Global Fund suspend Malawi Aids funding: Crisis looms over Nacgate

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria has suspended financing Malawi over the controversy with National Aids Commission (NAC) finances.

Kumbweza Banda:  Claimed Global Fund were satisfied with NAC explaination

Kumbweza Banda: Claimed Global Fund were satisfied with NAC explaination

Money from NAC is currently a centre of controversy after the organisation spent K5 million during the launch of First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust.

Some civil society organisations (CSOs) are demanding a refund of the money and have threatened national demonstrations on January 13.

Sources say Global Fund has with immediate effect stopped financing Malawi by suspending the Principal Recipient status for NAC. This means in the meantime, the Aids commission will no longer be receiving direct aid from Global Fund.

But President Peter Mutharika’s chief economic adviser Dr Collins Magalasi is on record saying government has spoken to the Global Fund and obtained an assurance that its relationship with Malawi remains warm despite the NAC controversy christened by CSOs as ‘Nacgate’.

Magalasi said he spoke directly to the Global Fund’s executive director, Dr Mark Dybul, who assured there will be no negative consequence.

“You must appreciate that the Global Fund supports us with between $600 million [K300 billion] and $700 million [K350 billion]. This is an enormous contribution to the economy. Therefore, government had to move in quickly to make sure that its larger strategic and economic interests are safeguarded,” said Magalasi as quoted in the local press.

NAC board chairperson Mara Kum’bweza Banda also claimed Global Fund was “satisfied” with their explanation on the money controversy.

One of the organisers of the demonstrations planned to compel Beam to refund the money, Gift Trapence—executive director of Centre for the Development of the People (Cedep)—has maintained the protest march will proceed because “people of Malawi that are expecting a refund “and that the claim that NAC spoke to the Global Fund has not been verified as credible.

There are millions of Malawians dependent on Global Fund resources to stay alive and healthy.

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Imraan Sadick

Ife takana zama Demo zanuzo
mukapange ndi Ana anu

Mulomwe number 1

Peter or DPP will win again. I am very sure now. The oposition is busy exposing their nkhanza on legitimate government and they think Malawians are fools and are not watching. Inu ma CSO you must know that your sinister motives and asses are being exposed to your disadvantage and that of oposition too.


The issue is you do not correct a wrong by performing a wrong. Honest people will say sorry we will not repeat the mistake and give back the money.



Who to blame? CSOs because they have become a political puppet of JB. Indeed where were they when JBF received those millions? It is very clear that they want to bring anarchy to lawfully elected government through all these useless barks. Those leaders of these CSOs have put their lives in jeopardy to the Masses deprived of their right to medication. Watch out you guys; you will die a painful death.

Dr. Odala

Cry my beloved malawi

God Hear Me
My fellow Malawians please let us love our country. In the first this issue was blown out of proportion because of selfish individuals. Whilst I do not condone what NAC did but I think we can not compare with billions of kwacha that were stolen through cashgate and no uprising was called for by anybody. I did not see anybody from the CSOs fuming the way people we are doing now. Once again whilst I do not condone stealing of money but you should know that this is not the first time that NAC has withheld funds NO NO please… Read more »
Political Analyst

Thank you so much Dr Magalasi for doing your job so well.However manyazi agwire APM,his wife Getrude,Beam,Mangulama and his tribalistic Mullhakho grouping.This is a very big shame on our Malawi nation especially now when high profile corruption cases are rampant with so many unresolved cases in our courts since the UDF-Tcheya leadership.



This is a sad news. What has those who reported to Global Fund benefit? The problem we have in Malawi is we have people who are quick to run blood. Don’t use their head to think and reason, but use their heart to vomit their poisonous venom. It will be the people who will suffer and the charities has a better time to explain. Let us see if your organisation will be funded by Global Fund direct. Stop hate messages it has nothing to do with Lomwe , but with jealousy people who want to rule the country yet they… Read more »
Concerned Citizen

The reckless behaviour of beam and Mlako shows how foolish and self centered our leaders are. Why are they so insensitive?

Why do they want to give the impression that at are all thrives? You leaders are embarrassing. Are you happy now that you have destroyed NAC for good?

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