Goodall’s good week, CCAP Blantyre Synod’s bad week

In his Malawi News column, ‘Hitting-the-nail’, George Kasakula, the paper’s editor-in-chief writes on  who had the bad and the good week.

Rev Maulana

Rev Maulana

Bad Week

The Blantyre Synod of the CCAP Church leadership led by general secretary Alex Maulana had a bad week for not letting go of elections by-gones and wanting to victimise fellow reverend, Stanley Chimesya, all because he was not in his camp.

We all believe churches are not mere secular clubs where hatred and politics of kuthana take place. On the contrary, we believe churches are guided by the Holy Spirit where forgiveness and brotherhood reign.

Yet what is happening in the Synod is just like what obtains in politics. It is hard to imagine that these reverends are fighting over a simple vehicle.

Lawyers have been hired just to make sure that the vehicle donated by a politician, Joyce Banda, is taken away from Chimesya.

Honestly, I do not see where the problem is because Chimesya belongs to the Synod and has not retired to warrant his non-use of the Nissan Sentra.

The Blantyre Synod leadership is a big let down to its many Christians who are wondering where their church is going. The leadership had a bad week.

Good Week

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe had a good week for coming out of Capital Hill to face Malawians through Times TV’s Point Blank with host Bayana Chunga.

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe: Government is considering pulling out of National Bus Company

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe

It is common knowledge that we are living in an economy that has literally tanked. The kwacha continues to tumble down big time as inflation is biting us very hard with prices of all essential goods skyrocketing, thereby eating into our static incomes.

Companies cannot produce enough as they have to contend with price fluctuations of raw material imports on daily basis.

Gondwe’s words during the interview did nothing to assuage any of our pain or offer prospects for the future.

In fact, Gondwe took the opportunity to qualify the statement that he made earlier this year to the effect that our economic problems would be over by May.

He now says that depends on the amount of rain the country receives and the food we harvest.

So far, the rain is not satisfactory and so we should brace for trouble and that is what the Finance Minister was essentially saying.

This is bad news but Gondwe was brave and candid to break it to us. He had a good week. We need someone just to, at least, pretend that they are aware of our problems and are doing something about it no matter how remote it might be.

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2016 welcome

Izi zidachoka pa chipembedzo tsopano it’s just any other occupation. Taganizani khoti ndiye lidziphunzitsa mpingo chikondi? Shame! Palibenso chiyero apa no wonder religion is losing meaning by day.


CHURH leaders especially for the old ones which claim to be tradational ones without evolving recognation to match with current times.


IF Goodall was motor vehicle it would have been parted at either owners residence or garage and start taking or scraping therefrom to others especially juniors to survive and thereafter delivery effectively. Im short Goodall is not the Malawian fit to like Minister of Finance young blood is plenty and ready for the job. Goodall should just be consulted sometimes to share past experinces with new blood pushing the Ministry.


This country has gone to the dogs


Pretending to be walking in our shoes is not good enough. We need active leadership that acts and find solutions. Thats why we hired you. You are paid to find solutions to our ailing economy. If you can not perform resign honorably and let some one else do the job. We have people dying from hunger while government is sitting on donated money from Egypt and else where one wonders whether it is a good idea for donors to give us money which is ending up in these corrupt people’s foreign bank accounts.

chibweya joe

How can you say Goodall had a good week just by saying he is clurless as to what the solution to our problrms as a nstion can be. He was just telling Malawians that Givernment has no solution to the problems. Which gives us no hope at all.


abusa oyipa mtima nkumayima kutsogolo kupempheresa? mulibe manyazi just resign MAULANA


nkhope iyi ndi ya ubusa? andale awa church changa kuchitisa manyazi.mukupeza bwino chifukwa cha zopereka za anthu ife tikuvutika ndikugona ndi njala.Mulungu akuyendereni mwapadera ana a njoka inu.

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