Genocide suspect manipulating Malawi govt, courts

A wanted Rwandan genocide suspect, Vincent Murekezi has penetrated the Malawi government service delivery system where he is getting passports, citizenship and court orders in his favor by using rogue lawyers to tilt his legitimacy as a bonafide Malawian citizen, Nyasa Times can reveal.genodice suspectgeneocide suspect

Murekezi has since confirmed his identity and his being named on the wanted list of persons involved in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda but described the allegations as ‘lies and rubbish’.

He has since produced a court discharge order obtained in the High Court of Malawi, Lilongwe District Registry under criminal cause 25 of 2016 before Justice Esmy Chombo, since his story appeared in the media.

He has been visiting media houses trying to show legitimacy by brandishing his newly acquired Malawian passport and the court discharge order while trying to gag the media to stop running the story about his status in the country.

Murekezi has since engaged lawyer Chimwemwe Sikwese of Sikwese and Company and obtained an injunction restraining Zodiak from running the story.

He is parading a passport MA606888 obtained this year 2016 and claims he came to Malawi in the year 2000 used BPR then PRP.
Which means after fleeing the country few years ago he abandoned the passport which obtained in 2011 under the name Vincent Banda from Mbeya, Tanzania and got another one he is using as a Malawian using his real name Vincent Murekezi birth place Kigali Rwanda.

An impeccable source who is privy to the activities of the genocide suspect, said Murekezi is using unscrupulous Immigration officials to dubiously obtain government documents.

He also claimed that the court discharge order appears to be a doctored one since it doesn’t indicate which crime he was discharged from; strengthening the notion that Murekezi has spread his tentacles even to the courts.

“Look here, the discharge order seems to be fake and doctored because it doesn’t indicate which crime he was discharged from. Does it mean the Malawian court discharged him from the genocide charge? If that is so, does the Malawi court have jurisdiction over such a matter which was committed in Rwanda? There is more to this than that meets the eye,” said our source.

The source further said the passport obtained in 2011 is still valid since the Malawian travel document has a life span of 10 years and wondered how the Immigration authorities issued him another one in 2016.

Spokesperson for the Immigration Department Joseph Chauwa could neither deny nor confirm about the issuing of two passports to the same person but promised to come back to this reporter but later could not pick calls and finally switched them off altogether.

“This is raising questions on the country’s immigration laws as well as risks associated with harbouring suspected criminals. Malawi is a signatory to several conventions which puts it under obligation to extradite such people as Murekezi yet he is roaming freely in the country and worse still obtaining passports and fake court orders at will,” said the source.

Meanwhile, the Rwandan media has picked up the story from Nyasa Timrs and they are looking forward to his going back to Rwanda to answer charges leveled against him.

Another Rwandan source has said Murekezi came back from South Africa very broke and has been getting money from his friends and has since accumulated debts within the range of K80-K100million which he is failing to honour.

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Chibweya joe

This is the country where any foreigner can do whatever they want as if the country has no laws whatsoever. It Murekezi were an ordinary Malawian citizen, believe you me he could have been locked within a week

Apao Kugola
Kudos to Times News Group and ZBS. These media houses should be encouraged to expose the corrupt DPP mafia. When a story comes out it has to be followed until its end – that is what investigative journalism does. However, as nation Malawians have and continue to betray the media houses. When news with denting effects on Malawi as a nation breaks we only wait for those who have brought the news out to act. If we cared, the people of Malawi were supposed to be in the forefront pushing our leaders to act. Even the civil society is also… Read more »

Nyasa Times can you interview the minister of Home affairs to hear government side of the story,please?

That’s what happens when you have thugs running the country. They put money forward instead of national security. Citizenship belongs to those who naturally deserve it and to those who truthfully pledge to declare allegiance to the country having left their countries of birth in good faith and with no criminal background. If left unchecked,and with the trend negative invents are unfolding under the DPP rule, Malawi will be the worst place to live no earth in few years to come.I am afraid,the country will witness the birth of mercenaries,hardcore thieves, and terrorists.The borders are porous and the authorities have… Read more »
Regretfully the Malawian government is also to broke to deport him to Rwanda, Possibly now that he has been reported in the USA papers and Rwanda papers their government will find the money to have him returned to face trial Malawi government should immediately arrest this individual to ascertain his true idenity and directly notify the Rwanda authorities that he is in Malawi, Suppose this means that his hopes of earning k200 million libel claim against the Times and Zodiac has no grounds, Good reporting may the Times also do more investigative reporting on corrupt Malawian politicians and civil servants,… Read more »
concerned citizen
Malawians , we are busy selling our country to foreigners for money. The country is already overpopulated and worse still, we are allowing thugs to come in to our country and giving them citizenship. It is not easy to get citizenship in a lot of countries in Africa let alone europe. If other countries are even refusing entry of people running away from war torn countries; in the name of protecting their countries, how can we allow people like Murekezi who is running away from crime charges to obtain a Malawi passport? He must be sent to his home country… Read more »
JKK Chisale
MALAWI is a very sorry state/nation. How can the government established systems be porous like this? There is a big problem at Ministry of Home Affairs, minister must resign, officers at Immigration must be fired, our courts judges must be fired and madam Chombo I had respect for you but eisheee now you are a disgrace to our nation(Malawi) and beyond. Can our president order the deportation of this thug quickly, otherwise these are the people who are causing security lapses in our country, even his fellow Rwandees are afraid of this guy. Please please deport him before it is… Read more »

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