate table for 10 who indeed attened the function and that they also displayed their banners at the event, a thing… Read more »
Mau Apaseli

Getrude Maseko is a slut and a common thief


Army please coup !coup! this govt doesn’t know what it is doing. jerry Rawlings did it in Ghana please rescue our country from thieves and corrupt minds

Mtumbuka Wabweya

a First Lady amenewa ayenela kukhala nkhwangwa ya nkhwangwa ya ma first lady padziko lonse lapansi

Ambuje apali

Fisi ndi Fisi, munavotera nokha!


You people you are not in position to alleviate hardship for the rural people but rather enriching yourselves and satisfying your need. Alot of people are suffering lacking ARVs and not drugs and poor service in hospitals yet you have the audacity to spend NAC money like that. Mukamapanga zunthu mudzidziwa kuti kunjamuno kuli mulungu. God will really punish you in one way or another.

Ambuje Kukaya

Whatever the good intentions; the request was honoured due to pressure. We do not just get funding from NAC without a project proposal!!! Ask for an Expression of Interest (EOI) if at all BEAM prepared one.


May I ask all DONORS to stop funding NAC! DPP will steal all monies donated to NAC or any other organization. All donors are asked to suspend all donations to all organizations in Malawi which support DPP because the money will be stolen by DPP in the name of bogus activities. DPP is a party of thieves.


Ahlomwe anthu ozikundikila zisilu,paja Geturude ma ARV amakuzunguza mutu!mayi mfiti


Mudziyamika a Malawi! Pachisangalaro cha ife alomwe timakambapo za AIDS/HIV nchifukwa chake President wadzeru Professor anatenga ndalama ku NAC.Tikudziwa kuti chisangalaro cha atumbuka, cha Gonapamhanya, munasonkha ndalama atumbuka chifukwa mulibe njira yotengera ndalama. Galimoto ya mfumu yanu Chikulamayembe, anasonkha ndalama mafumu kuti igulidwe mmalo mopempha ndalama ku NAC chifukwa nzeru zotengera ndalama ku mabungwe mulibe.

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