Govt recruits manager for Kamuzu Stadium: University of Malawi graduate

The Ministry of Sports and Culture has finally filled the position of Stadium Manager for the Kamuzu Stadium, a development that has seen Charles Mhango, whom many did not know was just in an acting position, reverting to his post of Stadium Supervisor.

Pitch at Kamuzu stadium

Pitch at Kamuzu stadium

The recruited Kamuzu Stadium Manager is Ambilike Mwaungulu, a University of Malawi graduate who was teaching at Salima Secondary School in the central region, Director of Sports in the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture Jamieson Ndalama has confirmed.

Ndalama has said that the position has been vacant for too long, and that all procedures like job advertisement and interviews, were followed properly in filling the vacant position.

The Stadium Manager faces an uphill task of maintaining the stadium’s infrastructure and making sure that revenue is maximized during matches like curing the cancer of having opportunists manning gates
that leads to “gate gate”, free entry in the stadium either through the gates or fence, among others, are completely dealt with.

The Sports Director has explained that the Ministry facilitated that the position of e Kamuzu Stadium Manager be filed as one way of ensuring that work is properly done in the Department.

Kamuzu Stadium which has been earmarked for demolition is managed by the government through the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. The current sitting capacity is almost halved due to the bad state of some open stands.

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My apeal to our dear President,we pple in the south are desperate of new stadium like Emirates of Arsenal.Reason the one built in Lilongwe these nyau pple doesnt deserve that stadium and you can even see congress denying the name of Bingu yet he was the one made Lilongwe to shine.Am sure you will consider this problem.After that we want to bring back the capital to Zomba coz achewa mwayamba kujaira kuiwaa kuti Kamuzu wanuyo amakakamira ku mwera.mukudziwa chifukwa chake achewa inu?


I know Ambilike Mwaungulu. he comes from Mquocha in Mzimba near Zambia border. Now time has come for me big Mtumbuka to start a good job at Kamuzu stadium. Mwaungulu dont forget our system of sibweni as I am also your sibweni. I have also mlongosi is ready to work under your leadership. I am Ongani Mwaungulu from Karonga. Kamuzu stadium woyee. Mwaungulu woyeee. Chomene cchomenen.


To manage a stadium is not a simple job my friend. In the UK stadium managers have even masters degree. So what is a degree. You want poor results All the time. Stupid boy


Charles mhango,charles nyirenda,mwaungulu,gomeghani,wakwithi nation team,no wonder our nation team is going no where

Please some of you guys stop jumping into the boring nepotism waters as if to justify that the govt has got rid of its nepotistic tendencies. If the appointment is made on merit rather to Please northerners then that is welcome and commend the govt otherwise we will be retrogressing rather than progressing. Personally, until all top or important positions are filled on merit rather than on nepotism, only then will I say the govt is progressing on killing this evil devil called nepotism. Unfortunately all the plush top jobs have been taken and you know who has taken them!!’

Amakhala anthu ena nepotism nepotism.

John Nyirenda

Was he born in thyolo


Welcome to sports world. Ubwere bwino koma sukhalitsako!


Hahaha!Heee!Tizingoti Bwana KAMSTAM.


Atumbuka should be happy now – i gues

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