Govt disarm Joyce Banda security detail: Malawi ex-president says ‘I’ll go home’

Malawi government has disarmed former president Joyce Banda’s government security personnel.

Banda: I will go home

Banda: I will go home

Banda’s security personnel has handed in some  pistols and several rounds of ammunitios to Police headquarters.

According to government officials the state security is provided to the former president who is out of the country and that even her motorcade would be withdrawn until she comes back.

Banda, who was Malawi’s first female President and Africa’s second,  has been absent from the local political scene after left the country in July last year following her loss in the May 20 tripartite elections that shoved her into the opposition ranks and enthroned President Peter Muntharika to power.

She has been on global philanthoropy programs for her Joyce Banda Foundation International.

Banda is quoted by Voice of America that  she has not returned home since her 2014 election defeat because she has a packed schedule of international speaking engagements — and not because government has been threatening her with arrest.

Asked when she is returning home, Banda speaking fron South Africa said: “ When I’ve finished my program, I’ll go home. But I want you to know that I must feel in my country, like all former heads of state of Malawi and elsewhere, [that] I’m free to come in and out of my country or live anywhere else I choose to live.”

Pressed to explain why she has stayed outside the country for a long period of time without returning to Malawi, Banda responded by saying: “I don’t have a job in Malawi. What surprises me is that you are asking me this question because, in the past, we have seen presidents who have left office in Malawi and have gone and spent many, many months outside the country.

“Do you remember the time [former] president Bakili Muluzi stayed for a long period in the UK with his family? So I truly believe that there no problem with that then, and there is no problem with me staying outside as well.”

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I gree with this woman and i dont think this gornment wil do something positive this woman really changed malawi


well done is better than wel talked. Facts are given credits once exposed into reality and actions. Bwerani mai bas muzayankha

justice chilungamo

hahahaha Joyce abwere pa flames basi.if she had nothing to do with cashgate,then she failed malawians more than all her predessessors put together.As in how could she have been ignorant of so much looting in such a short period of time happening right under her nose?Best case scernario she filthly participated in the shameful act.However she could be innocent too in which case she has to come home and exonerate herself!

Enock simunthuwamba Makomo

wakuba ameneyu mukhaulisenidi wationongele chuma chathu mziko muno galu mbuzi finye satanist mxm bitch


Paja Joyce Banda ndi ndani paja???


kwanu nkwanu mthengo mudalaka njoka. azatipeza, kaya ayembekezera repatriation. kaya adikira chani… azatipeza tidalowola ameneyo


ziphakani lyf masten kunjako


yaaaa we wnt u bitch in mlw to b arrested


I wish you good life everywhere you step kuti tizamuchekecheke opanda mano uja


Amakuopani mai or get rude amanena kuti “bambo musamale Mai uja ndi machine palibenso”


Every Day Talking About JB,Why disarmed the security personnel?If Lobbers Go There And Steal Her Properties Whom Shall Be Respossible To That?A D P P Government Mukungofanana Ndi Munthu Amene Anamenya Mkazi Wake Mmatako?Ndinu Zigawenga!Zitsiru,agalu.Whether U Like Or Not She Is The first Former Female President And 2019she Is Getting Back.

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