Goodall refuses to resign: ‘Some elements using K4bn controversy to distablise Malawi’

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe has scoffed at calls for his resignation over  K4 billion allocation made to parliamentarians during the Mid-Term Budget Review Meeting as the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) accuses leaders of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) of the plot to champion the breakup of the country.

Gondwe ( L) with Trapence after the meeting

CSOs’ representatives, Gift Trapence, who is also Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) executive director, said the CSOs were not impressed by Gondwe’s explanations when they met him on Friday and still want him to resign  or President Peter Mutharika to fire him alongside Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa.

The two ministers are accused of  the allocation which Parliament authorised after Malawi News revelations that it had initially targeted lawmakers who support government agenda, and then it was shared to all 193 members despite opposition calls that the transaction was fraudulent.

“Why should I resign? When you have done no wrong, you don’t resign. They  [CSOs] agree that I have not done anything illegal,” said Gondwe after meeting the CSOs.

Gondwe insists that he acted within the law and therefore those calling for his resignation are just out to tarnish my his name, saying he clearly explained facts of the matter to the CSOs and they agree that the money has not been disbursed and that the transaction is not illegal.

“We will use the Village Development Committees and Area Development Committees, to have a say on how this money is going to be used. And if the money is available, that is what we are going to do. And nobody is going to resign. Why should we resign? What are the reasons? There is absolutely no reason for it and therefore we will just ignore that,” Gondwe said.

He added: “If there was an agreement or an understanding that indeed we broke the law, we made wrong decisions, yes [we could resign]. But all what is being said is that morality could not understand this. We should have done differently and then we should withdraw it. They have not proved that. The government will continue with this programme.”

The civil society, apart from Trapence, was represented by Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation (CHRR) executive director Timothy Mtambo, activist Billy Mayaya and Youth and Society (YAS) executive director Charles Kajoloweka.

They have hinted  resorting to court action and mass street protests if the two ministers do not step down or be relieved of their duties.

During the Maizegate, a  misprocurement scandal of maize from Zambia, some CSOs, including those represented in Friday’s dialogue, obtained a court order compelling Mutharika to fire then Agriculture Minister George Chaponda when the President rejected calls for his dismissal.

During Friday’s meeting at  Capital Hill, Gondwe was accompanied by presidential aides, Hetherwick Ntaba and Mabvuto Bamusi,  Minister of Industry and Trade, Henry Mussa, Treasury spokesman Davis Sado.

Ntaba, who is also Vice President of DPP, said Gondwe cleared the mist on the funding and that any continued boiling of the matter will be viewed as ulterior motive by the rights defenders.

The DPP fear the CSOs is being pushed by an opposition agenda  to destabilise Malawi.

The opposition is said to be mobilising some questionable elements under the cover of civil society groups on machinations against the country’s legitimate authority and sovereignty.

But the CSOs insisting they are acting on ensuring transparency and accountability.

“The issue for us is about accountability. We are not against the idea that money should go to Malawians. That’s what we want and we know that the funds we have do not even reach the rural masses through corruption. What we have been trying to do is to make sure that the channels we use to reach out in terms of the social services that we deliver should be good,” Trapence said.

He said looking at how the whole issue was handled, the solution is that the Minister should just cancel the whole allocation


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Nankhumwa must gooooooooooooo,, he is the thief who created all this 4 billion mess. He wanted to steal this money. Brainless thief. Nankhumwa you will be arrested soon. Mark my words. You will be the first. Ma CSO people must go on strike till Nankhumwa is fired!!!! Bloody thief/okuba


Muli naye nkhanitu Nankhumwayi. Surely simukugona tulo. Goodall asapange resign koma Nankhumwa, why?

Anthu nsana

Gondwe ndi chi mfiti chamagazi mmanja he is a devil

Listen and Love


Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Why is it that when these thieves are caught stealing our money they always talk of opposition colluding with CSO leaders to destabilising Malawi? How much money will you steal by the time you go?
Achanganya awa anazolowera kudya zonona kumayiko akunja ndiposo alibe maganizo odzakhala kuMalawi maudindo awo akatha. Kuchita kuwonekeratu kuti alibiletu chidwi chothandiza kuti Malawi atukuke. Posachedwapa tamva kuti boma lapereka ndalama zankhaninkhani ku ADMARC koma chonsecho nkhani zaku ADMARC zowononga ndalama sizinathe.

Listen and Love

CSO have to engage a higher gear to force Goodall, the Judas Iscariot out of the treasury. Goodall simply stole k4 billion tax payers money to ENRICH the 193 MPs who already get more money from government compared to the kind of work they do. Goodall calls stealing by a new name; BUDGET BY PASS. Goodall must go and CSO are not doing enough to help matters. CSO must engage the public more so that we should push these conscienceless thieves out of government. OPERATION CHOTSA MBAVA M’BOMA MUST BE INTENSIFIED NOW!!!

In my view, Goodall Gondwe is one person who has let down the people of Malawi many a times. If only he had a sound conscience and if only he could listen to the inner voice from his soul, he could then have been remorseful for all the evil he has perpetrated leading to the suffering of millions of Malawian in several ways. Unfortunately, it seems he has no sound conscience. Mr Goodall Gondwe was an economic advisor during the tenure of the first president post the one party era in Malawi. A period in which the political elite formed… Read more »

Hon Gondwe please resign now! Your legacy is falling apart. Bad company corrupts good morals

Manyi ako

We are closing in on them. Their old ages will punish them soon, no mercy.


Goodall needs to be reminded that what he presents for parliamentary approval is a consolidated budget. The PLANNING STARTS from individual sectors at district councils level, reviewed with technical inputs from technocratics at ministry central level then finally cabinet. Not the OTHER WAY ROUND???
What Dada Gondwe is saying makes sense only to himself and probably dpp thieves. Lero anena za grant, anena za experiment, endless blaah, blaahs!!!
Ndi mavuto a zachuma onsewa, ndi dziko lopanga experiment ndi ndalama za boma ili? You are the one destabilising the country?
MBAVA za chigogo. SHAME!!!

No matter how loud Malawians cry or shout, these unhonourable members won’t resign. The evil spirit has taken hold of their souls; they’re numb to the core. The only thing remaining is for the church and tribal leaders to exorcise this evil/dark spirit from these souls. This evil spirit seem to have found home in the cabinet ministers, MP’s, civil servants and finding its way into the private sector. I also hear that it has successfully captured a significant number of councillors, chiefs (and it’s subjects right in their villages). I am therefore making a plea to church and tribal… Read more »

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