Govt irked with Bushiri donation to Flames: Sports Minister queries FA Malawi

Malawi government has expressed displeasure that Football Association of Malawi (FAM) appealed for financial support from leader and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church, Prophet Sheperd Bushiri who gave out K44 million on Friday.

Bushiri mobbed bby reporters after making a donation at Mpira House

Bushiri mobbed bby reporters after making a donation at Mpira House

Major 1 donation to FAM annoy government

Major 1 donation to FAM annoy government

Minister of sports Grace Chiumia told a local radio that Bushiri should have directed his money directly to government through the Ministry of Finance and not directly to Football Association of Malawi (FAM).

Bushiri arguably richest person in Malawi made the donation in response to FAM appeal as the Flames were at risk of failing to play their friendly with Sierra Leone en route to Guinea for Africa Cup of Nations ties.

FAM is struggling with resources to bankroll the national football team with budget cuts from cash-strapped government.

Government, through the Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) ordered FAM not to accept a K44 million donation from Bushiri, saying the Major 1 should have given the cash to government.

However, FAM defied the order and accepted the donation at Mpira Village to help meet the K45 million budget shortfall for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations’ qualifiers against Guinea.

FAM general secretary Suzgo Nyirenda confirmed to have received the order from Sports Council on the issue when speaking to Nyasa Times.
“Indeed it’s true they wrote us that we need to seek approval from government first before we get the donation saying both FAM and the national team are public entities. But looking at the timing and how desperate we were for the money, we could not turn down such huge donation because we were stranded and government made it clear that there was no money to give to the team,” said Nyirenda.

Nyirenda said this was the first time for government to tell them not to receive the donation from any well wisher as they have been receiving similar donations before from Airtel but no one told them to channel it to government account and not to receive it directly.

Bushiri donates- to Malawi national football team

Bushiri donates- to Malawi national football team

Minister of Sports Chiumia confirmed to have asked FAM through to the National Sports Council not to receive the donation directly.

When asked why only Prophet Bushiri when others previously donated cash direct to FAM even Netball Association of Malawi meant for the Queens, Chiumia insisted that “It is normal protocol. FAM and the Flames are public entities and therefore that donation is a donation to government and it has to be scrutinised and send through government”

Bushiri, who arrived at Chiwembe Technical Centre in the company of his wife amid pomp and tight security, said the donation was in response to request by Flames coach Ernest Mtawali who informed him of the shortfall on telephone on Wednesday and he decided to come over to help at short notice.

According to Nyirenda the money has been already been deposited into their account by Bushiri.

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I rise up a point of order to the government …let the man of God deliver his shares in the Jesus name. We know that government officials also they are annoyed bcoz of the gift from man of God. In short the government is also looking for that money…. May God accelerate your eternal life Mr.Bushiri!!!


No wonder the DPP & APM want to deep their filthy fingers into Press Corporation Ltd. Kuba kokha-kokha basi. Kodi mmesa ananena kuti iwowo ali ndi ndalama kale? Amalowa u president ali olemera kale? Let them pack up and go. Accept, you have done nothing and there’s nothing you can do. Chilima, you are in the company, team of midnight killers.


Very stupid people ushered into govt through the backdoor by lawyers now running our country like their own estate. All they want is handclapping for shit.

edwin njewa

Let us open our eyes.Last days.Feel the bible for the truth


Pitala ndalamazo unapepha ndiwe kodi.ndiye ulandila bwanji iwe kapena iwe nduna unapepha ndiwe chitsilu bwako nditata wako pitalayo.


Sindinaone Mr. ochititsa manyazi ngati iwe. Have you ever tried to donate anything to sports fraternity apart from ranting on sports podiums. Zopusa iz koopsa. Although some people praised you last month, honestly there is nothing completely nothing you do for this ministry. Conditions have dwindled since your taking as the Minister of Sports. Go follow Youth adakuthawawo and leave sports alone

What kind of crap do you release Grace Chiumia? You think Peter Mutharika owns Malawians? Do you understand democracy? You guys are as bad as you look, thinking you can control other people’s goodwill. Grace, you are as useless as your president with no recipe for the country’s new beginning. All you know is milk the already thin cow. Your Pitala has got no love for sports because he is old school, passive, and idiotic. How can a whole president celebrate a vote against a bill that would allow the independence of the anti-corruption bureau? This shows his idiotic and… Read more »
Wanga ndi yemweyo
Where there is no vision, people perish. I think God has rejected this government, that is why the leaders don’t make sense any more. Look, the government of Malawi is eager to pick a fight against Shepherd Bushiri and T.B Joshua at once. This is like the Flames taking on Spain and Germany select! The match will be over before it begins. Bwana APM, apa pokha ndiye mwalowa pachitedze. Don’t you know that people who love football in this country are more than those who love you? Are you ready to take on all the soccer lovers in Malawi? Zinazitu… Read more »
Khalifa al salaam suwalidh

Bwinonu kungakhalenso ma transfer ndi ma demotion ku FAM….
Walter kukamuponya ku Salima (grassroot futbol developer)
a suzgo nyirenda kuwaponya ku mzimba (rural football talent scouting) Earnest ku karonga (karonga U-15 football technical director e.t.c

and u see what Fifa does ,ban all national teams (all ages) of that country.

But atleast it can help to stay inactive from international futbol as we wil be sweeping our futbol home yard first..
I love Bushiri though….

Richard Mhango

DPP/APM administration SHUTUP!!! Failures always do that. You have several things to worry about.

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