Fredokiss says Malawi should have a National ‘Ghetto Day’

Malawi’s celebrated rapper Fredokiss whose real name Penjani Kalua said there was need to have National ‘Ghetto Day’.

Man of the moment: Fredokiss  when he treated  Ndirande with free open air show

Fredokiss, who is also known as ‘Ghetto King’ said in an interview that the  ‘Ghetto Day’ would help youth from the Ghetto (Urban area inhabited by poor people) to meet and brainstorm on how they could move ahead with their lives.

“The idea is that as a country we should have ‘Ghetto Day’ where youth from the ghetto in all the regions will be meeting once a year to discuss a number of issues affecting them. This will be more like a youth getting together.

“On this day we would be carrying out a number of social responsibility activities such as cleaning our ghettos, visiting the sick and pushing ghetto talent,” Ghetto King Fredokiss narrated.

He added, “Ghetto youth would have the chance to meet and interact with top business gurus from the Ghetto to learn from them how they can run businesses,”

The Ghetto King Fredokiss organized a free show in Ndirande-Ghetto Blantyre which attracted thousands of youths from Blantyre and surrounding districts.

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Don’t spray perfume on a casket………. Nothing to be proud of being from the ghetto….

In fact, what we erroneously refer to as ghetto in Malawi are actually squatters or in derogatory terms ‘villages’.

You can’t refer to Ndirande as ghetto, that’s a village


don’t show us your stupidity when you don’t know the meaning of Ghetto and Village my friend Village doesn’t mean what you think

ghetto mad

That’s nc dicsion

Ghetto gad

I think its a good idea though should not be a holiday

Nick Rogers

Very sad indeed coming from our future leader…glorifying Ghetto….does he really know what it is??


a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups…… you don’t know what ghetto means

I love Malawi

Remind me good people, don’t we have a youth day in Malawi??if we have,then what will this “ghetto day” offer to the public that the youth day does not offer??come on kalua junior, don’t be an opportunist like your beloved dad kamlepo,.OK boy?koma maimbidwe akutheka


I think you have been on something.. Ghetto day??? c’mon sir..

Mwana wa mmudzi

Ghetto ndechan? kuno tili ndi midzi. ngat akufuna kamlepo atithandize tikhale ndi tsiku la ana akumidzi


Osa hater, F to the mwaa .. Got voice to speak for us the youth, if you have something better get talent be known and host a show like that then speak to us.

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