Fischer changes tune on MCP membership: ‘I did not join the party, am indipendent’

Nyasa Big Bullets footballer  Fischer ‘Anong’a’ Kondowe has changed his tune after announcing that he would like to contest for the Blantyre City South parliamentary seat on a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) ticket, saying he has not joined the party as he remains an independent aspirant.

Fischer Kondowe: Yeah man, I do not belong to any party

Fischer was unveiled as one of MCP parliamentary aspirants in 2019 by the party’s member Mohammad Sidik Mia in Blantyre on Tuesday.

But the veteran footballer has since been granting  media interviews to clarify that he is not a member of MCP although he did not categorically rule out that prospect.

He said as of now he wants  to remain an independent aspirant who would join a party that resonates with the people’s  needs.

When he was introduced by Mia as an MCP aspirant, Fischer told reporters that  he had joined MCP because its values and his are the same.

“It is clear that MCP and I have the same values. I want to help the people in my constituency and that is what the MCP also stands for.

“I want to serve the people of Blantyre City South and that is why I have joined the party,” he said .

But in  an interview with Ufulu Radio Station on Thursday, an audio clip which has gone viral in social media, Fischer s said  did not join MCP.

“I was only asked to attend the MCP interactive meeting and I went there as an independent aspirant to hear what they had in store and I was shocked to be introduced as a party aspirant,” he was quoted as saying.

However, despite his change of tune, Fischer was on Friday spotted at Mia’s office taking MCP memorabilia for campaign.

He also disclosed that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmaker Rashy Gaffer lured him with money to join the ruling party but he flatly denied because he wants to be independent

Fischer said “there  is a lot happening behind the scenes” hence he wants to be independent.

Mia said he is at ease with development, saying Fischer knows the “score” .


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Political Analyst

If he thinks politics is about lying as he has started then he must think twice to avoid being disappointed and frustrated after losing the seat in 2019 Elections.

I like your observations Shenanigans; .’….Mia’s financial prowess to fund your campaign’. That is exactly what Chakwera and all those useless batch of MCP MPs that endorsed Mia are after. Chakwera badly needs Mia’s borrowed money for campaign and also to complete his maula mansion. Fischer’s announcement is not accidental!! He knows that Mia will not be in MCP once his ambition to be Chakwera’s running mate fails. That was exactly what he did when JB opted for sweet sixteen, Gwengwe. When Mia’s bid fails he will run as an independent presidential candidate in 2019. His is now assembling his… Read more »
Baba Maduapera

Hatton, you are at it again showcasing your pathological hatred for MCP. But your agenda is no longer a secret. You are but only a shithole of the DPP. Mudzasowera limodzi in 2019. Mark my words !!!!


Unmatured mind


Those who were applauding Mia can now see how he is destroying the party with his ego and money.


But my friend Banda, I am applauding Mia for he is surely succeeding in his motive of killing the crocodile party of death and darkness.

Waku Gauteng

Sad state of affairs. People just wake up and want to be politicians because there is something in for them. Make it mandatory law that anyone joining politics for the good of the country should have minimum R50000000. 00. I promise you all these fly by nights will stop making noise. When people have nothing to do they just devise ways of ripping us off. What a joke.

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
The idea is good that a person joining politics should have a certain minimum of funds in his personal bank account. That is the case in other countries where they curtail unjust enrichment. But in Malawi, such an idea may be looked upon as being intended for particular individuals who have sufficient funds. In 1993 there was an attempt to bar any person with a criminal record, be it on theft by servant, theft by public servant, forgery, fraud etc to run for the presidency. The law was intended to be included in the Constitution but was rejected on the… Read more »

Akuti he will join the party that will come up with a good offer🤣🤣🤣🤣


iyi ndiye mphamvu ya fodyayo. big brother is following

W.H.O ?

Hahahah zoona utsi wa Chamba wadzadza m’ mutumo…


The fact is your desperate for Sadik Mia’s financial prowess to fund your campaign. Why did you go their in the first place? Did you expect him to introduce independent aspirants?

So people will vote this Sasamba as an Mp hoping he will contribute to devate let alone implement development projects? My foot!!
These is another shithole in the making


Chonchi nde nkumati Malawi aloleze fodya wamkulu?

W.H.O ?



What Malawi needs is revolutionary leader. We should not be cheated with sweet words being spoken now. Politics in Malawi is employment. Period. The only revolutionary leader is Saulos Chilima. He is got what it takes to transform Malawi. He is young . Let all parties have their conventions. What will come out is new party that will win elections


Quad 7 Triple 9 waonatu tikamati opposition kuno ndi njeeee nkhani zake timanena ndi zimenezi. Giving DPP an upper hand.

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