From a distance: Malawians not safe, the economy too

As a Christian, I don’t want to burn in hell for judging others. I don’t want to chew my own teeth in that absurd place just because I did not call someone by his or her real identity.

Njaunju car in ashes

Njaunju car in ashes

Let me put it clear here, what I am about to spit is what I am seeing from a distance. I am not part of this scene; I have just stood at a distance.

Security is a key to the growth of any economy. If a country is not well secured do not be surprised to see that nation performing poorly in its economic activities. Even one of the macro-economic indicators, ‘Gross Domestic Product’ is also negatively affected.

It is always strange to learn that every government that comes into power only prioritizes health, agriculture, education and investment sectors, leaving out security. I am not saying these are not significant to the country’s development, but they can only bear fruits when there is a tight and stable security system.

Therefore, a responsible government must first develop and implement stiff policies that will tighten security so as to reduce or even completely stamp out theft, robbery and other security threats that are hindering the positive growth of the economy.

It is now not safe to move alone in some places. It doesn’t matter what time it is but people are being robbed and if not lucky murdered too.

The strange thing is that, this started way back but nothing has been done to curb these evils. Despite the recruitment of police offers being done annually, the state of security in the country remains the same. Lives are still lost yet we have thousands of men in blue moving around.

It has reached an extent where citizens have lost trust in these men. Instead of protecting the people, it has now turned that some police officers are also being part of the robbers. From a distance I see these men in blue using their guns to rob from an armless farmer who worked hard at his farm to raise money for that Benz they want to grab from him.

It has reached an extent where everyone is living in fear, an extent where Christianity in the country is absorbing more followers than before because most Malawians have now come to a conclusion that their everyday breathing is depending on the grace of God which is really true. Nowadays it is indeed by the grace of God waking up alive in the morning without being shot dead because guns are now everywhere.

Recently, the country has witnessed heinous robbery cases where precious lives were lost. Just to mention a few, a police officer on duty was shot dead by armed robbers in Lilongwe just close to Amina house where approximately 40million kwacha was stolen. Late last year another police officer on duty was also shot dead on the night of December 23 where the robbers were reported to have went away with over 90million kwacha that belonged to First Merchant Bank. It has also been learnt that Anti-Corruption Bureau’s director of corporate services – Issa Njauvu was found dead in Lilongwe. Sources said his body indicated some two gunshot wounds.

Coincidentally, Mr. Njauvu met his fate just few weeks after Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Goodall Gondwe handed over to parliament a so-called audit report regarding the 92billion kwacha scam that took place between 2009 and 2011. Let us wait and see because am just watching from a distance with my arms crossed. But don’t have too much questions on this, the truth will be known.

These are just some of the serious security threats that the country has recently experienced. The development has however prompted some investors to leave the country as their money is not well secured. Malawi is currently one of the dangerous countries to live in. as I have already said, I am not judging, I am just sharing what I am seeing from a distance.

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Dziko ilo silokhala wanthu amoyo. Ine uko sindingabwere ndisanakwane zaka 70. Chifukwa uko nkoyenera kukhala nkhalamba ndiwanthu otha ntchito.

Tikunjoya anzanu kunja kuno. Life is sweeter than chocolate. Osati zomataya nthawi mdziko loulamuliro wachilomwe. Iyaaa!


They will soon reach for u at that distant.


its true security now is asong




It’s bad my friend I think I will follow you from distance and only come back when it is safe


As long as those things are happening in Lilongwe and blantyre I don’t give a f*ck about it.


Very shallow article . Can a typical farmer in Malawi afford to buy a Mercedes Benz after selling his farm produce? The problem is, everyone in Malawi now fancy themselves as brilliant writers .


and take care these pipo can kil u from a distance

zingati zanu

The idea was good but no depth.zatenge zako.

Ongeza Kidoko

How long are we watching this from a distance? Otherwise the robbers are moving so fast to our door steps than the arm of justice. They will catch us watching from a distance with their guns!

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