Fischer joins MCP, unveiled by Mia

Nyasa Big Bullets Football Club’s player Fisher Kondowe has finally made official his ambition to  contest for a parliamentary seat during the next year’s Tripartite Elections by joining main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Yeah man, Kwacha: Fischer joins MCP abs is seen being introducekd by Mia

He will contest as its Parliamentary aspirant for Blantyre City South Constituency.

Kondowe was unveiled on Tuesday in Blantyre by Sidik Mia who has also officially announced that he will contest as Vice President for MCP at the party’s convention.

The date for MCP convention is yet to be announced.

Kondowe is expected to battle it out against fellow footballer Peter Mponda who weeks ago also made it public that he is interested to contest in the same constituency.

The former Flames star said he has decided to stand as avparoiamentary candidate for Blantyre City South Constituency following calls from people in the area.

However, the 31-year-old dreadlocked rasta said his political ambition does not signify the end of his football career as he will continue playing for Bullets.

“I still have more time for my football career. I believe that Jah (Jahova) wants me to serve His people as well. I want people to see change in my area which lacks many basic amenities such as clean water and good road infrastructure,” he said.

Kondowe started his football career at Bullets in 2002. He played for the side until 2005 when he went to South Africa on a professional deal at Umtata Bush Bucks. A year later, he joined another South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) side Black Leopards before he returned to Bullets in 2011

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Kodi nkhani yoti Fisher Kondowe has denied joinging MCP – is it true? If it is, then it has exposed the limits of Mia’s pompousness. For goodness sake, how can a man without a position in MCP hold such a high profile function where he introduced MCP shadow MPs in the abscence of Chakwera. In fact, Lombola as VP for the Southern region should have been the one presiding over the function. It is now clear Mia is using his money to even overshadow Chakwera….


MCP has no muscle. When did it gain the strength to rule Malawi when it failed to do so in all the five elections? Chalaka bakha kodi nkhuku(Chakwera) ingatole? Dzilimbitsanani mitima owina ali pheeeee. Nanga zoona bwana Fisher nkukhala munthu woti anthu kumudziko nkumati tili ndi munthu wotiyimira nkulankhula zosowa zathu kunyumba imene ija? Let us be serious sometimes.


Koma mwati atithandiza awa akawina?? sizokhazokaha zokanikazo izi?
Kaya koma mmmmmmm

Kunena za ena

A Fisher mukukanika kukwatila ndale muzitha koma? Ndale zimafuna amuna osakoza pa mpasa!

Biggi Saj

Fisher 31 years old….. so jah man was born in 1987, and started playing super league ‘feetball’ at 15 years only? Somebody is pulling my leg here!


Football players are always 10 years younger than their actual age. Now he brings that to politics which is full of people who have lies closer to them than truth, when being officially intoduced muzamva akuti he is 28. musazadabwe.
After all politics in malawi lacks seriousness, we can have an MP who can not even sing our nation anthem in English let alone interpret the meaning of the flag itself. One wonders how such people would contribute to deliberations in the August house ‘making of laws’. paja amati MP ndi wapangitsa chitukuko eti? Malawi and its funny politicians.


When we say MCP will never stop its dictatorial tendencies we say so from experience. Look what Mia is doing. Instead of asking people of the areas to give him a right candidate for him to support it is him choosing candidates for the areas to endorse through the ballot. You are doing this while in opposition nanga mukapatsidwa mphamvu mudzatani? Mia and Chakwera are too desperate for power. For Chakwera, the 2014 loss will happen again in 2019.


you just made a fast comment bro he only appeared at the conference as one of the aspiring MP for the constituency as 40 others did . i haven’t read it any where written Fisher Kondowe is the candidate. the struggle is real its only God who knows about tomorrow you and i should wait bro

Shithole Africa

HoRro, convention does not decide who should contest in the election, but the primary elections do. The convention is for the election of top brass of the party. Kumazidziwa zimenezi wati?

Just wait and see

So has MCP conducted the primaries for Mia to start announcing aspiring candidates?

Biti John

MCP will have only him there so need for primaries


all the best Fisher.usakaike konse iwe ndi abwana Chakwera nonse mukuwina kaya wina afune kaya asafune.MCP BOMA


Nice move Fischer i support your ideas ngumuya is a dead man walking with his diphi phi


Congratulations Fischer on your joining the opposition. Remember, MCP is A LIFE OPPOSITION and the highest achievement ndi u leader of opposition since 1994!!!
MCP ndiye kochitira retire. Anthu ambiri malo mopita Ku Nineve amapita Ku Yopa ( MCP), tele ali m’mimba mwa Chinsomba.

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