Forensic audit to dig Macra corruption rot: Malawi President Mutharika vow not to shield anyone

Following series of entrenched wanton corruption and dubious procurement dealings at scandal-riddled  Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra),  a forensic audit has been approved by the regulator’s board  in a move by the Peter Mutharika led government to stamp out corruption, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Itaye the Macra boss: Creating financial loopholes at Macra for looting purposes

External auditors for Macra, Price Waterhouse and a board member confirmed from Lilongwe about the exercise, despite heavy protests from Director General Godfrey Itaye, who is being investigated by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) for a series of alleged dubious contracts.

Topping the list is dubious award of about a total of K23 million dubious contract to Itaye’s mother In-law Kai Kalion Agency,(Computers and Printers) Muhloteni General Dealers,(55ins Led TVs for One Stop Shop and Car tracking, which all belong to his parents in-laws. The K135 million developmental calendars at Fattani Printers.

Also being investigated is the upgrade of controversial Consolidated ICT Regulatory Management Systems (Cirms) machine, widely known as the ‘spy’ machine, in which Itaye is alleged to have collected up to two million US dollars split between master minder of the deal, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) strongman Kondwani Nankhumwa.

Agilis International, the supplier of ‘spy machine’  is a one man firm whose owner Rovan Bunnet flies into Malawi without financial or legal team to negotiate such a huge contract.

Documents in Nyasa Times possession also include a number of dubious cheques manually written, outside the ACCPAC system being kept under lock by Finance Manager Phillip Nakoma.

Last week, Itaye took to Facebook with a ‘Chigoba’ [pseudo] page purportedly belonging to some young lady to clean up his image and castigated Nyasa Times for its investigative journalism.

None of the main stream print media houses never carried the alleged corruption stories because Itaye, working with Nankhumwa silenced editorial gatekeepers.

The forensic audit comes after President Peter Mutharika appointed Rev. Alex Maulana as Macra board chair. The man of God replaced Mevis Mangulenje, a close ally to Chief Secretary Lloyd Muhara.

Mangulenje was also at the center of dubious procurement of the  K94 million refurbishment of Muhara’

Itaye, has been arrogantly bragging that he is connected to DPP strongest politician Nankhumwa and the ACB would not touch him.

Under his leadership Macra performance has deteriorated with professional telecommunications key staff abandoning ship including Director of Telecoms Lloyd Nomba, his Deputy Jonathan Pinifolo, and  Micious Matsista among others.

Itaye, to silence and intimidate staff from.blowing the whistle about corruption,  influenced fiscal police to harras and arrest procurement manager Aitone Chandiyangana on trumped up charges of publishing illegal documents. Chandiyangana was fired before being held together with Human Resources Manager Dalitso Jumbe, who had warned Chandiyangana of the illegal arrest.

Instead, Itaye has been replacing managers with Nankhumwa’s cousins and DPP cadets among them HRM Chikumbutso Njolomole and Revenue Assurance Manager Dan Dachi.

Morale by staff is at zero, and a team.building excercise to mend fences with disgruntled staff failed last minute, yet Itaye paid up to $3000  to get an award of excellence from African Leadership Magazine, claiming Macra is the best managed Parastatal, according to a source close to a person who received the award.

Also being investigated are the fake procurement by procurement expert Joseph Ngalawa who has been syphoning funds through nonexistent telecentres where building materials were being bought for building a house for Chief Kyungu in the Karonga.

Speaking in Lilongwe on Tuesday when he presided over the launch of the National Security Policy, Mutharika  warned  that he will not give amnesty to anyone in corruptin activities.

“And I repeat, what I have always said, I will never shield anyone from the law,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said his administration is “making progress” to crackdown on corruption.

“We need tight security on public resources, no more theft of public funds and never again should we hear of cashgate happening in this country,” said Mutharika.


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Iam reliably informed that the Finance team at Macra on instructures from Itaye have been working till late in the night yesterday to put their house in order before the Forensic Audit. The Board should have put Itaye on forced leave to ensure this does not. There is something seriously wrong in the way Macra Board makes its decisions. This is standard procedure, you cannot be investigating someone whilst they are working at the same institution.


Morgan Kulisewa

Itaye this,Itaye that! is this man untouchable in Malawi?

innocent m\'bama

very good Mr president
no more cashgate SCANDAL,please remove old people in the cabinet please please


If it is true that the supplier of spy machine is a one man business then Macra have a lot to explain. How can a contract of over $15million be given to a one man foreign supplier. Last year journslist were told by Itaye spy machines will be rolled out by September 2017. Where are we on this? I smell a rat.


At his age thought Peter would dedicate his energy to develop Malawi alas the nation is in deep shit.

Patseni Mauka

Good investigative journalism, very rare nowdays for media in Malawi to be doing their rightful role of watchdog to society and providing checks and balances. good job Nyasatimes and authorities follow this up ; no cover ups. We commend Nyasatimes and Times Group with Malawi-News for good watchdog role

Morgan Kulisewa

Lets be honest,the damage that Itaye actions are causing to the institution are huge but they are blinded by hunger for power but they cant see that


A Itaye la 40 lakwana. Mwazunza mizimu yambiri kupanga harass azimayi sexually in exchange for favours mkati. Mwa inu umunthu munalibe. You have to pay for your crimes to humanity.

Morgan Kulisewa

Komatu Itaye anthu inu mwalimbana naye,mukufuna chani kwenikweni?zaka zitatu nkhani ya Itaye yokhayokha koma inu osatopa.Its a sure sign that its no longer whistle blowing but the Pull him down syndrome ku Macra ko.Kwachuluka ana anjoka kumeneku ku Macra osamufunila mnzawo zabwino,wait for your turn and leave Itaye to run the affairs of that company.If I were Itaye I would make sure that the likes of Lipenga are no longer there,ndi mdzukulu wa Ben Phiri uyu ndiye paja amakhala ndi ma ambition onyasa anthu amenewa.A Lipenga musiyeni Itaye,tatopa ndi Macra this,Macra that

Aubrey Sumbuleta

Anthuwa ndi amodzi awa, a Itaye kutumbwa konseko akudziwa kuti anaponda mwala. Ndalamazi akugawana nduna za boma komanso akulu-akulu a chipani cha Diphiphi

A malawi

Zayambika. 2019 yayandikira

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